How to make your bff feel special

Month of Friendship, Day 20: Make it an ‘All-about You Girlfriend’ Day

How to make your bff feel specialSweet words can make you smile,but meaningful efforts can make you feel special.  Rita Ghatourey

What girlfriend deserves her own special holiday? (seriously!)

Some friends are there for us when no one else is, others find ways to help us reach our dreams and then there are those amazing women who know just how to make us laugh when we were really ready to cry. Girlfriends who care about how we feel and think, who really listen and who celebrate our successes with us are cherished friends.

We’re so fortunate as women to have close friends and especially blessed when a special friend comes into our life who makes us a better person and who demonstrates all the amazing qualities of a true ‘best friend forever.’

My friend Jill is a kind, caring, funny, amazing woman. Her longtime BFF (over 20-years) recognized her girlfriend gratitude as an opportunity to make Jill feel as special as her friendship is to her. So, she decided to show her appreciation for Jill and their wonderful friendship with a surprise “Jill Day” celebration.

Friendship Jill Day for your girlfriendsUnaware that it was her special day, Jill was invited over for a normal dinner at her best friend’s house. However, as soon as she arrived, she knew things weren’t so ‘normal.’ “Happy Jill Day” signs the kids had made decorated the house and yard. She was greeted with hugs, cheers and cards. Her favorite meal was prepared and everything was centered around this special guest of honor. Her BFF toasted Jill and shared her appreciation for the decades of friendship they’d shared, the amazing qualities about Jill that she loves and even gave her a friendship ring to remind Jill of their friendship.

As you can guess, Jill as overwhelmed by this special friend and her amazing display of love and girlfriend gratitude. it was their own personal ‘holiday’ and celebration of friendship – a day to reflect and feel grateful for their wonderful years of friendship.

Who in your life could you use a “Jill” day? What girlfriend has been there for you for years? What friend means so much to you that you just need to express it?

Plan your own “Jill” (or Sandy or Barb) day. Make it special and all about your favorite friend. Show her how much you appreciate the gift of her friendship and express how she has impacted your life in amazing ways. Customize the day to what will make her feel special and loved – dinner, tickets to something she wants to see or something as simple a mani/pedi together – whatever she’ll enjoy and cherish, as you do her friendship.

That’s just one way to celebrate her friendship. For more, check out these ways to be a better friend, reconnect with old friends and make new friends in our Month of Friendship blogs.

And share your girlfriend celebration stories! (You’ll inspire others!)

Days 1-19 of our Month of Friendship:

 Tomorrow is Day 21 in this Month of Female Friendship. We’re going to get a little crafty! Come back and see!


walk beside me and be my friend

Month of Friendship, Day 19: Go for a Girlfriend Walk

walk beside me and be my friendDon’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Albert Camus

Take a hike, girlfriend – with me!

I’m a time/task cruncher. Even though they say ‘multi-tasking’ isn’t efficient, I still do it – all the time. I like to fold clothes and talk on the phone (headset), read a magazine on the treadmill and have 20-40 websites open simultaneously. So the prospect of combining being with my favorite female friends AND doing something I want/need to do, is perfect in my busy little world.

One of my favorite examples is taking a walk with a friend. Obviously it combines exercising with catching up with someone who matters to me. But it’s more than that. It’s spending time, being outside (and sometimes inside), and clearing our heads while sharing with each other.

So today, day 19 of our Month of Friendship, our girlfriend recommendation is so simple. Go for a walk with your girlfriend. Conversations just happen. Miles of moments like catching up on big and little issues. I know from my girlfriends walking group – we catch up on big stuff like cancer and jobs to little things like our relationships with our parents (okay, so that can be big sometimes!) to where we’ve shopped and eaten that week. It’s just a natural flow of updates on our lives, dreams, hopes, and stories that one can only share with a friend.

Really, it’s the gift of time we’re sharing. Time together. Time to catch up on life and all the highs and lows life brings. Time to create and share memories, time to reflect and reconnect, time spent in honest sharing and caring. That’s its – it’s time. It really doesn’t matter if we’re walking, shopping, running, working out or knitting together – we’re engaged in spending time together. We enjoy that time together. And our friendship benefits, just by spending time.

Ask a friend to meet for a walk. Through a park or neighborhood, around a lake or mall, or even on a bike or rollerblades, do whatever you need to do to spend time together. Then, stop and think about how it makes you feel – relaxed, happy, less stressed and blessed.  What can you do to have this feeling(s) on a more frequent basis? How can you stay close with your friends?

Take a hike, girlfriend. Go walk with a friend. Or bike, ,or run, or whatever – meet for coffee. Just spend time together. Life is better together with your girlfriends. Go have a great life – together!

Share your girlfriend walks (or any way to spend time together) story and inspire other women to spend time with their friends!

Days 1-18 of our Month of Friendship:

Thanks for celebrating Women’s Friendship Month with us! Tomorrow, will be her favorite party EVER!

friends are a party

Month of Friendship, Day 18: Have a Girlfriend Chick Flick or Wii Party

friends are a partyWherever there are friends, there is a party. :)

Call up the girls – it’s time to hang out together!

Who do you love laughing with and sometimes even like crying with? (like over a touching movie) Generally it’s the fab females in our life who turn watching a chick flick into a party. And, who can find new ways to make Wii a hilarious way to spend an evening. So, why not invite them over for an evening of laughs and snacks for an impromptu girlfriend party?

It’s our Month of Friendship and we’re sharing 30 days of 30 ways to connect with old friends and make new friends. So, for this September Saturday, we’re taking on the at-home girlfriend party (we’ve done girlfriend dinners and happy hours but this is different).

For a Movie, aka: Chick Flick, get-together:

  • Pick the night and guest list. If you  have room for a larger girlfriend party, ask your friend to invite one of their girlfriends so you make new friends. Send an invite/evite.
  • Select the movie(s) or let the girls. (Check out our list of girlfriend recommended chick flicks!) Make sure it’s appropriate for all your guests – no one will feel uncomfortable with the theme. Probably not good to have a divorce theme if someone is going through that or a plot based on someone with cancer if that’s a little ‘too close to home’ for any of your guests.
  • Pre-party - Plan time before the movie to snack and catch up with each other before the movie starts.
  • Get creative – Theme your snacks around the movie – like if the movie were ‘Eat, Pray, Love‘ you could have Italian food (with some prayer beads and flowers to decorate the table – or spell your friends names in petals!).

For a Wii party with the girls:

friendship girlfriend book club wii party

  • Create or find a custom wii inviteEvite has several wii party invite with karaoke, bowling, guitar hero images. Let the invitees know the plan for the evening and what clothes to wear.
  • Attire – Are you planning a tournament with teams? Assign teams, give them a color/name and have players dress accordingly (in comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely).
  • Prepare the room – Remove the coffee table and clear out space for the players. And, make sure there is room/seating for the ‘fans’ to watch and cheer.
  • What’s the Score? – Have a scorecard, whiteboard or some method for tracking the teams/individuals. Give little prizes for the MVP, most improved, Miss Congeniality, etc.
  • Wii-skey Sours? – Theme the menu and beverages for the games you’re playing or the teams. Have water and energy drinks available for the players.
  • Picture This – Don’t miss this fun photo op night! Post to Facebook or send images to friends.

No Stress Girlfriend Party: Don’t worry about having a perfectly cleaned house or the best gourmet menu. In fact, we all like to chip in so let your guests know what food/beverages to bring or other ways they can help. Having your girlfriends over isn’t about a movie or a wii competition, it’s about being with your friends, sharing your lives and laughing together. So enjoy your evening with the girls!

Share your girlfriend party ideas and stories!

Days 1-17 of our Month of Friendship:

How many days of this Month of Women’s Friendship have you celebrated? Tomorrow … get out! ;)

Money Closet Sarah Jessica Girlfriendology

Month of Friendship, Day 17: Organize Your Closet with a Girlfriend

Money Closet Sarah Jessica GirlfriendologyI like my money where I can see it … hanging in my closet. – Sarah Jessica Parker

Need to get organized? Call up a girlfriend!

My friend Carole is ORGANIZED. Like big time. She can sort through things, straighten them up and transform a space into something beautiful. In fact, that’s exactly what she helped me do to my closet a couple years ago. Together, with my organizing girlfriend, we sorted through my clothes, threw out pieces I hadn’t worn in years and rearranged it to be no less than magnificent!

Sometimes you need a girlfriend, a voice of reason, a second opinion in if you should keep that sweater you got on sale and discard that dress that you haven’t worn this decade. A trusted friend, especially one with some style and organizational skills, is a wonderful asset in getting organized – and making the process more fun. And, with getting ready to switch back to Fall/Winter clothes, now is a perfect time for our Day 17, girlfriend ‘assignment.’

September is National Women’s Friendship Month, aka: our Month of Friendship, and every day we’re sharing ways we can reconnect with old friend and build into new friendships. Today, aka: Day 17, we’re getting organized – with a girlfriend.

We’re just taking on the closet today – with a girlfriend. Here’s our girlfriend advice for getting organized with your favorite organized friend:

1. FIND THE RIGHT FRIEND - You need someone you trust who has style and organizational skills. She doesn’t have to be a professional organizer but someone who is more organized that you and willing to help. Also, find a friend who you trust her sense of style and her style in communicating with you. Choose a friend who will ‘gently’ tell you that those pants are a little too snug, whose opinion you trust and who knows your sense of style.

2. KNOW YOUR GOAL(s) – Are you in need of more space? Changing over to Fall/Winter clothing? Lost/gained weight and need to to clear out clothes that don’t fit? Just want to be more organized? Know what the objective of the day is and be prepared for whatever you hope to accomplish (especially if it means letting go of clothes with memories and that you’re emotionally attached to).

3. MAKE ROOM FOR PILES – You’re going to need to sort through potentially a lot of clothes and accessories (and all the other weird things that end up in your closet). Clear out space for several piles of your stuff: Donate, Re-sell/Consignment, Keep and Alter/Repair. (You might want to have four boxes with those words on them to avoid sorting incorrectly.)

Friendship Organize closet with a friend

4. DRESSING ROOM – Wear something you can easily change in/out of so you can try on items that you’re not sure if they fit or are still in style. Let (as in TRUST) your girlfriend have input on what’s a keeper and what’s not (then off it goes to the appropriate pile).

5. DON’T LEAVE THEM HANGING – I’ve seen the ‘trick’ on Oprah where you put everything on hangers back in the closet (that you’re keeping) with the hanger pointed the opposite direction. Then, when you wear something, hang it back in the correct position. After a year, you’ll be able to see what clothes you really haven’t worn and (should) discard them. Group colors and types of clothing together to save time knowing where it should be.

6. GET CREATIVE – When my girlfriend Carole helped me organize my closet, we searched around my house for organizational elements it needed. We found a hat box that became my socks box, a small bookshelf that holds my t-shirts and some big plastic bins to contain my jeans. You may need to throw in a little Target or Walmart shopping to get these items but that might just make a nice break in the day for you and your faithful friend. (And good hangers are a must!)

7. CELEBRATE AND APPRECIATE - After the sorting, trying on, more sorting and convincing you to let go of old memories and ‘mumu’s’, show your girlfriend gratitude by celebrating with your girlfriend. Take her out for a margarita or meal and show your appreciation for her time and friendship. (And don’t forget to capture the day and before/afters in photos so you can look back on that fun girlfriend day and be happy you had that time together!)

p.s. As a reader shared, you can also swap your old clothes with friends.

What friend would you dare to clean out and organize your closet with? Any organizational/ closet girlfriend advice? Share!

Days 1-16 of our Month of Friendship:

Tomorrow, we’re still celebrating this Month of Women’s Friendship & it’s party time!

Mani Pedi happiness friendship

Month of Friendship, Day 16: Get a Mani/Pedi Together

Mani Pedi happiness friendshipYou can’t buy HAPPINESS but you can buy a Mani/Pedi and that’s kinda the same thing :)

Need a little girlfriend time? And maybe some pampering?

Spending time with our girlfriends is perhaps the most wonderful experience of female friendship. The way that we communicate and share is unique to our friendship. Sometimes we laugh, we share, cry, laugh some more or walk side-by-side in silence. Always we connect like no other relationship and feel all the benefits that female friendship provides.

We’re exploring lots of ways, during our Month of Friendship, to reconnect with old friends and build into new friendships. Today’s girlfriend advice: get a mani/pedi together.

How is that building into friendships? Well, we girls generally like a little pampering, right? We also all love time with our friends. Combining the two is, well ,,, just ‘efficient’ – not to mention fun! It is the perfect opportunity to sit side-by-side, enjoy the experience and talk about all kinds of silly things like TV, People Magazine, kids and all the fab conversations we have when we’re just hanging with our friends.

We got a few tips from our girlfriends (and added some ourselves) for making this a perfect way to spend an hour or two together:

  • Jennifer shared this great girlfriend advice: “I bring my own polish for pedi’s. That way I know I’ll have a color I like and if I get a chip, I can easily fix it instead of running back for a whole new pedi.” (Thanks – love that one!)
  • @ShaynaBurns tweeted: “Salon with a friend! I don’t find idle chat with strangers relaxing, so it’s nice to have someone to talk to.” (I agree!)
  • Pick a slow day for the manicure and/or pedicure – often the rates may be lower on a Monday or Tuesday and it will be less crowded so you can definitely sit together and feel like you can take your time a little more.
  • Make it a Pedi Party – Schedule a salon for multiple manicure or pedicures and invite a bunch of your girlfriends. Many spas will let you bring in snacks and beverages. Make it a party or host a shower in a spa.
  • Give each other Manicures and Pedicures - You don’t have to go to a spa. You can save money and have your own snacks and music by doing the spa treatments at home. Buy some manicure/pedicure tools/kits (or dig some out of your own nail supplies), get your favorite polish, remover, soaking dishes, etc. and take turns pampering the other. (Here’s info on how to do your own manicure/pedicure.)

Just have fun with it and spend time with your girlfriends! Share your mani/pedi stories and advice too!

Days 1-15 of our Month of Friendship:

Friendship Girlfriend Toes

We’ve got the rest of the month to keep celebrating International Women’s Friendship Month. Tomorrow … we’re going into the closet!

When women come together

When Women Come Together … The Magic of Girlfriends


When women come togetherAny time women come together with a collective intention, it’s a powerful thing. Whether it’s sitting down making a quilt, in a kitchen preparing a meal, in a club reading the same book, or around the table playing cards, or planning a birthday party, when women come together with a collective intention, magic happens.

Phylicia Rashad
Whether it’s laughing over something totally embarrassing or crying together over a very sad incident, there is something magical about the fascinating relationship we’re celebrating this month for International Women’s Friendship Month. We’re celebrating the women who ‘do life’ together, who become family, who take the 4a.m. phone call without a hesitation.
This week, your ‘girlfriend assignment’ is to bring together some girlfriends. Have your own ‘girlfriend gathering.’ Make an effort to be a better friend. Notice the magic that comes from …
* Spending time with your Book Club
* Inviting the Girls over for Dinner
* Being a Better Listener
Just think … you have the opportunity THIS WEEK to make a monumental, magical move toward being a better friend. You also have the honor of being the thoughtful, kind, considerate, funny, caring friend that someone needs. It’s a pretty amazing and magical role to play in the lives of women who make you laugh, share your tears, ask about your day, care about your dreams.
DO IT! Be a Better Friend! How? Come back to Girlfriendology as we celebrate the friendship of women. It’s what we do so that we all live life to the fullest and that doesn’t happen without amazing friendships.
Have a great week girlfriend!
Here’s the past week on Girlfriendology and this celebration of International Women’s Friendship Month:
Ways to practice random acts of kindness

Month of Friendship, Day 15: Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Ways to practice random acts of kindnessWant to make a friend’s day?

Surprise her.

Call her when she doesn’t expect it, leave a note in her cube, send her a really sweet tweet. Just do something out of the ordinary to show her how much her friendship means to you.

Want to REALLY make her day? Practice random acts of kindness. Mow her lawn. Help her paint her house. Leave a gift certificate for a spa in her desk drawer. Bake her favorite Mac & Cheese (shared by Cathie – thanks!), do her laundry (thanks Alison) or weed her garden (thanks Joan!).

It’s a great exercise actually. To get in the habit of going out of our way for a friend, or even a stranger. It’s the stuff ‘pay it forward’ is based on … your kindness inspires your friend, she passes it along to someone else, who pays it forward, an so on. It’s how things are supposed to be, right? I care about you and I want to make your life better. To quote Diane Warwick and Friends: “That’s what friends are for.”

Well,  with a little research, I found out that it’s actually more than just making her life better and/or easier. Practicing kindness is beneficial to your health. Numerous scientific studies show that acts of kindness result in significant health benefits, both physical and mental, like:

  • Helping contributes to the maintenance of good health, and it can diminish the effect of diseases and disorders serious and minor, psychological and physical.
  • A rush of euphoria, followed by a longer period of calm, after performing a kind act is often referred to as a “helper’s high,” involving physical sensations and the release of the body’s natural painkillers, the endorphins. This initial rush is then followed by a longer-lasting period of improved emotional well-being.
  • Stress-related health problems improve after performing kind acts. Helping reverses feelings of depression, supplies social contact, and decreases feelings of hostility and isolation that can cause stress, overeating, ulcers, etc.
  • Helping can enhance our feelings of joyfulness, emotional resilience, and vigor, and can reduce the unhealthy sense of isolation.

So, today’s Month of Friendship ‘assignment’ is to practice random acts of kindness toward a friend(s). Do something kind and unexpected. Challenge yourself to carefully and thoughtfully identify a need or want that would make her happy. Be the kind of friend you’d love to have.

And, then experience the ‘euphoria’ of kindness. Feel the benefits yourself of being generous, considerate, a friend. Be a better friend, because life really is better together.

Share your random act of kindness story – what did you do for a friend? How did it make you feel? How did she respond?

Days 1-14 of our Month of Friendship:

How’s your Month of Friendship going? Ready for tomorrow? Your toes will appreciate it! (Come back tomorrow for more Month of Friendship ideas!)

AND … We’d love to share Your Girlfriend Story!

Why limit happy hour, GNO

Month of Friendship, Day 14 – Host a Girlfriend Happy Hour (GNO!)

Why limit happy hour, GNOWhy limit Happy to an Hour?!

GNO time! Plan a Girlfriend Happy Hour …

or … where to wear your favorite new pair of shoes, or … the perfect end of a day with your ‘besties.’

When was the last time you saw your best friends? Got out of the house and didn’t have on yoga pants? (Okay, that might be a stretch, no pun intended.) Had so much fun laughing that you forgot all the stress in your life?

We’re on a friendship journey through September, aka: our Month of Friendship of celebrating our friends. Everyday we’re sharing a way to reconnect with old friends and build into new friends.

Today’s ‘girlfriend challenge’ is as easy as sitting at a bar with your girlfriends. Host a Happy Hour with your favorite female friends. You don’t always need a reason, like a birthday or your partner out of town (although those are fine reasons to hang out with the girls!) – just a ‘Hey, it’s Tuesday – let’s have a GNO” (Girl’s Night Out) will do. Just take a leadership role and organize a girlfriend get-together.

FRIENDSHIP Peggy girlfriend birthday happy hour

Our girlfriend advice for throwing a GNO happy hour:

  • Pick a Date – Two schools of thought: pick a date that works for you or let your friends vote from several dates that work for you. Recently I contacted several girlfriends through Facebook to ask them which date would work best for them for our upcoming Cincinnati Girlfriendology Happy Hour. I was open to various dates and was happy to know they were saving the date to get together.
  • Pick a Location – What nearby, centrally-located, easy to park at bar or restaurant is most conducive for a bevy of ‘besties’ talking and laughing? Choose a location that works for you and the other attendees. Also, find out if they have any happy hour specials – or ask the manger if you can have some for your group. (Sometimes they will donate some food if you bring in a group on a slow night.)
  • Invite the Girls – We girls like to plan ahead, so try to invite the attendees several weeks before the event. Send an email or evite, or invite them through a group Facebook message, with all the scoop – date, time, place, who else is coming (potential carpools), etc.
  • Etc. – If girlfriends can’t come because of their kids, perhaps suggest they share a baby sitter. Make sure and bring a camera and share the photos on Facebook or Flickr. Feeling especially blessed to have ‘besties’? Make a little gift bag for each friend (dollar stores are great for tiny gifts for such bags) or have a card for each girlfriend. Send out a thank you email/Facebook message to tell each girlfriend how much you appreciate her attending and how thankful you are for her friendship.

What is your girlfriend advice for hosting a girlfriend Happy Hour? What makes a GNO extra fun? Share and inspire!

Days 1-13 of our Month of Friendship:

Month of Friendship, Day 13 – Send your Girlfriend a Card

friendship tip junkie girlfriend giftWhen was the last time you got a card from a girlfriend?

When did you receive a surprise reminder of how much you matter to a dear friend? Or read a heart-felt message from a friend that could only come from her? And, when was the last time you sent such a greeting card or message?

Today is Day 13 of our Month of Friendship and we’re exploring 30 ways to celebrate being a friend in September. Today: you got it! Send a card!

I know. It sounds simple. Simple like saying ‘how’s your day?’ or complimenting her shoes. Simple like responding with ‘you’re welcome’ (not ‘no problem’) or remembering her birthday.

But it’s not. It’s not something we do on an … Read More

Month of Friendship, Day 12 – Make dinner for a Girlfriend

Friendship girlfriend dinner

It’s a girlfriend dinner party … for one!

As fun, and loud, and friend-filled as a hosting/being invited to a big girlfriend dinner party can be, sometimes ‘it’s just fun to be one.’ To reconnect with an old friend face-to-face, get to know a potential new friend or just catch up with a girlfriend who may need you  in her life, we recommend ‘breaking bread,’ possibly over wine or take-out, with just one girlfriend.

Having a one-on-one conversation, really listening and giving each other your full attention are best achieved when distractions and dinner guests are limited.

So, in honor of this Month of Friendship, we’re talking about inviting a friend over to serve up dinner, dialogue and share a few dreams together. You don’t even have to invite her over for dinner, but agree to a restaurant where you two can talk – sans friends, family, cell phones, kids, etc. Just the two of you, on a ‘date’  away from everything and everyone that requires your attention. Just friends, talking, sharing, laughing and making sure the other knows her friendship is worthy of a dinner together.

Personally, I’m not the chef in our home so, for girlfriend dinners, it’s gotta be a restaurant. I had dinner with my high school friend, Laura, on Friday night  – which was WAY overdue. So much has happened since we were last together, yet, as friends for a long, long time, we caught up readily and promised to make it a more frequent occurrence. Having someone else bother with the meal preparation and serving us without question to our caloric intake, ‘is that really healthy for you?’ or alcohol consumption made it a stress-free dinner. (Actually our self-control was well in tact, but it was a no guilt, eat-all-the-chips-and-salsa-you-want kind of evening.)

But, if you’re so inclined and capable (like my gourmet girlfriend Terri), you’re probably a wonderful chef and host for a girlfriend dinner. Make her favorite meal. Have her join you in the meal preparation or allow her to bring part of the meal. Or, if you’re kinda in between, order out – Indian ‘take away,’ pizza delivery, Chinese pick-up – whatever you and she love, just make the meal choice whatever fits your schedule, tastes and favorite indulgence.

We asked our Facebook Friends what they make/have for a girlfriend dinner and they shared:

  • Cathie: Wine. (Cathie is a wine writer & author of  “Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship“)
  • Norja: Tapas and wine
  • Janet: Depends on who it is!! Most of the time we go out for dinner, but if I am having it in I will often have one friend bring a salad, another dessert and I will do the main entree. – Also “Tapas and wine is perfect, or cookies and cocktails!”

What do YOU recommend for a girlfriend dinner? What girlfriend dinners have been extra special to you and why? Share and inspire!

Days 1-11 for our Month of Friendship:

Hey Girlfriend … Got a Stamp? You’re ready for Day 13 of this Month of Friendship!

Month of Friendship, Sept 11, aka 9/11 – Remember and Celebrate Friends

Friendship Girlfriends on sept 11Where were you nine years ago today, September 11th?

I remember talking and crying with my BFF about the terrorists attacks. I remember wondering what my friends were doing and stopping to be thankful for their safety and their role in my life. It was a day we all witnessed the fragility of life, recalibrated how we thought about things, and desperately held on to the people we love with both arms.

We may or may not have know someone who died that terrible day, but most likely we have lost friends in our life. From just moving away from each other and losing touch, having a disagreement that ended the friendship or having a dear friend pass away, we mourn our friends very much like they were … Read More

Go Shopping with a Girlfriend

Month of Friendship, Day 10 – Go Shopping with your Girlfriends!

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

Go Shopping with a GirlfriendTammy Faye Bakker

Celebrate friendship – by going shopping with your girlfriends?!

YES! We’re celebrating this Month of Friendship by exploring daily ways to find, build and celebrate friendships. Today, Day 10, is Friday and a great day to plan a shopping trip with your gals pals for this weekend.

See, we know that female friendship makes women healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful. And that good female friendships, the stuff BFF’s are made of, requires that we spend time together (IRL or online, but IRL is best!). One fun way to spend time with our girlfriends is to combine things we want/need to do with girlfriend time.

One favorite female … Read More

Carole diva girlfriend group, girlfriend tradition

Month of Friendship, Day 9 – Start a Girlfriend Tradition

Carole diva girlfriend group, girlfriend traditionWhat are your Girlfriend Traditions?

Meet my girlfriend Carole (on the far right). This is her girlfriend group – the Divas. The Divas have a very fun girlfriend tradition: When anyone in their girlfriend group has a birthday that ends with an “0,” they get that many gifts! They’ve been doing it for years and have celebrated milestones from 40 – 60. (When you’re celebrating with your BFFs, age doesn’t matter!)

One girlfriend in our Facebook community of women shared that she and her BFF call each other every day. My friend Terri, who is an amazing chef, has a gourmet girlfriend group where she and her girlfriends get together to share a meal based on the host’s direction/theme. My college girlfriends Deana, Rhonda and I are long time and long distance friends. To stay in touch, we have a weekly  tradition. Every Friday we share an email update so we stay away of what we’re all up to and stay close as girlfriends. From what books we’re reading to job or relationship changes, to everything in between, we get to share each other’s lives and support and cheer for each other.

We’re celebrating this Month of Friendship and today we’re exploring ‘girlfriend traditions‘ – little rituals, girlfriend groups and ways we stay in touch with each other on a regular basis.

As women, we get busy and it’s not easy to stay in touch – unless we make an effort. Girlfriend Traditions help us get/stay in the habit of getting together with or connecting with the women in our lives who we just need to be friends with. From phone calls to email, bunco to book club, knitting or running together, these girlfriend traditions make sure we find time for each other and help us share our lives on a regular basis. And, often they combine the things we love – our girlfriends and things we love to do together like talk, read, dine/drink, hobbies and activities.

And here are some girlfriend tradition ideas from our Facebook Friends:

  • Rhonda: Just got back from eating lunch with two of my best girlfriends. We try to go once a month and try new places out.
  • Kristina: We have a date every Monday night, we meet at someone’s house or head out for appies or coffee anything to get together and have chat time!
  • Terri: Five of my high school friends and I go out to dinner or something about once a month–when our kids were little it was about every two months, now it may be every couple weeks depending on whims! (We graduated more than 30 years ago and all went to different colleges.) They are great women and great friends!
  • Amy: We walk together almost every day and bike together every Sunday.
  • Bev: I talk to my friend Louise every morning on my commute to work. My sister and I talk every Saturday morning at 8 am.

What girlfriend traditions do you have? Any you’d like to start? Share and inspire!

Here’s days 1-8 on our Month of Friendship:

Tomorrow, for our Month of Female Friendship, come back … get your charge cards ready!

keep calm and pamper yourself

Month of Friendship – Day 7 – Pamper your Pals

Keep Calm & Pamper Yourself (& your Girlfriends!).

keep calm and pamper yourselfWhat girlfriend needs a little pampering? Be the friend that helps her de-stress!

We’re celebrating this Month of Friendship by sharing a daily way we can be a better friend – girlfriend gifts we can give, ways to show our friends how much their friendship means to us and just inspiration on appreciating the amazing women who we call our friends.

As friends, we look out for each other, right?Some of our friends, and you know who they are, need some special attention. They’re stressed, tired, overworked, possibly underpaid and, more than likely, under appreciated. They need some ‘me time’ but rarely find it for themselves. They’re amazing women who give tirelessly to their families, jobs, and others. And, you know what? They need some pampering, even if they may not know it!

Lavender Vanilla Gift Spa Basket girlfriend gift If you can’t take them to a spa, take the spa to them! So, in honor of these stressed, over-committed, busy women, we’ve got some great girlfriend gifts ideas:

LAVENDER VANILLA SPA GIFT BASKET: She’ll soak away layer after layer of stress in the soft and warming aroma of Lavender and Vanilla. Plus she’ll enjoy this fabulous lavender tote and think of you when she uses it!  (Include a personalized gift message for your girlfriend!)

BedHead PajamasBEDHEAD PAJAMAS: Sometimes pampering means not going anywhere. She just needs to stay in her comfey pajamas and read a good book. And who’s to argue with Oprah and Rachel Ray on their picks for great pajamas?!

Honey Spa Treatment
Inside an exquisite suede and leather hat box lies the key to relaxation and rejuvenation. French-milled soap from Gianna Rose Atelier-individually boxed and lightly scented. The bath bar is enriched with Shea Butter and Royal Jelly to moisturize skin, giving it a luminescent glow. Bath Bees-capsules containing a fragrant skin soothing blend of Sunflower oils enhanced with extracts of Bee Balm, Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen. When dissolved in the bath the unique formula provides an elegant feel to the skin. Silk aromatic eye pillow-soft gold baby bee brocade filled with relaxing herbs found in a spring meadow, including lavender, chamomile, peppermint and mugwort reduces stress and allows sweet dreams. Certified organic bamboo hand towel, four inch beeswax pillar candle and personal care products-nail brush, pumice stone, massage brush, bath sponge and all natural hair brush

Citrus spa basket girlfriend giftsCITRUS SPA GIFT BASKET: Is she more of an oranges and lemons kind of girl? Imagine how she’ll relax and rejuvenate to the scent of citrus, the magic of lemon butter and lotions, tangy bath gel and soaking balm. And relaxing music will help her drift away, as well as spa water to quench her thirst.

Spa Booties with Lavender Aromatherapy
Treat your feet to instant, soothing warmth made even more enjoyable by lavender aromatherapy. These luxurious spa booties are perfect for the aches and pains of daily life. The secret lies within the lavender-filled inserts. Once warmed in the microwave, the inserts provide up to 45 minutes of toasty warmth and fragrant lavender scent. Combine the booties with the optional bag of aromatherapy essentials, which includes Lavender Shower Gel, Lavender Body Lotion, Fine Fragranced Soap, and a loofah for a full spa experience. Perfect for an instant pick-me-up. Booties measure 15” x 6” and weigh 3 lbs.

What other ways can you bring the spa to your friend who needs a little pampering? Share!

Here’s days 1-6 on our Month of Friendship:

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Tomorrow’s Day 8 of our Month of Friendship. What bone do you need for tomorrow? Come back to see!

5 ways to make a friend laugh

Month of Friendship, Day 8 – 5 Ways to Make a Friend Laugh

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

e. e. cummings

You crack me up, girlfriend!

5 ways to make a friend laughYou know the friend who always makes you laugh? She can turn tears of sadness or stress into laughing until you cry. Those kind of girlfriends are just fun to be around and so fabulous to have on speed-dial when you need a friend and a laugh.

And, why is laughter so important? As girlfriends, we want our friends to be happy and healthy (which just happen to be some of the benefits of girlfriends) and laughter is …

… Good for your health

  • Laughter relaxes the whole body. A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after.
  • Laughter boosts the immune system. Laughter decreases stress
  • hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease.
  • Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.
  • Laughter protects the heart. Laughter improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow, which can help protect you against a heart attack and other cardiovascular problems.

From ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine: the Health Benefits of Laughter

So, how can be be a better friend and add the benefits of laughter to your friendships? Well, for this Month of Friendship, we’re looking at ways to be a better friend. And today we want to make you/her laugh, so here are  5 Ways to make a Friend Laugh (and we welcome yours!):

    • 1. Send her funny videos and quotes when you find them. They just might make her day. (And you can find lots of funny and inspiring videos on the Girlfriendology Facebook page – we post new videos every weekday around 10-11am ET.)


How do you cheer up a friend? Share and cheer up someone!

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Come back tomorrow for Day 9 of this Month of Female Friendship! Tomorrow … we’re starting a new tradition (or two!).