Thankful Thursday: Grateful for Girlfriends & Front Porches

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friend front porch quote“The best kind of FRIEND is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation that you ever had”


I can’t pinpoint the time when I came to love a good front porch. All I can tell you is if I’m in the market for a home, a pleasant, airy and functional front porch will be as high on the list of wants as a second bath, a fenced in back yard or a foodie–friendly kitchen.

I consider a front porch as a way of life, a destination, a meeting place. It can be alive with laughter or calm in the solitude of enjoying quiet conversation. It’s a place where I spend time with my friends.

A front porch is a room of the house in every sense of the word. It can be decorated and furnished as lovingly if not quite as lavishly as any room in the house. Make no mistake; there are companies out there that will provide you with whatever level of front porch creature comfort you could ever want – at a price of course.

My well-worn white wicker porch furniture was purchased at Kmart nearly fifteen years ago. Every year I’m tempted (always in the spring) to move up to something more contemporary or more fashionable. Then I get out the glossy-white touch-up paint and in an afternoon my bargain wicker furniture looks as inviting as the day I brought it home.

My porch furniture has gained everlasting status usually reserved for favorite sweaters, coffee mugs and long-time friends.

Each spring is marked by the appearance of the porch furniture, and each fall there is a bit of melancholy when the wicker is once again relegated to the basement for its hibernation. I always weigh doing the cosmetic touch up painting in the fall but over time that has become a spring rite.

With all that, having confessed my passion borderline obsession with my front porch and its furnishings, we come to the real reason behind the passion. Friends. From opening day in spring to closing day in late fall, my front porch is my primary place of interacting with my girlfriends. This would be a good place to comment, “If wicker could talk…“

I’ll refrain. I will simply say that many of the deepest, most sincere and meaningful conversations over the years with my girlfriends have been on the front porch.

The front porch is a magic place. A stress free zone. Neutral territory. Not quite sacred ground.

It is the perfect environment to cultivate and nourish excellent friendships. And I’ve got another two good months to make the most of it, a little porch time at a time.

What’s your favorite girlfriend gathering place? Where do you have your best BFF conversations? Be thankful … for the spaces and places that bring friends together. And be especially grateful for the girlfriends who share our lives and make those porches a place of laughter and caring conversations.

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