#Valentines Day Love Letter to my Girlfriends | Celebrate Friendship

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friendship julie anne ignite cincinnatiIs Valentine’s Day only for ‘lovers’? Can’t ‘friends’ celebrate too?

Of course, you already know what our answer is, right? We’re totally endorsing the ‘Valentine’s Day is about love, and love is about friends‘  party! (In fact, any party amongst friends is okay in our book!)

In fact, just thinking about the love shared among girlfriends humbles and inspires me. Like …

  • A friend whose husband recently passed away. Her neighbor girlfriend invited her to join her and her husband for Valentine’s Day.
  • My girlfriends who are meeting together for Happy Hour tonight, so they’re not sitting at home feeling lonely. I know they’ll have hilarious conversations and make this a perfect night.
  • Every Sunday on Facebook.com/Girlfriendology is ‘phone a friend’ day. Each week, women share their stories on how they stay in touch with the women who fill their lives with friendship.
  • My girlfriends who came out this past weekend when I spoke to a group to support me and made me feel like I’d done a great job with their encouraging words.

While we’re on the subject, I’d like to show girlfriend gratitude for some of the LOVEly women in my life who bless me with their friendship.

  • Thanks to Joanne, Julie, Julie and Ellen for your entrepreneurial cheerleading and support. So happy I have each of you in my life!
  • Thanks Judi, Anne, Michelle, Molly, Kelly, Caitlin, Carla, Kendra, Krista, Penny, Monika, Joan, Allison, Liv, Katja and so many other women who cheer me and Girlfriendology on with your ideas, connections and hugs.
  • Thanks Terri, Patty, Amy, Jill, Barb, Becky and many more great girlfriends who believe in me and my dream of building a fun, female friend-filled community.
  • Sincere appreciation and admiration for the amazing authors, bloggers, moms, experts and fabulous women who provide guest blogs and are on our BlogTalkRadio.com/Girlfriendology shows. Your generous spirit and willingness to share your ‘women’s wisdom’ humbles me.
  • Thanks for the thousands of women on Facebook and Twitter who ‘like’ us and who often share us with their girlfriends. Together, and I honestly believe this, we can make the world a better place, one friendship at a time.

Have you checked in with your friends who might need a friend on Valentine’s Day? Done anything special for your girlfriends to celebrate this day of love?

Girlfriendology QR CodeWhy not give them a call, send a email or a Facebook message, DM them with a special Valentine’s Day-inspired note? Share your girlfriend gratitude for how special their friendship is to you.

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#Valentines Day Love Letter to my Girlfriends | Celebrate Friendship, girlfriend gratitude
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