Quick & Easy Ways to Dress for the Holiday Parties | Fashion Advice from Guru Donna Gamache

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How to Dress for Holiday PartiesOf all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.  ~Janet Lane

We’ve all heard that our smile is our most important accessory. While that may be true, it is generally not enough to wear a smile and an old paper bag. Most of us have figured out how to dress on a daily basis, but when confronted with an event, uncertainty often raises its head.

Fortunately, Girlfriend Guru and fashion expert DONNA GAMACHE is here to help us understand the difference between holiday casual (turns out, that doesn’t mean wear a pair of antlers) and come as you are. And what do you do for a work event that doesn’t specify the dress code?  Read on, girlfriend!

‘Tis the season for holiday parties both for work and play. Ever wonder what to wear? What is holiday casual? What is holiday formal? How do you avoid under-dressing or over-dressing? Here are some tips that might help you this season.

  • – Find out what the dress if for your party
  • – Ask the hostess what she is wearing
  • – If the invitation says holiday casual or casual, consider wearing:
  • – Red blouse or top with black or off-white pants
  • – Dressy jeans with a sparkly jacket
  • – Business casual attire (like you do for work) with an added seasonal scarf or shoes
  • – Blingy jewelry
  • – A great metallic wrap
  • – If the invitation says holiday formal, consider wearing:
    • — A cocktail dress
    • — High heels
    • — Velvet pants with a silk red blouse
    • — Black velvet jacket
    • — Blingy jewelry

You can’t go wrong with adding a metallic sweater or jacket this season. It is all the rave and you can use it for both casual and formal parties. Just pair it with a dark wash jean and black top for a casual party. Or, pair it with a dress, black dress pants, or off-white dress pants for your formal party.

Girlfriend Guru fashion adviceWhatever you choose, make sure it is in your personal style and fits your body shape. For more about your personal style, visit www.DonnaGamache.com where you can get your free e-course “7 Ways to Feel Even More Confident in Your Appearance”.

Thanks Girlfriend Guru Donna for your great fashion advice, like your previous Girlfriend Guru posts:

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