How to Exude Professional Presence | Tips from Guru Donna Gamache

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Girlfriend Guru fashion adviceAnyone can promise the stars. Only you can reach them. ~Dodinsky

Have you ever been at a business meeting/party/gathering when someone walks in and the whole room notices? People move to greet her or meet her, people listen when she speaks, people seek her opinion. Sure, she’s smart and has a wonderful personality and great hair but what really makes people pay attention is her personal presence. She is somehow more “there” to be noticed.

If you want a more professional business presence, Girlfriend Guru and style expert DONNA GAMACHE is here to help. According to Donna, we can ALL have a more impactful and powerful presence by paying attention to a couple of areas. What are your tips for upgrading your presence, girlfriend?

Ever wonder what the secret formula to exuding a Powerful Business Presence is? The great news is that it isn’t some complicated formula that takes years to master. It’s really pretty straight forward and can make all the difference in how you show up professionally and even personally.

There are three things you must keep in mind to exude a Powerful Business Presence.

#1 Poise is the first. Poise is the art of being authentically yourself with comfort and ease.  If you are comfortable with who you are on the inside, you make the people around you feel comfortable in your presence.  Developing a good sense of poise can help you stand out personally and professionally!  In this market, it is vitally important to stand out from your competitors by being authentic and approachable.

Taking time to meditate each day will help you be more poised. It will help quiet that itty bitty pity committee in your head that criticizes what you do. Using good posture and taking time for proper grooming helps you present a more poised presence. And, don’t forget to use your best manners in business settings.

#2 Personal Power is the second. defines personal power as “Influence over others, the source of which resides in the person instead of being vested by the position he or she holds.” Increased understanding of others and their needs, personal accountability, and being composed and in control at all times is what personal power is all about. This short video by best-selling author and coach Jack Canfield says it best.

#3 Personal Style is the third. Your personal style is based on your personality…knowing who you are on the inside. Use your visual presentation to show others who you are. This will cause you to be authentic and magnetic to others. Think about choosing a signature style to take your personal style to a new level. This will help brand you and your business. A signature style could be anything from a color (think Mary Kay and pink) to special colored glasses (think Sally Jessy Raphael) to jewelry (think Coco Chanel and her pearls). Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your personal style.

To find out more about your personal style, visit where you can get your free e-course “7 Ways to Feel Even More Confident in Your Appearance”.

DONNA GAMACHE, speaker, author, and coach works with clients to help them create a Powerful Presence. She has two published books and hosts the monthly Gamache Panache radio show.

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