How To Buy A New Car Without Feeling Like Dirt | Girlfriend Advice from Miata Edoga

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Girlfriend Advice Money Finance Savings“In less enlightened times, the best way to impress women was to own a hot car. But women wised up & realized it was better to buy their own hot cars so they wouldn’t have to ride around with jerks.”

Scott Adams

Do you know anyone who enjoys buying a car? Whether it’s new or used, we don’t know anyone who has enjoyed the process of shopping for a vehicle. Shoes–yes; cars–no. There is something complicated and mystifying about deciding on the type of car, the features we want/need, the brand, the financing–ugh.

Girlfriend Guru and financial expert MIATA EDOGA (thankfully!) shares some great advice about how to get through the process, save money, and still feel good about yourself (and your new ride).

There are few times in my life when I’m more frustrated than when buying a new car. I’m always sure the man next to me is getting a better deal than I am.

When I negotiate, I always worry that I’m taking money out of the salesperson’s pocket. I’m too nice!

The whole process makes me feel like dirt.

If you’re like me and dislike the negotiation process, here’s a simple way to save hundreds of dollars on your next car:

1) Test drive cars that you’d like to purchase without committing to buy. It may be difficult to get off the lot without buying a car, but remember, you have lots of negotiating to do that can save you money!

2) Find your car manufacturer’s website. Most manufacturers will allow you to specify a vehicle you’d like to learn more about and contact local dealers. If possible, specify as many dealers as you can in the area. You’re going to want several salespeople fighting each other for your business so they’ll do most of the negotiation.

Girlfriendology hot car, friendship quote3) Fill out the contact form. Ask not to be called, but only emailed. Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to give your phone number to press “send.”

4) Take your phone off the hook. Even though you’ve specified that you want to be contacted only through email, salespeople will call you.

5) When dealers email, they will often use the trick that they’d like to talk to you in person. Don’t respond to this request. Instead, write a note to each one, telling them that you’ve contacted several dealerships and would like their best quote for the actual model you’re pursuing.

6) Don’t respond to questions about financing or monthly payments. These can all be negotiated once you’ve determined the best price of your car.

7) Negotiate via email. Once you find a discrepancy in price, write back to salespeople who quoted you higher numbers and tell them the details of a lower quote. Often they’ll work to beat the lowest number.

Follow up with the dealership that quotes you the best price first. Then, if you’re uncomfortable, move to the second dealer.

By following this simple process, you’ll find that you don’t have to have uncomfortable conversations with car salespeople or do much negotiating. Instead, car salespeople negotiate against each other, and you’re the one who’s saved a bundle on your new ride.

MIATA EDOGA is the President and Founder of Abundance Bound, a 10-year old company committed to utilizing humor, inspiration & lots of love to give individuals around the world the necessary tools to thrive financially, while keeping focus on the things they treasure most. Visit the Abundance Bound Facebook Page for your free copy of Financial Success for the Creative Soul!

What are your tips for buying a car without feeling like dirt?

Thanks Miata and thanks for being one of our Girlfriend Gurus!

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