Making Birthdays Special, Girlfriend Style | Guest Blogger Amanda Carlson

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special birthday celebrations for girlfriendsInside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened.  ~Jennifer Yane

My friend Mir has always had a “birthday season.” Her birthday stretches from her cousin’s birthday two months before hers to her sister’s birthday three months after. She sees this season of celebration as a wonderful part of the year and is perfectly happy celebrating with friends and family whenever is convenient for them. Another friend, Sarah, grew up in a very large family. For her, your birthday was your birthday according to the calendar and there was very little room for celebrating on other days.

No matter how you celebrate (or choose to ignore) birthdays, a girlfriend’s birthday is a wonderful excuse for making her feel special. Guest blogger and girlfriend AMANDA CARLSON shares her suggestions for celebrating girlfriend birthdays. We’d love to hear your suggestions too girlfriend!

When it comes to girlfriends, you should always make their birthdays special. After all, it is the only holiday of the year that is just for them! I am lucky enough to work with my best friend so it is easier for me to make it special for her, but there are many things you can do to make your friends’ birthdays special.

  1. Decorate her desk – If you are lucky enough to work with your friend then you have a golden opportunity. Decorating her desk is a great way to show that you care about making her day special. Make sure you work within the guidelines of what is acceptable at your office, but a cute plastic tablecloth in a bright color and some confetti make for a fun desk decoration. Pair that with a few flowers in a pretty vase and you are set to go.
  2. Send her flowers – If you do not work with your friend or even live far away you can still send her flowers for her birthday. Make sure that if you send flowers to a work location they come with a vase. You can also send fun gifts like a fruit bouquet that she can share with the office or even balloons to make her day stand out!celebrate friend birthday, girlfriend birthday celebrations
  3. Call her up –Sometimes a phone call is all it takes to brighten up someone’s birthday. If you cannot afford elaborate gifts and you do not live close by you can always give her a call. Sing her a birthday song or remind her of a happy memory you two share. Anything that brings a smile to her face is a good idea.
  4. Send a real card – We get so many emails nowadays that another e-card is just not going to cut it. Instead, buy her a real birthday card and write something meaningful in it. Not only does this show that you are thinking of her, but it is also not something you can do last minute so it shows that you are the kind of friend who plans ahead. Good for you!
  5. Send her a package – Don’t you love to get a package in the mail? There is something fascinating and exciting about a mysterious package. Even a small gift can be made into an adventure by having it show up at your friend’s door or her workplace as a surprise. Just make sure it is work appropriate if you are going to send it there!

These are just a few ideas to help you make your friends’ birthdays special. You can combine these ideas or come up with your own to fit your friend’s taste and sense of adventure. Have fun!

AMANDA CARLSON is a blogger and former newborn care nurse. To stay connected to her previous career and share the knowledge she gained, she began writing for You can reach her at amanda.newborncare @

Let’s make 2013 a special year – filled with friends and gratitude. Sounds like the winning combination for a wonderful new year!

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