valentines day girlfriend healthy traditions

FRIENDSHIP QUOTE FOR WOMEN: Love & Valentine’s Day inspired

valentines day girlfriend healthy traditionsToday’s Friendship Quote for Women Valentine’s Day inspired!:


Henry Van Dyke

Just like these sweet berries, our bodies crave good things. Even Friendship. Female friendship makes women HEALTHIER, Happier, Less Stressed, Live Longer and Feel more Beautiful! (Seriously!)

TODAY – Appreciate your Friends. Be a Better Friend.

SHARE LIFE (and maybe some berries!) WITH A FRIEND WHOM YOU LOVE!

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Girlfriend GIft Measuring Spoons HeartsToday’s Favorite Girlfriend Gift: Love Beyond Measure Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons! (Less than $5! Get them for all your girlfriends, hostess and wedding gifts, etc.!)

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True Friendship quote for women

Daily Friendship Quotes for Women: TRUE Friend is Rarer …

True Friendship quote for womenToday’s Friendship Quote for Women:

Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.

Jean de La Fontaine

A TRUE FRIEND is like a four-leaf clover – rare and treasured! Think about your favorite friends, those who have been by your side through highs and lows. Feel the love that only a true friend can give – you are loved, girlfriend!


For more girlfriend inspiration on true friends:

Girlfriend Gift Clover necklaceToday’s Favorite Girlfriend Gift: Is she your lucky charm? Or are you the lucky one for having her in your life? Show her how much she means to you with this Clover Peridot Necklace!

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Walking with a friend friendship quote

Girlfriend Advice for Tough Situations | How to be A Better Friend

Walking with a friend friendship quoteIt’s true: “Walking with a FRIEND in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” – Helen Keller

YES. Helen Keller. The woman who knew what it meant to walk in the dark and be completely alone. She knew the value of a friend, especially in the dark.

There are lots of situations that we women face that are tough. That’s life, right? 

Thankfully we have our friends to help us through tough situations – like losing a parent, dealing with cancer, the death of a beloved pet, and more.

Over the ten+ years of Girlfriendology, we’ve shared girlfriend advice for tough situations like these. Our commitment is to inspire women to be better friends – and to be there in the good and not-so-good times.

So, here is girlfriend advice for tough situations …

That’s why we’re here – to inspire you to BE A BETTER FRIEND – even, and especially, when life hands you or a girlfriend tough situations.

What other friends’ tough situations have you needed some girlfriend advice? Please share below and we’ll address it on Girlfriendology.

FRIENDSHIP QUOTE grateful for people who make us happy

Friendship Quote for Women: Let us be GRATEFUL for …

FRIENDSHIP QUOTE grateful for people who make us happyToday’s Friendship Quote for Women:

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Marcel Proust

There is life inside each of us that wants to be happy – but sometimes needs some help blooming in us. Blessed are the BFFs (AKA: charming gardeners) who make our souls blossom – and who fill our lives with love, support, and true friendship.


For more girlfriend inspiration on true friends:

Girlfriend Gift Happiness BookToday’s Favorite Girlfriend Gift: Female friends impact our happiness (A LOT!). Show her that her happiness is important to you with this great book HAPPINESS IS … 500 Things to be Happy About!

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I Look to Her, FTD flowers, girlfriend gift, valentines day

Valentine’s Day & my BFF – #ILookToHer

I Look to Her, FTD flowers, girlfriend gift, valentines day

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for wives and husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends, partners and partners. It isn’t meant to only be focused on romantic love and attraction. Flowers, chocolates, cards, and fancy dinners aren’t required, in my book. In my world, Valentine’s Day is a time to stop and focus on love – and love between people that is so much a part of our life that, like air and water, we don’t always notice and appreciate them.

Being Girlfriendology (right?!), we like to celebrate the gift of girlfriends all year ’round. Our goal is to inspire and encourage women to support each other and be better friends.

This Valentine’s Day, I am celebrating my girlfriend Cath. Cath and I have been friends since we worked together over 20 years ago. We have lived in different states, gone through job and life changes, and had a few not-so-great moments together – but a TON of Fabulous memories together.

FTD Valentines Day Flowers Girlfriend Gift 2 PINThis Valentine’s Day, FTD helped me celebrate my BFF Cath through their #ILookToHer campaign. This wonderful program reminds us that Valentine’s Day is for girlfriends and to celebrate the way we look to each other – not just at Valentine’s Day but for years and decades. It reminded me of this quote:

After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.

Christian Dior

Girlfriend i love you this muchI sent this FTD bouquet to Cath (at work, because we all like fun surprises at work!) to express my love and friendship. She responded with the fun photo above and a cute graphic that she made for me. (I love her that much too!) Being fun and creative, Cath also created these fun images of the flowers with an App that lets you create artistic images (it’s called Dreamscope).

Actually, I’m blessed with great women that I look to, that I wish I could send you all bouquets to express my appreciation for your friendship and my support for you if/when you ever need me.

FTD Valentines Day Flowers Girlfriend Gift 2 IGWho do you look to? How do you show her that you look to her? Share in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

And thanks FTD for allowing me to share this bouquet with my BFF and for the opportunity to recognize her for always being there when I need her. Check out these Valentine’s Day bouquets – you just might want to surprise a girlfriend (at work or home!) with a way to say #ILookToHer!



Friendship What Women Want, Infographic,Girlfriendology

What Do Women Want? Girlfriend Recommended Brands & Companies

Friendship What Women Want, Infographic,Girlfriendology

What do Women Want? Brands/Businesses that are Girlfriend Recommended.

Oh yea. There’s an infographic for that!

Infographics are the ‘hottest thing’ in sharing information. They’re a colorful, creative, interesting way to (hopefully!) deliver data/facts. (Here’s our Pinterest Board of Social Media Infographics. HINT: We’d love you to Pin, Share, Post our Infographic!)

Here at Girlfriendology, we’re looking for great Brands and Businesses who want to be ‘Girlfriend Recommended’ so we thought we’d offer our own infographic on: What Women Want, for Brands and Businesses … aka: The Ology of Girlfriendology :)

What Women Want, Girlfriendology, Infographic, Marketing to women, girlfriend recommended

Want to reach women for your business? Want your brand to be ‘Girlfriend Recommended’? TALK TO US!

More for Brands and Businesses who want to be Girlfriend Recommended

HUGE Thanks to Carla of Avant Creative for her design and cool ideas on our infographic! <3 ya Girlfriend!

UPDATED NUMBERS: Facebook: 35,000, Twitter: 35,000, Pinterest: 9,181, Instagram: 1,228, Periscope: 1,333, LinkedIn: 3,017, Email: over 3,000. (as of January 2016) = over 87,000!!!!

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30 Days, 30 Ways to be a Better Friend

Thanks Girlfriend! 30 Days, 30 Ways to Be A Better Friend

30 Days, 30 Ways to be a Better FriendThanks Girlfriend for being part of the Girlfriendology ‘female friendship challenge to BE A BETTER FRIEND.’ Together we can make the world a better place – one friendship at a time. WE CAN.

And, did you know that female friendship has a bunch of friendship benefits? Yes! The bond of women supporting each other as best friends, is unique and extremely special. It also makes us women: healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful. But, you’re pretty special yourself, so you probably knew all that.

With our thanks and friendship, we’re thrilled to share with you this free eBook: 30 Days, 30 Ways to Be a Better Friend (you need the password from subscribing to the newsletter to access this page). What you’ll find enclosed is over 7o pages of ideas and inspiration for being better friends. Plus, we share resources and 150 Friendship Quotes.

I’m Debba Haupert, Founder of Girlfriendology. I’ve been blogging about female friendship for over 10 years – because I’ve benefitted from the women in my life and I’ve been heartbroken when losing them. (I started Girlfriendology in 2006 because two girlfriends had cancer and I wanted deeply to be a better friend to them.)

I invite you to share your comments, questions, ideas, and stories on Girlfriendology and on our Facebook page.

Together we can make the world a better place – one friendship at a time!

valentines day girlfriend healthy traditions

7 Healthy Valentine’s Day Traditions for Girlfriends

valentines day girlfriend healthy traditionsIt’s not just about romance and chocolate, Valentine’s Day is a fine day to start some traditions for girlfriends – and they can be healthy Valentine’s Day traditions too.

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day, or any day with friends, here are a few healthy ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with girlfriends:

  • Movie Date: Get ready for the 88th Oscars on Feb. 28th by going to see some of the nominated films. Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday so you make a day of it and view several films in a row – in the same cinema! Sneak in some healthy snacks and bottled water to avoid candy and popcorn cravings. Then, go ahead and plan your Academy Awards party for all your girlfriends complete with ballots, prizes, and celebrity fashion judging. To be silly, add interesting categories to the ballot for worst dress, best hair, most skin showing, best body, etc. It makes the red carpet time much more interesting!
  • ME Party with Your Girlfriends: Before you can fall in love with someone else, shouldn’t you be in love with yourself? Author Christine Arylo created a “Madly in Love with Me” Day on February 13 to celebrate self-love and independence. Check out her site for ideas on throwing a party with your girlfriends and to download a self-love starter guide as well as a Party Girl guide for creating an event of your own.
  • Wii & Wine Party: Combine some girlfriends with a Wii Fit and add some healthy snacks and wine (definitely optional–it could be a Wii and Tea party!), and you’ll have more fun than Cupid. Wear yoga or comfy clothes and bring fresh veggies, hummus, pita and fruit. You’ll have a great time and get in some exercise together. Laughter uses up calories, too, so you might want to make this a weekly or monthly tradition. Get your Wii Fit competition on with prizes for yoga class coupons, a gift certificate to give a girlfriend a manicure or a certificate for a healthy dinner at a later date.

A FRIEND is what the Heart needs all the time. — Henry Van Dyke

  • Progressive Dinner Party: Never have enough time to see, much less eat with, your girlfriends? Well, change that in one night by having a dine-around together in each other’s homes. Depending on how many houses are nearby and involved in the party, assign each destination with a healthy meal course–appetizers, soup, salad, main course and light dessert. The focus doesn’t have to be on the food–share healthy tips at each home. Make it an exercise progressive where you start with yoga at one house, walk to another house and have a light meal, then walk to another home for a healthy dessert and finish off the evening with meditation.
  • Gratitude Boxes: What is one thing means the most to women without need for a vase or involving any vices? No heart-shaped box or guilty calories–just gratitude! Who better to give appreciation to than our girlfriends, right? Have a party where everyone writes down the things they’re most grateful for about their girlfriends on a sheet of paper and places them in a box for each person. Here’s some Gratitude Box Ideas to personalize the home of these wonderful testimonies of friendship. You’ll cherish that box, and time together, forever.
  • Friendship Valentines: Remember those childhood Valentines? Silly dime store cards were how we expressed affection and appreciation toward our friends. Now that we’re grown up, why not pretend we’re not? Give Valentine’s Day cards to all your friends (even the drugstore variety). Combine Valentine’s red with going green by crafting handmade cards from recycled materials or buy cards made from recycled paper. Bake some healthy cookies or create a small bouquet of spring flowers to accompany the card. Just make an effort–big or little. She’ll appreciate it, and your friendship.
  • Plan a Girlfriend Trip: Nothing like a tempting beach in your future to get you exercising and eating healthier! Plan your girlfriends getaway now and a fitness routine to prepare you for it. Set realistic goals and inspire each other to reach them. Girlfriends who have a fitness goal and work together are twice as likely to reach their goals than those going it alone (or with spouse). So, get the girls together and make some fun plans for a great girls escape!

Nothing against candy and romance, but Valentine’s Day is a fabulous opportunity to show you care for your gal pals, too! It’s a wonderful time to express your girlfriend gratitude–make a card, share some chocolates or healthy treats, send flowers, phone a friend or just get together. Actually, every month is a fabulous opportunity to celebrate female friendship. Make it a healthy, happy and less-stressed month by spending time with your girlfriends. Happy Valentine’s Day, Girlfriends!

More Valentine’s Day Girlfriend Traditions & Ideas …

P.S. NEW this week to Girlfriendology, we’re sharing DAILY FRIENDSHIP QUOTES (because everyone loves Friendship Quotes!). Stop by for your daily inspiration!


Friendship quote a true friend is there for you

Friendship Quote for Women: True Friends who are there for you!

Friendship quote a true friend is there for youToday’s Friendship Quote for Women:

A true friend is someone who is there for you when she’d rather be anywhere else.

Len Wein

It’s not always easy to be there for someone. Sometimes it’s too sad, tough, late, far, or inconvenient. Sometimes we have other things going on in our lives that demand our time or attention. BUT … a True Friend will be there for us even when they’d rather be anywhere else.

TODAY – TELL A FRIEND ‘THANKS’ for being there for you. And, remember to be there for her!

For more girlfriend inspiration on true friends:

Today is a new day inspirational wall art girlfriend giftToday’s Favorite Girlfriend Gift: Give the gift of inspiration! This inspirational wall art will remind her every day that ‘Today is a New Day’ & more (& remind her of you!).

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All you need is love and chocolate, quote

Celebrate Valentine’s Day, GALentine’s Day or Just Chocolate!

All you need is love and chocolate, Valentine's Day, chocolate girlfriend gift ideas, quoteValentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day?

Once again, Valentine’s Day is upon us!  Sometimes it’s a good week. Sometimes, not so much. To guarantee a great week, take the time to recognize and celebrate the relationships that show you love and friendship – your girlfriends!

And, if you want to make them feel REALLY special, celebrate all the special gals in your life with GALentine’s Day! (February 13th!)

All you need is LOVE. But a little CHOCOLATE now & then doesn’t hurt.
Charles M. Schulz

This season of love can be tough for some girlfriends, so make sure you give them extra time and attention (see the ideas below!). Let them know how much their friendship means to you – at Valentine’s Day and all throughout the year!

Here’s some great girlfriend advice for Valentine’s OR GALentine’s Day:

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If you’re a brand, please contact us and check out more for Brands and Businesses who want to be Girlfriend Recommended. And – THANKS to YOU Girlfriend!

Note: Girlfriendology does share affiliate links from time to time. However, we only recommend products that we’d honestly share with a girlfriend.


5 Secrets to a Great Friendship

FRIENDS MAKE LIFE MORE FUN, secrets to a great friendship

I don’t want to imagine where I would be without girlfriends. Think about it … life without the women who support us when we doubt ourselves, no one to share our sadness with, no friend to call on our way home from work to process the day, no BFF to share our dreams with. As the girlfriend quote says: FRIENDS MAKE LIFE A LOT MORE FUN.

I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.
Charles R. Swindoll

Female friendship is THE relationships that makes us healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful. (If Oprah sold a pill that delivered these results, EVERYONE would buy them!) So, how can we have great friendships? We’re got a few tips for girlfriends to make life a lot more fun by having friends!

5 Secrets to a Great Friendship:

1. Shut up and Listen. Sorry to be rude, but we all get busy, have things we need to tell someone, and forget to be there for our best friends. Try letting her talk first and wait until you’re sure she’s shared all that she needs to share before you start on your life. Even if your girlfriends aren’t good listeners to you, show them what it is like to have a friend who cares and who really listens.

2. Make the time, no matter what. Work will always be there, so will dirty clothes, house projects or shoe sales. What won’t always be there? Unfortunately girlfriends aren’t always there. Friends come and go, girlfriends have houses and projects and dirty clothes too. Even if it is just coffee or a walk or a phone call on the way to work. Make time for girlfriends – she deserves it and you do too.

3. It’s not the big things. A girlfriend posted on Facebook today about a funeral she just attended for a friend’s mom. The kids shared great stories about their mom. Not one story had anything about gifts she’d bought for them, expensive trips or anything monetary. They remembered the little things – how she attended their games (see #2 – made the time for them!), welcomed their friends into their home, and how she made them feel loved. It’s not the big things – gifts, expensive purchases, spoiling them with possessions – it’s about time together and the little things.

4. Give her grace. Maybe she’s not there for you right now but she has been in the past. We all have times where life messes with our friendships. Forgive her when she forgets to call you back or can’t fit you in her schedule for a week or two or three. Understand that your friendship is still important to her. Give her grace and maybe a little time. Friends are worth it.

5. Make an effort to make it fun. Friends make life more fun, and that’s especially true when friends get together. You make an effort for your partner and for your kids – but do you make an effort for your girlfriends? Plan a concert, a special event, a thoughtful gift, and making amazing memories together. Start a girlfriend tradition (like book club or a gourmet girlfriends group) so you see each other more often. Just make it about your friends, and make sure to make it fun.

Here are more ideas on how to BE A BETTER FRIEND:


When I'm with you I'm Standing with an Army, BFFs, Girlfriends

Who’s in your BFF Army? Why you should … be a better Friend

Who’s in your BFF Army?

Life, sometimes, is a battle. Stress, struggles, stuff can be tough. If you’re going into battle for your dreams and happiness, you’re gonna need an army on your side. As a woman facing the world, it’s not so easy to do it alone. A girl’s gotta have her army. A girl needs a BFF Army.

To be honest. As a gender, we’re really lucky. Loyal, dedicated girlfriends are there for each other. Together, we pool our resources and strength. We hold each other up when, alone, we don’t feel like we can stand.

I know. My friends have been there for me when I didn’t know what to do or how to move forward. They were, and are, the force behind me when life is a battle. Who are your Army?

Singer, celebrity Ellie Goulding obviously gets this. She recently released a song that is based on the friendship that we all long for – THE best friend who is the ARMY we need to face life’s battles. Or as she sings (in the video below), from ARMY about her Best Friend:

When I'm with you I'm Standing with an Army, BFFs, GirlfriendsI know that I’ve been messed up
You never let me give up
All the nights and the fights
And the blood and the breakups
You’re always there to call up
I am pain, I’m a child, I’m afraid
But yet you understand
Yeah like no one can
Know that we don’t look like much
But no one f*cks it up like us

… Yeah like no one can
We both know what they say about us
They don’t have a chance because
When I’m with you
Standing with an army

Who’s in Your BFF Army?

Hopefully, that is an easy question. You have BFFs who will fight for you.

But, if not, if you don’t know who would be in your BFF Army, there are things you can do NOW to make sure that you have the women on your side who will be there for you whatever battles you face. Here’s our girlfriend advice on finding those friends who have your back no matter what, who are your BFF army:


what girlfriends wont tell you

3 Things even your BFF won’t tell you | Be a Better Friend

what girlfriends wont tell youI love my BFFs. I tell them about my day, my life, my hopes and dreams. I confide in them my deepest, darkest secrets. I share my hopes and goals, my doubt and fears, my weird thoughts and silly days.

There’s so much I share with my best friend(s). But there are a few things, that I believe, even your BFF won’t tell you.

Before we go further, keep in mind … female friends make women healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful. Why would we NOT tell each other the truth?

As a BFF / best girlfriend, I want to be honest AND supportive. Sometimes that can be a paradox. We want to be honest but we can’t bear to share any negative feedback. As friends, we’re there for each other – and I promise to be there for my BFFs. Even if we have a slight difference of opinion or there are things I can’t share with my best friend(s).

So, here are 3 Things even your BFF/Best Friend won’t tell you!

  1. Your dreams are too big. We all have them … dreams for our ideas, businesses we want to start, jobs we want to go for, races to run, or books we could/should write. We have secret desires, and often we trust our best friends with our biggest secrets. As a Friend, I will support your dreams and help you in your ‘big audacious goals’, even if they seem *a little* unrealistic. I will be there to cheer you on when you ‘go for the gold.’ As a girlfriend, I will loan you my strength if your’s runs low. I will cheer you on if it’s an exhausting 20 miles of your 100-mile race. I’ll believe in you even when, and most of when, you don’t believe in yourself.
  2. You’re beautiful – to me.  Right?! That awkward time when a friend asks how she looks and you don’t want to say anything negative, but it crosses your mind. Don’t ask me to tell you that you don’t look anything BUT beautiful, I just can’t do it. Tight jeans, ‘muffin-tops,’ wrinkles, gray hairs, clothes that are too young/old for you, shorts that might be a little too short … I just can’t say that to you. In the words of Love Actually, ‘To me, you are perfect.” (p.s. If you do share ‘feedback’ over clothing/looks, promise to do so with kindness and humor!)
  3. I didn’t like my ________gift. We believe that girlfriend gifts are the perfect way to show our friends how much their friendship means to us. (In fact, we’re launching a GIFT SELECTOR soon so you have no excuse but give a great girlfriend gift!) Gifts that you would give your mother, neighbor, your coworker … still may not be the perfect personalized present for your BFF. I hate to (okay, would never) say it, but giving a gift that you got from the ‘gift drawer’ just doesn’t cut it for a best friend. Giving a thoughtful, personal gift is the way to show a friend how much her friendship means to you. I have been guilty of this, I know. But I’m trying to be a better friend and one way is by giving a personalized gift that took a little bit of thought and consideration.

That’s about it, I want to be able to share all my secrets with my friends. I’m thankful for the gift of your friendship.

What things will you NOT tell your girlfriends?

How do you make your girlfriends feel happy?

More girlfriend advice on FRIENDSHIP, HAPPINESS and GIFTS:



happiness, happiness jar, inspiration for women

Finding Happiness: 3 Ways to make the New Year HAPPIER

happinessIt is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. Charles Spurgeon 

How was your 2015? Were you HAPPY?

First, as a FRIEND, I hope it was a good year for you. I hope you, and the people you love, were happy. And I wish for your 2016, more health, happiness and hugs.

Our goal is to make 2016 HAPPIER for friends of Girlfriendology. In fact, we’ve come up with

3 ways to make the New Year filled with HAPPINESS:

  1. Be Present. Put the phone away. Turn HGTV/Reality TV/Hulu … OFF. Stay home and play silly games. Just enjoy the limited amount of time we get together with the people who mean the most to us. Life is short. Enjoy the moments you have with Friends. You never can get those back.
  2. Choose Wisely. Do you remember the song from Rent? 525,600 Minutes. It’s a beautiful song that reminds us to cherish every minute of life, and to use them to show LOVE. Minutes are finite and too short. Choose your time wisely. Choose to spend time with your friends and family. Choose to spend your time HAPPY. Spend time with the people who matter. (Video below :)
  3. Do Better. What do you want to DO BETTER in 2016? If you don’t mind, we’d like to make a recommendation. What IF you spent more time with your girlfriends? Do you think the year would be HAPPY? We’re pretty sure it would be. How to ‘do better?’ (AKA: Be a Better Friend) You could start some girlfriend traditions. You could spend more time together. You could show forgiveness and compassion.

happiness jar, girlfriend,gift,bffLast year, hoping for happiness for my Friends, I made ‘HAPPINESS JARS‘ for my fave friends.

My BFF, Bestie, long-time girlfriend Cath was (of course) a recipient.

I was so HAPPY this New Year to see the post to the right.


That makes me happy.

So girlfriend, let’s make 2016 a year of HAPPINESS. Your girlfriends (and your friends at Girlfriendology) want to celebrate your happiness.

Be HAPPY. Be what makes you HAPPY in 2016.

DIRECTIONS FOR A HAPPINESS JAR (Make some for you and your FRIENDS!)

Wishing you 525,600 minutes of Happiness in the coming new year!

new year,dreams,goals,girlfriends

Goal Setting for the New Year – Girlfriend Advice on going after your Dreams

new year,dreams,goals,girlfriendsAnother New Year, and still time for small dreams to come true. (unknown)

One of the seriously awesome thing about true friends is how they support you and your dreams. (Can I hear an ‘Amen!’?!) Those girlfriends who always see the beauty in you, believe in you, want the best for you – they’re worth their weight in homemade toffee.

As we get ready for the New Year, now is that special time of year to define our goals for the coming year.

We’re not talking New Year’s Resolutions, those are good for helping us work on habits – like exercising more, reading more, and spending more time with our girlfriends. But we’re talking BIG (Hairy Audacious) Goals. The kind of goals that you’re almost afraid to dream. The challenge to do something, as Oprah says in her new Weight Watchers ads: ‘If not now, when?’

goals,dreams,new year,girlfriendsSo here’s our Girlfriend Advice on setting goals for the coming new year:

  1. DREAM BIG – I don’t want to live a so-so life, and I don’t want my friends to either. We get one life and I want to live it (and want you to live it) BIG. When you’re awake at night and think about your dreams, what idea/business/challenge do you wish you could see happen? Run a marathon? Quit your job? Write a book? What’s your BIG DREAM? Let’s figure out how to make it happen – this year!
  2. SET SMART GOALS – There’s a SMART system to setting goals. Follow these guidelines: SMART = Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound. Here are some examples:
    1. Specific: I want to write the outline and first three chapters of my book by March 1. (Exactly WHAT you’re going to do and by WHEN.)
    2. Measurable: Earn 20% more on your blog than you did last year. Gives you something to track the numbers!
    3. Attainable: Lose 10 pounds in two months. That’s attainable on a diet. (Losing 10 pounds in a week probably is not!)
    4. Realistic: Setting a goal of getting paid $10,000 as a professional speaker, and never have spoken in public before just may not be realistic. In that case, maybe make a goal of joining a Toastmaster’s group and getting a speaking gig to move toward your professional speaking career.
    5. Time-Bound: This may be the most important aspect of setting goals – having a deadline. To run a marathon by Labor Day, or start your Etsy story by March 1, or sign up for Spanish classes before your trip this summer. Give your goal a completion date and track your progress in making it happen.
  3. SHARE WITH A FRIEND – But not just any friend. Dreams are very fragile and require special handling. BIG dreams are best to be shared with a girlfriend who believes in you even more than you believe in yourself. Ask her to help you stay on track and on schedule. Give her permission to keep you accountable. If she’s comfortable sharing too, ask her what her BIG dreams are for the coming new year and help her reach those goals.

Like LL Cool J says Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals.

Let’s make this THE YEAR that we go after our Dreams. What are yours? Who are you going to share them with? Remember … if not now, when?! GO FOR IT!

More for the New Year: