Month of Friendship, Day 26: Plan a Trip with a Girlfriend

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Friendship Women bikes travel No road is long with good company.

Turkish Proverb

Do you LOVE to travel girlfriend?

I do! I love to travel. I love the adventure of exploring a new city, seeing unfamiliar sights, walking streets and trails I’ve never traveled. The taste of new foods, the sounds of night be it crickets or cabs, looking into the eyes of strangers … I seem to notice every detail when I’m a tourist. I’m more alert, creative, inspired and happy. Yep, give me a ticket and itinerary, and I’m a happy girl.

Better yet, give me two tickets and let me take a BFF! The only thing better is to travel  with a friend. Someone to share the adventure, explore, get lost then find our way, and celebrate a very special trip – together. A friend to make memories with, laugh, enjoy time together and create an amazing trip, again, together. Taking a girlfriend trip is the ultimate in travel because you’re with your BFF!

We’re nearing the end of our Month of Friendship with this ‘encouragement’ to plan a girlfriend trip.

We asked our Facebook friends where they’d love to travel with their girlfriends (or places they’d gone on girlfriend trips) and they shared:

  • Kathy: Vegas!!! Dayton Beach, FL and I think a cruise with girlfriends would be awesome!!
  • Julie: A cruise! I’ve seen groups of women on cruises I’ve been on w/my family and have always thought that it would be a blast!!
  • Jodi: Galveston, Island…is where I have been, I would go just about anywhere if it were with all the Girlfriends.
  • Paula: Did two girlfriend trips to Bahamas and Puerto Rico. Loved both because of company. If I were able to do it again I would go back to Puerto Rico or do a cruise.
  • Diana: Savannah, Ga. Was incredible.
  • Julie: Vegas! That would be awesome, too!!!
  • Marcia: Someplace with nice beaches and good food!!
  • Mieko: Vegas baby!
  • Alison: Home, here in Cornwall. Just walking along the shoreline, hand in hand and enjoying the companionship and surroundings.
  • Jennifer: Italy! Although I must admit, that Vegas idea sounds pretty good too!
  • Janette: Savannah,Charlotte but trying to get all my girlfriends and closest friends to do a cruise, Jamaica or Vegas.
  • Yolanda: Went with girlfriends to New Orleans last Aug. Friends for over 40 yrs. In the past Mexico cruise & San Diego. The group has to be fun – that is a must!!!
  • Cynthia: Either out West on a working ranch/trail ride ranch or somewhere for complete relaxation!
  • Nikia: Hawaii! Been to Memphis and Chicago.
  • Althea: Greece.
  • Kathy: Hmmm….. in the USA ~ Sedona, AZ, Countries ~ Ireland and Australia !!
  • Jennifer: My Mom, sister and I went to Biltmore Estate and had a blast. Art, history, gardens, and food!
  • Maria: My cousin, who is also my close friend, went to NY. I want to go back. Yes, Biltmore sounds like a great idea also. My daughter has been to both!
  • Shari: India – yup India ! Been to Europe, Live in Israel, Traveled the USA and Canada. Yup India!
  • Susan: Somewhere in the Carolinas — check out the old homes and antique stores in and around Charleston — never been there sounds like fun!
  • Suzie: I would meet my best friend in Hawaii….where she lives! Heading to Vegas in April with all the girls who are turning 50. We all have known each other since grade school!!!
  • Patricia: If my BFF and I could go anywhere, we would take a trip to Europe and just travel everywhere and anywhere we wanted to.
  • Terri: Savannah
  • Royal: Costa Rico!
  • Amy: My best girlfriend and I get to go to the World Equestrian games next Tuesday!! Once in a lifetime event and I get to share it with my beat friend!!
  • Pam: Would like to take all my girlfriends to Panama City, Florida. I love it there and would love to share it with all my great girlfriends.

Unfortunately, life is short girlfriends. Friendship is to be cherished and celebrated. Why NOT plan a trip with a friend? Even if it is to a nearby city/state/park or splurge on a cruise together, just get away and enjoy time and travels together. Because, life is better together – with your girlfriends!

Where would you go for a girlfriend get-away? What friend would make a great traveling companion?

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    I love to travel , but only with those who I love! Travel is a long process of communication and accompanying, I would put most of my attention on thinking to go with whom first!


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