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Each week Girlfriendology interviews with two inspiring, amazing women about female friendships and the lessons we can learn from them. Join us on the Girlfriendology Podcasts as we interview women on friendship, entrepreneurship, their books, accomplishments, inspiring life lessons and how they’re living their lives with passion.

Alisa Vitti, FLO Living, Share Hormonal Health Advice on Girlfriendology

Fortunately as women, we generally share information and info on being healthy is some of the most valuable. (If you haven’t got your health … it’s sad, right?) Thankfully we’ve got some great girlfriends around her at Girlfriendology who have … [Read More ]

Author and Mom, MELISSA FAY GREENE interview with Girlfriendology

We celebrated MOTHER’S DAY a little late this week (it was just Sunday!) with this interview with award-winning author and mom to NINE – MELISSA FAY GREENE. Author of ‘No Biking in the House without a Helmet,’ Melissa shared her … [Read More ]

Girlfriendology interview with CRYSTAL COLLINS, Marketing Calendar Blueprint

Girlfriend CRYSTAL COLLINS, co-creator of the Marketing Calendar Blueprint, also aka: The Thrifty Mama and part of the Savvy Blogging awesome bloggers, has some great advice for women entrepreneurs – it involves having a business strategy, not just ‘hoping’ our … [Read More ]

Girlfriendology interviews LISA McDANIEL BROWN, Health Coach

LISA MCDANIEL BROWN grew up thinking everyone knew how to eat well and live their best life – but sadly we don’t! Thankfully she shares her awesome health and wellness insight on Girlfriendology as our Girlfriend Guru of Women’s Wellness. … [Read More ]

Girlfriendology interview with JESSICA TURNER, the Mom Creative

How does a busy mom work full-time and still blog, pin and stay on top of social media? Well, this one does and they all magically combine to give her some great insights that she’ll share in this Girlfriendology BlogTalkRadio … [Read More ]

PINTEREST Webinar, Girlfriendology Founder – Debba Haupert

Next Thursday, 3/22, we’re sharing How to use PINTEREST for your Blog, Brand or Business including: Why you SHOULD BE ON PINTEREST When you SHOULDN’T be on Pinterest Design, Copyright and TOS Your own personal Pinterest strategy Who is on … [Read More ]

PATRICIA SANDS, Author on Girlfriendology

We’re still celebrating International Women’s Day. It is a day to celebrate women and our achievements, to acknowledge women who make a difference, and to recognize the challenges so many still face. One women who shared this day with us … [Read More ]

Girlfriendology interviews MARY ANN VANGRIN, Wine Sisterhood

I hate to rub it in, but I just got back from the BEST women and wine event in Napa! (Actually, I SHOULD hate to rub it in, but it was so fun I just HAVE to share!)   I … [Read More ]

Girlfriendology interviews DANA WHITE, A Slob Comes Clean

Need to declutter? Considering having a garage sale? Want to enlist a girlfriend to help you with either of those?! You need this girlfriend’s advice! Meet DANA WHITE – aka: Nony, A Slob Comes Clean. Her blog is the completely … [Read More ]

Girlfriendology interviews DR. ELIZABETH LOMBARDO, Happiness Coach

Are you HAPPY girlfriend? Are your friends HAPPY too? As a friend, it’s only natural that we want our girlfriends to be happy. We get joy from their joy and smiles when they smile, too – right? And, vice versa. … [Read More ]