Celebrating Girlfriends – September International Women’s Friendship Month

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Every single day, our friends make our lives better. Every. Single. Day.

So, in honor of the relationship that makes women healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful – we’re celebrating ‘Girlfriendship’ in September for International Women’s Friendship Month.

Friends make every day better

It’s several weeks away but we’re busy planning things for September here at Girlfriendology. We’d love your involvement and help in celebrating female friendship. How can you help, get involved? We’re glad you asked!

Coming in September on Girlfriendology:

  • GUEST BLOGS – Every day, several. Stories about, for, and from women on their girlfriends. How their friends have been there for them, the most special girlfriend gift they’ve given or received, how we inspire each other, etc. Want to write one! Check out these guest blogging guidelines and let us know!
  • TELL YOUR GIRLFRIEND STORY We want to share Your Girlfriend Story on Girlfriendology to inspire, amuse, and help other women. Let us share your story. We’ll let you know when it goes live so you can share with your girlfriends. We’ll share your bio (with up to three personal links) and photos. You’ll inspire women and friendship. Isn’t that pretty awesome?!
  • GIRLFRIEND PHOTOS – We’d love to feature you and your friends! Send us a photo (everyone in the photo must approve that we can use it). Tell us about your girlfriends. Share the fun stories and fun times in fun photos! (See more info in our guest blogging post.)
  • ADVERTISING – We love working with (and promoting) companies /brands that we’d recommend to a girlfriend. For example, we love brands we’d recommend to our growing community of women. Contact us (through the contact form) for more information on being ‘girlfriend recommended.
  • SHARE YOUR IWFM EVENTS – Getting your girlfriends together to celebrate?! Hosting a women’s event for IWFM? Share with us before or after the event and we’ll promote it.
  • SPECIALS & PROMOTIONS – We can’t share EVERYTHING yet (: but we’ll have more special offers and surprises for girlfriends on Girlfriendology!

Friendship International Womens Friendship Month Note: In 1999, Kappa Delta Sorority created National Women’s Friendship Day for all women. The holiday was so popular that it was expanded in 2009 to a month-long celebration. Now women celebrate International Women’s Friendship Month (IWFM) the entire month of September. Women celebrate all over the world and we can’t wait to celebrate this great month with our girlfriends!

By the way, we LOVE guest blogs here at Girlfriendology. Have a great girlfriend story to tell? Want to celebrate your fabulous female friends? SHARE! (And, we also have Girlfriend Gurus – check that out to be featured on Girlfriendology!)

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