What friend would you give an award to? Who would win the Oscar of Friendship?

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Girlfriendology awards friendship quote“Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust.”
Jesse Owens

Last night’s Oscars show is still ringing in my head … the uncomfortable laughs of the audience at Seth McFarland, the rehearsed or rambling acceptance speeches and, my personal fave, the songs of Les Miserable, Barbra Streisand and Jennifer Hudson. It’s a night that recognizes the best of the best and celebrates actors who make a living pretending they’re characters they’re not.

Who among your friends is the best of the best? Who never pretends who she is, but is kind, authentic and true?

So many of my girlfriends come to mind. Terri who always makes me feel like I’m her only special friend, when I know (and love) that she makes everyone feel that way. My friend Julie who is there for me through all the strange, sad, stressful parts of my life and still makes me smile. My dear girlfriends who send emails and texts of encouragement, who reach out to me on facebook to show how much they care about me, and the great girlfriends who are helping me move (Becky, Catherine, Judi, Penny, Joan, Barb, Ellen and so many others!). I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – I am blessed with BFFs. With friends like these, what can I ever complain about?

Think about it. Who is there for you? And, girlfriend! Who are YOU there for?

Who among your friends would win the Award for Friendship? Have you thanked her lately? Have you shown some girlfriend gratitude? Have you expressed your appreciation for her friendship and support?

If you haven’t, why not?

Now’s a great time to do that. Phone a friend. Tell her that she’s your winner in the Friendship Awards. Thank her for the blessing of her friendship. It’s something you can’t buy and when you need it, it’s invaluable.

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Let’s make 2013 a special year – filled with friends and gratitude. Sounds like the winning combination for a wonderful new year!

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