Re-frame Your Thoughts and Reshape Your Body | A Girlfriend Workout from Nichole Kellerman

health and wellnessI can do anything I put my mind to. ~Affirmation from Nichole Kellerman

Most of us would love to wake up one morning and learn that there is an exercise-diet-nutrition-weight-loss-perfect-hair-white-teeth pill. With no negative side effects. Until that time, however, we know we have to exercise, eat right, and work to keep our bodies healthy.

The problem for many of us is finding the time to exercise. Guest blogger and Health and Wellness expert NICHOLE KELLERMAN has just made it easier for us all to stay healthy and toned.

With this video–made just for!–Nichole makes it possible for us to be … Read More

My Girlfriends … that's why I STAND UP 2 CANCER

Are you like me? That you have too many girlfriends who are dealing with cancer? I hope you’re not but I know for too many of us, cancer steals memories that we could make together as healthy, happy friends.

I had the opportunity to be in a video about ‘what I stand for’ and, of course, it has to be my girlfriends. … Read More

Girlfriendology video interview with PAULA YOO, author of "Good Enough"

Good Enough, by Paula Yoo - guest on Girlfriendology videoAt first I thought, a ‘young adult’ novel. I don’t need to read that. Then I opened it up and became enthralled with Patti Yoon, the high schooler, daughter of immigrants and overachiever who longs to fit in and strives to stand out.

The first novel by PAULA YOO, Good Enough” is a charmer. From her first big crush to the funny antics of her church group, she becomes a fun character to watch over as she survives high school and the pressure to attend an ivy league school.

Paula’s pretty much a charmer too. She has a great smile and plays amazing violin. She is friendly and easy going. You can tell in the video interview, that she enjoyed writing about Patti and that you’ll equally enjoy reading Good Enough.” Watch the Girlfriendology interview with Paula:


THANKS Paula – for your time, for playing the violin over and over again in the Joseph-Beth store (Thanks to them too!). Thanks to Greg & Greg of And, THANKS to you for reading Girlfriendology!

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Girlfriend Interview with PAULA YOO, author of "Good Enough"

Maybe it is my denial of my real age, but I fell in love with the new teen novel, GOOD ENOUGH, by Paula Yoo. Her main character, Patti, is an overachiever who longs to fit in and strives to stand out. Funny, touching, sweet and silly, we can all relate to Patti and her life (even if high school was a few decades ago!).

I had the honor of doing a video interview with Paula last night at Joseph-Beth Booksellers on her national book tour. The video will be up in the coming week (a little grace time for my editors!), so come back and view the energy, music and humor of this fun author! Thanks Paula! (And check out GOOD ENOUGH!)

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Live Your Adventure with video guest and girlfriend CARLA NEGGERS

Carla Neggers, author of Suspense, a little bit of romance and a strong female character reside within the pages of CARLA NEGGERS new novel, THE ANGEL. We had the honor of interviewing Carla on the release date of her new novel. And it was an honor. Carla is a NYT best-selling author and she believes in adventures – for her book characters and for her fans. (And she was very nice to work with – Thanks Carla!)

Check out Carla’s website for her “Live Your Adventure” contest where you can win a prize to pursue your adventure! And read THE ANGEL.

The Angel, by Carla Neggers
Just a teaser … Suspenseful and evocative, The Angel is a riveting romantic suspense novel of dangerous myths, haunting secrets and the shattering truth concealed within them. It is Carla Neggers at her best!

And win a copy of “THE ANGEL” on Girlfriendology by just sharing a girlfriend story! Visit Girlfriendology for our May contest rules. And visit Carla’s site for her “Live Your Adventure” contest. Okay girlfriends – go live your adventure! (Right after you watch this video!)

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Inspirational Girlfriend – JENNIFER DAVIS, Director of Beaded Hope

Beaded Hope - look good, do good, give hope

“You don’t have to be Bono or Oprah to make a big change in the world.” Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis is a mom, wife, beader and girlfriend. She also (INHO!) is an “Oprah” or “Bono.”

A few years ago she decided she need to do more, she wanted to make the world a better place for her children and others. She started BEADED HOPE as a non-profit organization to employ women in AIDS-rampaged South Africa to create beautiful beaded jewelry, accessories, ornaments and home decor. Through trips and calls to South Africa and in working together she developed friendships with the women who had no other opportunities to earn money to feed their families. And, she has built the business of Beaded Hope to return the profits to support medical supplies in South African.

I had the privilege of interviewing Jennifer recently and discussing Beaded Hope with her at Red Tree Gallery (in Cincinnati). Watch the video to see the beautiful person who is making a difference in this world as well as the beautiful beaded items created by Beaded Hope ‘girlfriends’ in South Africa.

And, as a bonus for Girlfriendology, Jennifer is offering at 15% discount on Beaded Hope items until June 1. Just enter the promotional code: “GOGIRL” Thanks Jennifer! (Oprah would be proud of you!)


Thanks also to Red Tree Coffee Shop and Art Gallery, as well as the Gregs of CallGregCreative!

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Girlfriendology interview of NYT best-selling author CARLA NEGGERS

Book cover of

Tonight, at our local Joseph-Beth Booksellers store, I had the privilege of interviewing a New York Times best-selling author of romance suspence books. CARLA NEGGERS was in town for her national book tour. We were thrilled to interview her on the actual date of the release of her new book The Angel.”

Watch our video interview with this wonderful author and inspiring woman. And, check out her site for her “Live Your Adventure” contest. Share your adventure dreams and you may be the lucky one to receive $1000 to live your adventure. Go for it! Thanks Carla! (And Barb and Kathy!) And thanks to you for visiting the Girlfriendology blog.


Meet my girlfriend Jennifer Davis, Director of BEADED HOPE

Beaded Hope - look good, do good, give hopeAs girlfriends, we often are each other’s best ‘cheerleaders.’ I think this happens because we love our friends unconditionally and we can see all their best traits. Fortunately, through our eyes their beauty, talents and special qualities all shine. And that’s a very good thing!

Today we taped a video with my girlfriend JENNIFER DAVIS. Jennifer is the director of BEADED HOPE, an organization that gives women in South Africa a job creating beaded art, then sells it here in the U.S. and returns profits to support an AIDS hospice in Mamelodi, South Africa. (I’ve had the honor of going to the hospice and it is both impressive and emotionally ovewhelming.) Beaded Hope items make great girlfriend gifts!


We taped at girlfriend Wendy’s art gallery and coffee shop – RED TREE (a very cool place in Oakley/Cincinnati, OH).

I’m glad you have a chance to meet Jennifer through this message and video. She’s making the world better one bead (and girlfriend) at a time. I am proud to be a Jennifer ‘cheerleader’! What girlfriend do you cheer for? Let her know that you’re proud of her and that the world is a better place because of her. She’ll no doubt feel the same way about you!

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KRIS RADISH Video – Meet a great girlfriend author!!

Well, here it is … the first Girlfriendology Video! Check it out as I interview girlfriend author KRIS RADISH! She was in Cincinnati for her new book – “Searching for Paradise in Parker PA.”


Check out our Girlfriendology podcasts for our previous interview with Kris and visit for Kris’ tour schedule, upcoming events and more info on her books. Thanks Kris and Cincinnati Joseph-Beth Booksellers!

Related blogs and links: Kris Radish podcast, Kris Radish Site, link to Kris Radish books.

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