10 ways to be a better friend to a friend with breast cancer

10 Ways to be a better friend to a friend with Breast Cancer

10 ways to be a better friend to a friend with breast cancerGirlfriendology, the online community for women based on female friendship, is observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month by sharing 10 ways to be a better friend to a girlfriend with breast cancer, chemotherapy and the incredible stress, worry, fear and emotion it involves.

The lessons come from women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer. They are friends of Girlfriendology.com founder Debba Haupert who shared their honest opinions and insights. Haupert points out that this can be a difficult topic for many, and that every woman faces cancer differently, so one woman’s needs can differ from another’s.

With more than 2 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S., chances are you know someone dealing with the disease. Here’s how to be a good friend during a difficult time:

1.    Provide encouragement – Sometimes a woman is looking for a friend simply to affirm that she is doing all the right things and that she’s going to be okay. Remind her of her strengths and victories, uphold her decisions and encourage her to keep going.

2.    Listen – Listen without judgment, whenever it’s needed. Avoid easy answers or telling her to buck up and be strong. There are times when cancer can be overwhelming and they need to talk about it. Be the person they need – and simply listen. Let them process their thoughts aloud, listen and care.

3.    Offer help – Instead of saying open-endedly, “Let me know if you need anything,” ask precisely what you can do. Ask your friend if she’d like you to bring dinner, do laundry, babysit or go grocery shopping for her. Offer to help by doing Internet research on treatments and remedies. Identify what needs to be done and ask if you can help her by doing it.

4.    Cheer her up – Do things that really help and buoy spirits. Knit or buy her a pair of fuzzy pink socks. Give her an inspiring book or pink gifts. Celebrate the end of each treatment with champagne. Give her a gift certificate for a massage or a manicure. Help her deal with the hair loss – take her wig shopping, buy a hat or buff for her or, like some girlfriends do, shave your head in solidarity.

5.    Be understanding – Plato said “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Your girlfriend is going to have good and bad days, so be patient on those days when she may say something she might not mean, or not mean it the way it sounded. She is fighting a life-changing battle and deserves your patience, grace and understanding. Don’t take things personally… cut your girlfriend some slack.

6.    Help her communicate – She may not want to talk about cancer all the time. While she’ll appreciate your interest in how she’s doing, it can be wearing to go through all the details again and again. Help her set up a blog or start a chain phone list for updates.

7.    Laughter is the best medicine – Give or lend her your romantic comedy movies or books, or take her to a chick flick – just make sure there are no cancer storylines. Send her funny cards or wrap up silly presents so she has fun gifts to open. Be flexible with your time – and jump at the chance to be with her when she’s feeling good. Back off when she asks because she’s feeling not so good. Take off time from work if you need to be with her.

8.    Offer inspiration – Share stories of people who have gone through the same thing and are doing well years later. We all need inspiration, reassurance and optimism. It’s even better if you can connect your friend with those people so they can talk to them. Never talk about people who have died of cancer or are not doing well.

9.    Friendship endurance – Be in this friendship for the long haul. There are going to be good and bad days, weeks, and months. Be her friend no matter what, and even when the treatments seem to go on forever – that simply means that she’s still your girlfriend. Continue to be there for her.

10. Celebrate life together! Look for opportunities to be together, to share memories and moments to remember, go on an adventure or explore together, laugh together and cry together when needed. See the beauty in each day as her friend and let her know that. Celebrate each day of friendship.

Remember friendship is like marriage – in sickness and in health. Be there for her and enjoy every day of your friendship. And, in observation of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, early detection is the best protection so practice self-exams and mammograms for your own health. Girlfriends need to remind each other that as well.

Girlfriendology is the online community for women based on inspiration, appreciation and celebration of female friendship. Founded by Debba Haupert in 2006, Girlfriendology inspires women to make new female acquaintances, spend time with their girlfriends, and appreciate those friendships that are vital to women’s health and happiness. Girlfriendology.com features inspiring women in semi-weekly podcasts, contests to share girlfriend stories and provides videos, shopping, reviews, blogs and more.


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Womans World magazine article

Celebrate Your Friendships! as featured in Women’s World magazine

Girlfriendology-quote-celebrate-friendshipShare our similarities, celebrate our differences. (Celebrate our friendships too!)    M. Scott Peck

Do you? Do you celebrate your friendships? Do you recognize the similarities and differences that make our friends special in our lives? Do you feel blessed that your friends are in your life?

That’s our goal here at Girlfriendology – home of inspiration, appreciation and celebration of Girlfriends. We’re all about recognizing and acknowledging the women in your life who are there for you, sharing ‘women’s wisdom’ so we all benefit, and inspiring women to connect and support each other.

This message is getting around as we’ve been featured in a couple national magazines lately. We’re honored to have been interviewed by INC. Magazine. (Albeit, it was an article on Pinterest but Girlfriendology is still featured!) And we were thrilled to talk with ‘Women’s World’ about friendship. Here’s an excerpt (since the image is a bit hard to read, sorry!):

Womans World magazine articleStart a “no-stress” book club! Getting together with your friends helps strengthen bonds. And keeping your meetings unofficial will make everyone have more fun, says friendship expert Debba Haupert. “I have ‘no-stress’ book club meetings,” she says. “We take a half hour before we start discussing the books to just talk. And there’s no pressure to even read the books! … In the summer when the windows are open, you can hear us laughing down the street!”

Phone a Friend this Sunday! Even though there’s Facebook and Twitter – you need to hear your friends’ voices now and then. That’s why we started a tradion called ‘Phone a Friend Sunday.’ … It’s therapeutic and necessary to keep your friendships strong.

How do you celebrate your friendships? How do you stay connected with your friends? Here are some more ideas:

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Friendship Alumni news GirlfriendologyYeah! I’m using my business degree! (:

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5 Years of Inspiring Female Friendship – The Girlfriendology Celebration!

Friendship 5 years of GirlfriendologyInspiration, Appreciation and Celebration of Girlfriends – for five years!

Five years ago today I wrote a ‘love letter’ to my girlfriends. Brought on by two dear friends dealing with cancer and feeling a very conscious ‘need’ to be around my friends, I wanted to express my appreciation and to explore why female friendship was so important to me and to all women.

Research confirmed the reasons we NEED girlfriends. Female friendship makes us healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful. Again, we NEED girlfriends. Husbands, boyfriends, guy friends can be great (we’re not against that) but there is nothing that can take the place of a dear friend who understands, cares, accepts and loves you. Nothing. Nada. No way. We need girlfriends.

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Friendship 5 years of Girlfriendology

Girlfriendology focuses on the “social” in social media – hits five-year mark

Online community for women grows through social media connections

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The Friendship Circle Announces September National “Month of Friendship”

Friendship CircleFriendship is Key to a Long, Healthy, and Happy Life

San Francisco, CA (August 25, 2010) – We all know about the importance of friendship to staying happy and socially engaged, but here’s another reason to make sure you keep making those weekly dates with your BFFs: According to recent findings, they might be literally saving your life. The July 2010 PLoS Medicine journal reports that having the support of a great circle of friends increases your odds of survival… Read More

Girlfriends Are Good For Your Health

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