Girlfriend Cruise to Bermuda – fun friends & great memories

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friendship girlfriends on cruise NYC janet devitoFinal Day: Girlfriend Cruise to Bermuda

The pink sands of beautiful Bermuda are behind us and we’re sailing back to home. We’ve enjoyed hours of fabulous fun and conversation with wonderful women from the group as well as other fab females who have joined our group (and who wouldn’t?! We are the self-appointed great girlfriends of the Celebrity Summit ship!).

A few highlights:

  • Janet DeVito, our cruise director, is amazing! She coordinated all our events, meals, happy hours and schedules – AND made us all feel special with great gifts and knowledgeable planning. Plus, she’s just a great girlfriend to every woman she meets. Meal conversations were especially fun with Janet at our table. Thanks for all you do girlfriend! (check out her site for info on girlfriend adventures and other cruises!)
  • FAB Females – what a great group! I’ll share more about them in future blogs but personally I found these women to be the perfect cruising companions! Thanks Anita, Bunny, Carol, Connie, Debbie, Jean Ann, Joanne, Joan, Joan & Judy, Lisa, Marty, Madeline and Marsha for all the wonderful conversations and great girlfriend stories. It was an honor and joy to sail with you!
  • My wonderful Roomie, Joan – you’re the best! Thanks for being the perfect traveling companion. I totally enjoyed every second of hanging out with you! Thanks for the fun conversations, for being both independent and great with my silly schedule, and for cracking me up all the way to Bermuda and back!
  • Get away with Girlfriends time – I ‘preach’ spending time with your girlfriends a lot on Girlfriendology but admit that I rarely take time off to ‘practice what I preach.’ This trip was a wonderful reminder of how much we women need time together to share our lives with our fab female friends. Honestly, our happy hour and dinner conversations were like ‘group therapy’ (in a very good way). It was rejuvenating to share our lives, lessons and loves with each other. I actually feel more in touch with my own thoughts and blessings because of time with these wise women. Together we are beautiful, powerful and wonderful. It’s a fabulous female friend ‘thing!

So, back to the real world we sail. Back to husbands and children. Back to jobs and responsibilities. Back to a schedule not mandated by beach time and having a wait staff serve us multiple-course gourmet meals. (Dang it!)

I hope this girlfriend cruise and our wonderful travel adventures inspire you to plan some girlfriend get-away time. It’s so worth the expense, time and ‘guilt’ of taking care of you rather than taking care of others. Then share your girlfriend stories and adventures with us on Girlfriendology and our Girlfriendology Facebook page.

Go for it girlfriends! You’ll be so glad you did!

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  1. says

    It was so great meeting and spending time with Debba! And she is right…it is like a Therapy Getaway! SOmetimes it is just great to get away and laugh! And boy did I laugh! I actually miss everyone today!!!


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