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As women, as bloggers, as women bloggers … we love to share women’s wisdom.

Our insights and information can help other women save money (love my frugal and ’savvy blogging’ friends like Andrea DeckardKelly Snyder and Karen Rodriguez), enjoy cooking with their friends (like the terrific trio at Cooking with Caitlin), or come up with great mommy insights like Peggy from BabySitEase.

The Girlfriendology Guides just launched last week withGIRLFRIENDOLOGY 101: Simple Steps to More Fulfilling Friendships. These Girlfriendology Guides eBooks and webinars will share women’s wisdom on a variety of topics that will make women’s lives better. Things like the above amazing women share, things like you could/do share with your girlfriends – or other women, and things that would make your life easier, better, less stressful if a wise woman shared her knowledge with you!

We’re looking for authors of future Girlfriendology Guides!

Bloggers, business experts, moms, women with knowledge that would help other women … like possibly YOU! Are you the expert girlfriend on throwing showers for your friends? Saving money by couponing? Know how to plant a vegetable garden better than anyone in the neighborhood? What is your expertise that other friends love to learn about?

As publisher of the Girlfriendology Guides, I’ll work with these women/eBook authors on finding the perfect angle that will provide information and insights for other women – just like asking a smart, savvy girlfriend for her trusted advice. We’ll work together on the outline, give you time to write it, then work together on the final product (editing, proofing, adding cool elements like the quotes we share at the beginning of each chapter like we did in GIRLFRIENDOLOGY 101. We’ll share the promotion of it when it launches. I’ll interview you on our BlogTalkRadio show; do a press release; promote you on Girlfriendology,TwitterFacebook.com/Girlfriendology, etc. I’ll ask you to share with your followers, fans, friends, media, community.

Together we’ll share the news and the reviews of your Girlfriendology Guides eBook (and some Webinars). We’ll also share the profits (as well as with our loved Affiliates!). And we’ll provide links to your site, help grow your brand/awareness/traffic and share your women’s wisdom with a world of wonderful women too! (Note – you can be both an affiliate and author so you make money off your own eBook selling as well as other Girlfriendology Guides eBooks that sell to your fans, friends, and family.)

Interested in being a Girlfriendology Guides author?

Have a topic that you’re the go-to girlfriend and helpful subject matter expert on? Have a community already who would love to purchase your knowledge? Able to commit some time towards writing the eBook and promoting it?

If so, please share your idea for a Girlfriendology Guides eBook. Explain why you’re the best person to write on this topic and why women need your information/insight. Share your ideas, a link to your site (if you have a blog/website), other info on why we should work together on this. (I understand it’s a time commitment for you, as it is for me, so we have to make sure it is something you’re passionate about and that women will want to buy then share with their girlfriends.) Send your ideas to info (at) girlfriendology.com with ‘Girlfriendology Guides Author’ as the subject.

Let’s spread the word that you’re the expert. Let’s work together to share your ‘women’s wisdom’ so that we’re all better, smarter, less stressed and more powerful Let’s offer your trusted girlfriend advice to women who need it. (And, let’s also make some money and build our brands together!)

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