Challenges and Struggles make You Stronger – Thankful Thursday #ThankfulThurs

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Girlfriendology quote, that which does not kill us“That which does not kill us makes us stronger. “

– Friedrich Nietzsche –

Nietzsche’s classic quote may seem an odd way to begin a post on thankfulness and gratitude. If you’re like me, and I believe you are girlfriend, you probably find yourself thinking this particular thought whenever you’re having a bad, what-else-can-possibly-go-wrong day.

It’s one of life’s tough lesson that comes with time and trial: being thankful for the roadblocks life puts in our path. Getting over and around these obstacles is called “life experience” girlfriends, those learnable moments when we discover something positive about ourselves or in the world around us in dealing with difficulty. At best, what we learn from our experience will be of help to someone else in the future.

Ever wash reds and whites together in hot water? Experience, good or not so good, is the best teacher. Think back on how often you’ve been able to help someone with advice because of a bad experience you’ve had. Everything from coloring your hair to buying a car, your bad experience can help someone else from making the same mistake.

What I’m talking about here goes beyond looking for a silver lining, or in making the best of a bad situation. It comes from actively searching for the positives that can come out of negatives. Not just to deal with a tough situation, but to make something good out of it, and be thankful for the opportunity.

I’m not saying go out of your way to find something bad to happen to you so that you may learn from it. Those experiences have an uncanny way of finding us. When I began Girlfriendology it was because of a very difficult time in the lives of two of my best friends. Something good came out of that bad situation, and for that I am thankful and grateful.

So on this Thankful Thursday, let’s all be on the lookout for those things, big and small, that make our day anything but enjoyable. Actually, you don’t really need to be on the lookout for them, they will come find you. Sometimes it seems like they’re waiting in line.

And here’s your Thankful Thursday challenge for the week:

Each time you encounter something, anything, that goes against how you feel your day should be going, search with a purpose for any way that this experience will make you stronger, that this test will strengthen your perseverance, that what you learn will be of help to others.

In other words, if you’re having a really bad day, if you take it all in and learn from it, someday, somewhere , somehow something good will come of it. It may not be immediate, but it will happen. And when it does, you can rejoice in both the discovery of something good, as well as the trial of going through something bad.

Just remember, it’s not going to kill you. It’s going to make you stronger – and a better girlfriend.

As always, have a Thankful Thursday girlfriend!

Let’s make 2013 a special year – filled with friends and gratitude. Sounds like the winning combination for a wonderful year!

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