Girlfriend Advice on Spring Cleaning | from our Friends at Mean Green (who are really NICE!)

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Friendship Mean Green DegreaserCleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.

:) Phyllis Diller

Good Morning, start the coffee, put on your comfy clothes, crank the tunes and open the windows. It’s time for some serious spring cleaning, in-side and out.

Hopefully by now you’ve heard the words Mean Green enough that you have picked up a bottle. If not, go to to print a coupon and get to a Wal-mart, Dollar General, Family Dollar or K-mart to get yours today. It’s the multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser that can be used in about every room of your home and definitely outside. With the coupon, you can get a bottle for under $2. Use it full strength for really dirty stuff. You can also make your Mean Green last longer by diluting with water for light cleaning. Mean Green isn’t for glass, chrome or aluminum because it contains soap and detergents.

Start in the kitchen, moving the refrigerator and other appliances to clean behind and beneath. This helps clear your home of dust and other allergens. It might also save some embarrassing moments should something go wrong and you need a repairman. Don’t forget range hoods, window seals, light fixtures, produce draws and sink drains. Take a few minutes to re-arrange some items in your space, this helps give the room a new and fresh feeling.

On to the bathroom, Mean Green can clean soap scum from the tub or shower. It can be used to clean shower curtains, toilets, tile and sinks.

Carpet or rug stains? Use Mean Green to clean those high traffic areas of your carpet. Again, you might want to dilute it with water a bit before treating the carpet. It’s simple, apply to the spot, let it sit for 10 minutes, rub gently and then rinse with clean water and blot with dry cloth.

The Grill, it’s the one time of year to take it apart and clean it thoroughly. Mean Green cuts through the grease making your job much easier. Spray it on, let it sit for a 10 minutes or so, but don’t allow it to dry. Scrub with a brush if necessary and rinse thoroughly.

Yes, Mean Green in the laundry room too. You can clean the inside of your wash machine, utility sinks, floors and baseboards. Pre-treat tough laundry stains like oily food stains, bicycle chain grease, and much more! It really can be used in most rooms of your home.

Here is a list of the unusual items to clean while in the mood; window seals, baseboards, ceiling fans, light fixtures, trash cans, filters, door mats, the inside of the wash machine.

Take advantage of these early spring days and get outside. Mean Green is excellent for cleaning patio furniture, vinyl siding, fences, decks, lawn and sports equipment. You may also have outside toys that could use a cleaning before little hands reach for them. You might want to pick up an extra bottle, because if it finds its way into the hands of the garage master, it’s not likely to return.

Girlfriendology cleaning your houseTips for Serious Spring Cleaning:

1. I highly recommend making a list of all the rooms and tasks you want to accomplish. It’s feels good to check them off as you go.
2. Recruit a girlfriend, help each other. With the conversation of a bestie by your side, your spring cleaning will be done in a snap and you know there will be a few good laughs along the way. Each of you, pick a room and meet in the kitchen for a margarita. Who says this can’t be fun.
3. Plan it. Pick a day so you are not interrupted once you get started. This is also so you have all of your supplies ready.
4. Get the whole family involved. Assign tasks ahead of time.
5. Set a reward.

More girlfriend advice on cleaning:

Biz is owned by CR Brands who also have these other trusted cleaning solutions (and, by the way, manufactures in South Carolina, USA!):

Mean Green Degreaser – Mean Green Super Strength was launched in 1990 and has been the foundation for the Mean Green brand and associated line extensions. Mean Green is an affordable Household cleaning product. Other Mean Green products include Mildew Stain Destroyer, Bath, Tub, & Tile Cleaner, Daily Shower, and Orange Scented Cleaner. Mean Green is available in 40 oz, 32 oz  and 20 oz sizes as well as refills. Mean Green is also available in Industrial sizes. Follow Mean Green on Facebook

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