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Friends who Believe in You! Friendship & Inspiration for Women

Female friendship to me includes a big dose of support, encouragement and inspiration for women, right?

girlfriend,inspiration,follow your dreamsExample: The other night my BFF and I had an impromptu girlfriend dinner where, as we often do, we shared ideas for each others businesses. And, as usual, we enthusiastically brainstormed ideas, explored ways to be successful, shared tips and tools (one below!) that can assist in our success and in meeting our goals and going after our dreams.

Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up. — Rachel Corrie

It was the perfect reminder of why we need our FRIENDS and how we should strive to #BeABetterFriend ;)GIRLFRIENDS BELIEVE IN US! Between the advice and sharing, build on the years of trust and support, was the wonderful girlfriend gift of love and support. Bottom line: she believes in me and my dreams, and I do the same for my girlfriend.
THAT, my friend, is why I started Girlfriendology. We don’t get the benefits of friendship (like those amazing dinners and conversations that change the direction of our lives and impact our happiness) IF we don’t invest the time and support in our girlfriends. Unless we make time for our friends, we don’t get those special times with our friends – we just don’t.
So today’s GIRLFRIEND CHALLENGE is to make plans with a friend. Maybe try to make plans with a friend who you haven’t seen in a while. It could even be a long distance girlfriend who you make plans to FaceTime or Skype with, a busy friend who you have to remind that she needs to spend time with her friends (aka: YOU!), or a new friend that you think needs support or encouragement. But, just do it.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to believe in a friend and to feel the amazing benefit of female friendship: that she believes in you!

Life is short. Be a Better Friend.Girlfriendology,Periscope

p.s. One of the topics my BFF and I talked about for our businesses is a new social network – PERISCOPE. It’s like having your own live conversation with your friends/fans/followers. Check out Girlfriendology on Periscope – we’re talking everyday about how to be a better friend, girlfriend inspirations and challenges, and fun stuff girlfriends share. (Oh my! I even live streamed a Scope from the gym with no make-up on yesterday!) And check out my girlfriend, the amazing, smart and super Scoper – Julie on Brave Writer on Periscope. Everyday she shares amazing inspiration for homeschooling moms! See you on Periscope!
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Breast Cancer Quotes: Love & Hope for Tami & other Girlfriends

Love, Miracles, Breast Cancer, FriendshipI started Girlfriendology over eight years ago because of Dana and Allison. Two of my dear girlfriends were dealing with cancer and I just felt lost and hopeless. I wanted to be a better friend to them and to inspire women to be there for each other. I wanted to make the world better – one friendship at a time.

Years and thousands of blog posts later, I’m still blogging and unfortunately I still have girlfriends dealing with the evil disease of cancer.

Right now I’d like to send out love, prayers and surrounding hugs of support to my friend Tami is fighting stage-four cancer.

Tami is an AMAZING woman who took on cancer with a vengeance that only a woman with power could do.

Tami is the author of two books: FROM INCURABLE TO INCREDIBLE: Cancer Survivors Who Beat the Odds and MIRACLE SURVIVORS: Beating the Odds of Incurable Cancer. Both share inspiration for others battling cancer with stories of strength and perseverence. Please consider these books at girlfriend gifts for women with cancer.

It is in honor of her that I share these quotes for girlfriends with cancer, and the friends and family who love them … Be STRONG Girlfriend. You never know who you’re inspiring.

Be strong girlfriend breast cancer quote

 One of my favorite quotes for all girlfriends (because we all got our ‘stuff’, right?) … “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be WONDERFUL.” Annette Funicello

life doesnt have to be perfect

A reminder that ‘Cancer is a word, not a sentence.’ As my friend Dana used to say – she didn’t want breast cancer to define who she was, only SHE got to define who she really was …

Girlfriendology cancer quote, friendship quotes

pink girlfriend gifts, breast cancer gifts, gifts for girlfriends

and this quote by Tami … “The Beatles say ‘All you need is Love.’ But those of us with cancer may need a little more.”

helping friends with cancer tami boehmer


and check out Ten Tips for Helping a Friend with Breast Cancer.


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Supporting our Friends with Breast Cancer – Pink Girlfriend Gifts & more

The reason I started Girlfriendology was because of Dana and Allison. Each had cancer and I wanted to be a better friend to them. Dana’s battle with Breast Cancer inspired me to share previous posts on 10 Ways to be a better friend to a friend with Breast Cancer, Ten Tips for Helping a Friend with Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer and Friendship, and from our dear friend who is battling Breast Cancer – Helping our Girlfriends with Cancer, by Tami Boehmer.

Each October is a reminder of Dana and Allison (and Holly). Three amazing women and girlfriends who so unfortunately have lost their battle with cancer. Each October reminds me to be thankful for each day with my girlfriends and for their and my health. Each October is a reminder that we have to take care of each other, make our friends feel as special as their friendship is to us, to be thoughtful and kind.

pink girlfriend gifts, breast cancer gifts, gifts for girlfriendsFor our friends who need inspiration, who are dealing with more than they should be, we want to show them we support them and we want to be a great friend. Here are some pink girlfriend gifts for girlfriends

* ALWAYS REMEMBER … what a great reminder to show your girlfriend(s) that they are braver, stronger and loved MORE. Give her this girlfriend gift perfect for inspiring her days and reminding her of your fun, supportive friendship.

* CHEMO KIT – It’s too tough. Send/give her a pink girlfriend gift to deal with breast cancer and chemo. From the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soup’ book to body wash to comfy socks and more, this girlfriend gift pampers her when she needs to feel her friends close.

* CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR’S SOUL – Along with the shock, fear and loss many women face upon a breast cancer diagnosis comes unexpected strength, wisdom, and strong networks of sharing, support and healing. In Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor’s Soul, survivors and their family members talk openly about how difficult their fight with breast cancer has been and how they made it through the dark times with a belief in a higher power and the support of those closest to them.

* FIGHT LIKE A GIRL COFFEE TUMBLER – Remind her with every cup of coffee that she has what it takes to fight whatever life brings her. In all you do, FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!

* FROM INCURABLE TO INCREDIBLE: Cancer Survivors Who Beat the Odds and MIRACLE SURVIVORS: Beating the Odds of Incurable Cancer by my dear friend TAMI BOEHMER who is fighting cancer with ever cell in her body. Give these incredible books to any friends fighting cancer.

My thoughts and prayers with Tami and with thoughts of great love and support for any girlfriends dealing with breast cancer or cancer of any kind. Life is too short. Be a better friend.




Losing the Girls | A Story About Breast Cancer from Girlfriend Survivor Anne Day

masectomy Breast Cancer Awareness MonthDuring National Breast Cancer Awareness Month we are featuring wonderful stories from girlfriends who have been touched in some way by breast cancer.

Today’s guest blog is by ANNE DAY. Her story will make you smile, maybe cry a little, and hopefully it will remind you how important early detection is.

Ten years ago — January 9, 2005, to be precise — I lost two close friends. I’d known them all my life; we’d hung out and even worked together. It was a true loss, and life was not the same without them.

That’s the date when I had my double mastectomy.

Now, this was my second bout with breast cancer. The first had been when I was thirty-nine and my daughters were little. Like many women, I found that first lump myself. It had spread to my lymph nodes, so I had the full regime — lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation.

Denial was my main coping strategy. I wasn’t going to die; that just wasn’t an option. I simply had to get through this, and my life would continue as before. But of course it didn’t.

I learned a lot through those tough months and it was my girlfriends who got me through it. Taking me home after chemo, cooking meals, looking after my daughters, sending me cards and letters saying how much they loved me. I felt enveloped and cocooned in a sea of their love.

But some friends just totally could not handle it. They didn’t know what to say, were scared for me, and for themselves, and just disappeared. I decided that this was their problem, not mine, and I tried not to take it personally.

On the other hand, mere acquaintances just appeared with random acts of kindness. One neighbor would bring dinners for the family on days when I had chemo. My daughters so loved her cooking that they asked if she did breakfasts.

I chose to stay working. It gave our lives some normalcy. I didn’t want to be sitting at home having a pity party, and probably, on reflection, I also didn’t want to spend too much time really thinking about what was happening or, more to the point, what could happen.

But it wasn’t all bad either—it sure changes your attitude and makes you focus on what’s important. I tried not to sweat the small stuff. I also found out how much people loved me.

After fifteen years, I got lulled into believing I was safe. But I had forgotten that once you are a member of the exclusive C Club, your membership never really expires. And sure enough, in 2005, I had to pay my dues again. This time I had decided that I wanted both breasts removed. As I explained to my girlfriend, “I want a level playing field.”

Our breasts are very much part of our womanhood. At first I didn’t like seeing myself in the mirror; although, with both gone, I felt less disfigured.  But my body is not who I am; it is not my essence.

As someone who works with women, I felt I had a responsibility to speak out and share my news with Company of Women members. I wanted to encourage them to go for the mammograms, do the self-check, and show that having cancer is no longer a death sentence.

Injecting some humor into the situation, I talked about being “upfront,” making a “clean breast” of what was happening to me, and the fact that as a weight-loss strategy it stunk, because they only weighed two pounds at the most.

There was a hush in the room at first, as the women grappled with the news. Some cried; others looked horrified, likely reflecting on how they would feel if they lost their breasts. But there was laughter, too. As I was quick to point out, I was not planning to “check out” as I had too much to do.

I was later flooded with cards and letters of love from people. It was like hearing the eulogies at your funeral without having to die first.

So much of life we take for granted, but when it all could disappear just like that, you learn to enjoy the moment, speak your truth, and be who you are meant to be.

Plus, the really good news — no more mammograms!

ANNE DAY is the founder of Company of Women, an organization that supports women in business. She is the author of Day by Day – Tales of business, life and everything in between. You can reach her at or or follow her blog at

Thanks Anne for this touching story and wonderful reminder for taking care of ourselves, our girlfriends and our bodies.

Who has been there for you when you needed them? How could you be a better friend to a friend going through cancer? Share in the comments.

By the way, we love guest blogs and welcome them especially this month with friendship/breast cancer inspiration.

For more girlfriend advice on cancer and female friendships, check out these blog posts:

10 ways to be a better friend to a friend with breast cancer

10 Ways to be a better friend to a friend with Breast Cancer

10 ways to be a better friend to a friend with breast cancerGirlfriendology, the online community for women based on female friendship, is observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month by sharing 10 ways to be a better friend to a girlfriend with breast cancer, chemotherapy and the incredible stress, worry, fear and emotion it involves.

The lessons come from women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer. They are friends of founder Debba Haupert who shared their honest opinions and insights. Haupert points out that this can be a difficult topic for many, and that every woman faces cancer differently, so one woman’s needs can differ from another’s.

With more than 2 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S., chances are you know someone dealing with the disease. Here’s how to be a good friend during a difficult time:

1.    Provide encouragement - Sometimes a woman is looking for a friend simply to affirm that she is doing all the right things and that she’s going to be okay. Remind her of her strengths and victories, uphold her decisions and encourage her to keep going.

2.    Listen - Listen without judgment, whenever it’s needed. Avoid easy answers or telling her to buck up and be strong. There are times when cancer can be overwhelming and they need to talk about it. Be the person they need – and simply listen. Let them process their thoughts aloud, listen and care.

3.    Offer help – Instead of saying open-endedly, “Let me know if you need anything,” ask precisely what you can do. Ask your friend if she’d like you to bring dinner, do laundry, babysit or go grocery shopping for her. Offer to help by doing Internet research on treatments and remedies. Identify what needs to be done and ask if you can help her by doing it.

4.    Cheer her up – Do things that really help and buoy spirits. Knit or buy her a pair of fuzzy pink socks. Give her an inspiring book or pink gifts. Celebrate the end of each treatment with champagne. Give her a gift certificate for a massage or a manicure. Help her deal with the hair loss – take her wig shopping, buy a hat or buff for her or, like some girlfriends do, shave your head in solidarity.

5.    Be understanding – Plato said “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Your girlfriend is going to have good and bad days, so be patient on those days when she may say something she might not mean, or not mean it the way it sounded. She is fighting a life-changing battle and deserves your patience, grace and understanding. Don’t take things personally… cut your girlfriend some slack.

6.    Help her communicate - She may not want to talk about cancer all the time. While she’ll appreciate your interest in how she’s doing, it can be wearing to go through all the details again and again. Help her set up a blog or start a chain phone list for updates.

7.    Laughter is the best medicine – Give or lend her your romantic comedy movies or books, or take her to a chick flick – just make sure there are no cancer storylines. Send her funny cards or wrap up silly presents so she has fun gifts to open. Be flexible with your time – and jump at the chance to be with her when she’s feeling good. Back off when she asks because she’s feeling not so good. Take off time from work if you need to be with her.

8.    Offer inspiration – Share stories of people who have gone through the same thing and are doing well years later. We all need inspiration, reassurance and optimism. It’s even better if you can connect your friend with those people so they can talk to them. Never talk about people who have died of cancer or are not doing well.

9.    Friendship endurance – Be in this friendship for the long haul. There are going to be good and bad days, weeks, and months. Be her friend no matter what, and even when the treatments seem to go on forever – that simply means that she’s still your girlfriend. Continue to be there for her.

10. Celebrate life together! Look for opportunities to be together, to share memories and moments to remember, go on an adventure or explore together, laugh together and cry together when needed. See the beauty in each day as her friend and let her know that. Celebrate each day of friendship.

Remember friendship is like marriage – in sickness and in health. Be there for her and enjoy every day of your friendship. And, in observation of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, early detection is the best protection so practice self-exams and mammograms for your own health. Girlfriends need to remind each other that as well.

Girlfriendology is the online community for women based on inspiration, appreciation and celebration of female friendship. Founded by Debba Haupert in 2006, Girlfriendology inspires women to make new female acquaintances, spend time with their girlfriends, and appreciate those friendships that are vital to women’s health and happiness. features inspiring women in semi-weekly podcasts, contests to share girlfriend stories and provides videos, shopping, reviews, blogs and more.


Additional Breast Cancer Awareness info: Pink Gifts for Girlfriends, More Pink Gifts for Girlfriends
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5 Mistakes to Avoid to have Great Friendships

silence of our friendsIn the end we will remember, not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Martin Luther-King

I want to be the friend who’s there for my girlfriends, don’t you? If so, you probably don’t want to be silent when they need someone to speak up, or not there when we should be the friend who is there for them. I want to be the friend (and you must too, if you’re here on Girlfriendology) who doesn’t make these friendship mistakes (but I have, so I’m trying to improve and be a better friend):

1. Not giving her the benefit of the doubt – Let’s start with the BIG friendship mistake. Did she say something bitchy or behind your back? Was she not there when you needed her to be? Did you hear something she said/did that hurt your feelings? STOP RIGHT THERE. She’s been your friend for a long time and through a lot of stuff, right?! Maybe she had a bad day, was misquoted or misunderstood the situation. If she’s been there for you for years, and through ‘stuff,’ give her the benefit of the doubt. Trust that she is there for you. Don’t come to conclusions looking at the negative. Girlfriends are there for each other. Be there for her – no matter what your first impression is.

2. Taking sides. Let’s be serious about friendships. If they’re good girlfriends, they’re worth getting away from the silliness of taking sides. Just be there for each other. Don’t team up against each other. Conspire on the behalf of your true friends. Stay on her side when she needs you.

3. Too busy to spend time together. Time. The most valuable gift we can give our girlfriends. “The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time,” said James Taylor. Pass time together – spend time together – be there for your friends. Make take for your girlfriends. Don’t make this mistake!

4. Choosing to be with ‘the guy.’ Sure, being in a romantic relationship can lead to some ‘friendship challenges.’ We want to be there for them and there for our friends. A true friend values the friend who doesn’t change, no matter whom she dates. A real partner will understand and value that you have your own life and your own friends.

5. Playing games. Let’s be realistic girlfriend. Women can be catty, mean, unfair, unkind. Girlfriends can do all the above – choose who they’re dating over their friends, be ‘too busy,’ take sides or not give her the benefit of the doubt. We can play bogus games or take each other for granted. Let’s stop the games. Let’s be there for each other.

Do you make these friendship mistakes? Do you wish you had better friendships? Well, it’s not that hard – just be a better friend and avoid these friendship mistakes. Life’s too short to not be a better friend. We girlfriends need to be here for each other. We need to be the friends we’d love to have. We need to NOT make these friendship mistakes.

Here’s some ways to be a better friend:


Girlfriend Adventure in Alaska, part 2 …

alaska,girlfriends,adventureHave you ever been to Alaska? If not, you should go! It is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and has the nicest people! Here’s an update on my adventure …

On the first night I overheard a cute young couple talking about where they were from. I made a comment and soon we were sitting together talking and sharing our passions for travel, the planet, NPR, social media, etc. It was so fun to meet Kate and Ruan – a smart, caring, adventurous couple who are living in Alaska for a year. (Doesn’t that sound like a fun opportunity?!) Later in the week, we met again and shared a glass of wine and more about our lives and our passions. Strike that up as great new friends whom I plan to follow along on their global adventures and conservation efforts.

I was able to meet up with a woman I’d interviewed on the Girlfriendology podcast years ago – Julie N. Julie and her beautiful daughter gave me the wonderful gift of a perfect evening – from the clouds parting (the only time that happened during the trip) to seeing eagles and being in the midst of a moose intervention! We shared dinner and our stories and I left feeling like both she and her daughter were immediate and beautiful friends.

I also met a group of primarily women who live in a remote part of Alaska. They have a strong bond as a community and they actively support and encourage each other. It was wonderful!

The girlfriend lesson? Friendship is all around. (As I mentioned last week in my Girlfriend Alaskan Adventure.) The world is a big, beautiful place and friends – even some you may not have met yet – make it even more amazing.

Who can you start a conversation with that just might end up as a friend? Where can you adventure and make new connections and friendships?

Life is short. Be a better friend. Safe travels!

girlfriends, alaska

Girlfriend Greetings From Alaska & ‘Love Actually’

girlfriends, alaskaEvery time I’m in an airport, like I was today, I think of the opening and closing scenes from one of my favorite movies: “Love Actually.” It’s actually kinda fitting too since 9/11 was just last week. The scene says … “When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know, none of the calls from people onboard were messages of hate or revenge. They were all messages of love. … Love actually is all around.”

I’m reminded of that when I watch people as I travel. Old friends, even goofy co-workers, moms/dads/kids, partners, people on their way. It’s a big world and it’s nice to know that love is all around.

I’m in Alaska for work this week. It’s my first trip to this amazingly beautiful state with equally beautiful, nice people. Snow-covered mountains stuck their heads out of a sea of clouds on the flight in – it was a magnificent greeting to this wonderful city. 

The funniest (and funnest) thing about visiting somewhere new are the girlfriends you discover who are nearby! I get to meet one of my girlfriends from AZ who is in Anchorage for an event – the amazing Aliza Sherman. I also get to have dinner with a girlfriend I met years ago when I interviewed her for a Girlfriendology podcast – Julie Northrop. AND, I’m just missing a girlfriend, Amy, who is landing 12 hours after I depart – dang it!

Kinda like ‘Love Actually’ and that quote above, Girlfriends are actually all around!

Want more friends? Better friends? Stronger friendship?

We’ve gotcha covered! Be a better Friend! Check out these blogs for inspiration …





Month of Friendship – Day 5: Phone a Girlfriend!

Friends you can call quote, friendship quote

“It is the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.”

Marlene Dietrich  (Love that quote!)

Don’t you love when you pick up the phone and hear your BFFs voice?

I do. Especially when I expect it will be a sales call or regarding work. I love hearing a welcomed ‘Hello!’ on the other side of the call and knowing that I can relax and catch up with my favorite female friend. Love it!

Getting a call from a friend is the next best thing to being with her. Just chatting about our day, catching up on big and little stuff, hearing her laugh or being there for each other when we share tears – it’s one of the very cool things about friendship. We’re completely comfortable sharing life and some time together on a call.

For Day 5, we’re making it really, REALLY easy for you to celebrate this Month of Friendship.

All you have to do is phone a friend. Call up an old friend – someone you haven’t spoken with in years or weeks. Or phone a new girlfriend – just surprise her by letting her know that you’re interested in her life and want to stay in touch. Have a friend who’s dealing with grief, cancer, separation, losing a pet or a parent? Those are all terrible, tough situations where you really do need a friend. Call her. Ask how she’s doing. Tell her how much you care. And, if you can, make plans to see each other soon.

Thanks for joining us in the Month of Friendship.

Tomorrow … Day 6 in this Month of Female Friendship. Pack your bags for this one! Come back and join us!

Month of Friendship – Day 4: Make a Memory Gift for a Girlfriend

You shouldn’t wait for other people to make special things happen. You have to create your own memories.Heidi Klum

Create your own memories,friendshipThink of all your girlfriend memories ..

… laughing with your high school or college friends who got you through the tough years of guys and grades, friends you’ve met in different places that you’ve lived who always made you feel like you were home when you were together and sister-friends who made you part of their family and vice versa. So many memories with so many friends … we’re a blessed gender to have and appreciate so many amazing friends!

We’re celebrating a Month of Friendship in September. Each day we’ll share a daily way to celebrate girlfriends.

Today, we’re thinking about showing our girlfriend gratitude by making or buying a memory gift for our girlfriend(s).

Memory gifts feature an image or story that we share and are a wonderful reminder of the happy times we’ve spent together. Since we don’t often get to spend as much time with our girlfriends as we’d like, memory gifts serve as a fun reminder of those times together and prompt us to connect again – soon! So, here’s a few memory gifts for girlfriends you can make or buy:

  • Mini Scrapbook – Perfect for a BIG birthday (like those ending in “0”), take your camera along and snap a bunch of photos of the birthday girl and her friends. Make sure and get several of you two together. Then turn the photos into a memory album for her like we did for our girlfriend’s birthday recently.
  • Classic, Funky, Silly: Personalized Present – Simple project, even a non-crafty girlfriend can make – and, I promise!, she’ll love it! Selected your favorite photo of you and your BFF. Make a color or black & white copy (recommend black & white especially if your frame gets too colorful and funky!) Get a cheap frame (I recommend Dollar Store). Find/purchase some scrapbook embellishments, old jewelry or cut out words/ads out of magazines. Decorate the frame with the embellishments or crafty elements. Then frame/mat your photo. She’ll love your creative gift!
  • ‘It’s Girlfriend Time’ Clock – I love this project and have made it for several girlfriends. Make color copies of photos, gather some scrapbook supplies (thin ones so as not to interfere with the hands of the clock) and a clock and make her a timeless reminder of happy times with you. She’ll love it!
  • Picture this … You and your BFF – I love a great photo of me and my friends! One where we all look happy, where you can almost see the glow of good energy that we create when we’re together and where we’re all having a great hair day! (-: There’s lots of ways you can take a fab photo and make it into a permanent piece of art. Canvas People takes images and prints them on canvas making ‘art’ out of your beautiful friendship photo!
  • Girlfriend Memory Journal – I wish I’d kept a journal of all the fun times I’ve spent with my girlfriends. Wish I would have noted the happy hours where we laughed til we cried, jotted down the special gifts my friends have given me and journal-ed the lessons I’ve learned from such amazing women. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive such a present? Use this girlfriend journal or make your own, but capture a few of the memories you share with her – times her friendship really meant a lot to you, funny stories that you share, little memories that she’ll cherish.

Whatever your choose to make or give her, a gift from a girlfriend is always appreciated. If you have fun with this one, make a bunch for your friends and give it to them at a dinner celebrating this Month of friendship!

Other ideas for girlfriend memory gifts? Share!

Tomorrow … Day 5 in this Month of Female Friendship. After talking Social Media, we’re going a little old school. Come back and join us!

Day 2 Girlfriend Gratitude

Month of Friendship – Day 2: Girlfriend Gratitude

It’s Day 2 in this Month of Friendship!

Day 2 Girlfriend GratitudeMy friend Carole is awesome (left in photo). Recently she’s been through ‘stuff’ (medical and relationship not-so-fun stuff), yet she comes out of it with her passionate personality and super-sized heart fully engaged. She embraces life on a daily basis with joy and this amazing robust energy. It’s kinda like a B12 shot just to be around her!

Unfortunately, I don’t get to be around her very often. We live several time zones from each other. This past weekend we shared a cup of coffee and a fun conversation – and not virtually, face-to-face where we could share hugs, conversations and smiles. She’s that kind of friend with whom you pick up where you left off. She’s also the kind of friend who goes out of her way to be my ‘cheerleader’ and assist me in reaching my goals.

I’m grateful for my friend Carole and for our friendship that doesn’t change even when addresses, jobs and life ‘stuff’ do.

We’re on Day Two in our celebration of a ‘Month of Friendship‘ and we’re celebrating friendship today by chatting about ‘girlfriend gratitude.’ and ways to express that appreciation for friends.

The first step in the girlfriend gratitude process is to stop for a moment and recognize the amazing women in your life.

Feeling Girlfriend Gratitude quoteIt’s true … Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it. – William Arthur Ward

Who brings energy and excitement into your life? What friend can make you laugh just when you thought you were going to cry? Who is the first person you call when you’ve got news to share? Does she know how much her friendship means to you?

Gratitude is great, but if left unexpressed, it doesn’t give joy or spread to others. If we don’t recognize and act on our feelings of appreciation, we can take things and people for granted. Not a good friendship scenario.

Today, BIG day two of this Month of Friendship, identify one friend who has made a difference in your life. Select a friend from whom you’ve possibly learned important lessons. Choose a BFF who is there for you, who makes you feel comfortable with them and yourself, whom you know wants the best for you and will support you no matter what.

Now, let’s come up with a way to show some girlfriend gratitude. If you’re a blogger, you could write about her* and the things you appreciate about her (like I did for my friend Carole). If you’re an artist or crafter, get creative in your expression of gratitude – make her a card, a painting, or any type of handmade girlfriend gift. For those of you who love to bake/cook, make her a cake or dinner. Invite her to lunch and give her a card that will make her cry -in a good way! (-: Call her up and tell her how much her friendship means to you. Or email her with the three top things you love about being her friend. Find a creative way of showing your appreciation.

Express your girlfriend gratitude. Celebrate this Month of Friendship with us by making steps toward being a better friend.

Please share your thoughts and stories below and on our Facebook friends page. You’ll inspire others and we’ll spread girlfriend gratitude.

Tomorrow … Day 3 in this Month of Female Friendship. Just a hint … what’s 140 ways to show you care about a friend. Come back and join us!

how to throw a great girlfriend dinner party

Day 1 Month of Friendship – Throw a Girlfriend Dinner Party

how to throw a great girlfriend dinner partyMonth of Friendship –  30 Days, 30 Ways to celebrate your Girlfriends

It’s September 1, aka: the first day of better friendships for you, the beginning of new connections, the day that begins the month where girlfriends kinda sneak up the priority chain to make your friendships better and stronger.

It’s the Month of Friendship here at Girlfriendology and we’re celebrating with 30 days and 30 ways to be a better friend and celebrate those relationships that make us healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful – girlfriends!

Day 1: Throw a Girlfriend Dinner Party

Tonight the girls in the photo will gather at Jill’s house. We’ll bring a typically-odd selection of appetizers, desserts and whatever we could grab on the way out the door – but it will all be tasty and perfect for our gathering. Hugs, laughter and wine will generously flow and I’m pretty sure the neighbors will know this girlfriend dinner is underway!

While the dinner tonight isn’t specifically a ‘Month of Friendship’ celebration, unofficially it is. We don’t need a formal excuse or ‘holiday’ to connect and share. We shouldn’t have to wait until a designated day/month to ‘break bread’ with girlfriends, we just need to find the time and make a plan. Our girlfriend group hasn’t gathered in too long so the timing is perfect – as it always is when friends get together.

So, today’s Friendship Month recommendation/way to celebrate friendship is to host a dinner party for your girlfriends. And not just any girlfriend gathering but a GREAT Girlfriend Dinner Party …

Invite the amazing women who help you through life to a dinner at your home or favorite restaurant. Make the dinner extra special with:

  • A personalized card with friendship quote for each friend or with a photo of you and your friend(s) (or frame it as a gift).
  • A small gift or gift bag that you’ve made for your friends (I filled a little bag with things from the dollar store a couple years ago for National Women’s Friendship month – like a journal and frame that I personalized, and earrings that I made for each friend).
  • A poem that you’ve written or a song that you can play that reminds you of them and how much their friendship is to you.
  • A CD that you’ve created from friendship songs – like ‘For Good’ from Wicked, ‘You’ve got a Friend‘ by Carole King, ‘Thank You for being a Friend‘ from the Golden Girls, ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me‘ from ToyStory/Randy Newman and ‘Lean on Me‘ by Bill Withers.
  • Bring a camera to capture the smiles. Then frame these or put into mini scrapbooks later as a girlfriend gift and reminder of your friendship and this fun girlfriend dinner party.
  • A little speech to express your girlfriend gratitude. Tell each friend something you love about her, why her friendship is so important to you, how she has made your life better by being your friend.

Consciously stop during the evening and look at each friend.

Recognize the wonderful women before you – how each one adds to your life, the lessons you’ve learned from/with them, the memories you share, the fun moments to come. Think about how different your life would be without them in it, how they make you feel when you hear their voice and see their smiles, how you feel accepted and beautiful in their presence. Restore your commitment to stay in touch with each other a little better. Make plans to do this again – and set the date.

Celebrate this month of friendship by being a better friend. It’s going to be a great month girlfriends.

Tomorrow … Day 2 in this Month of Female Friendship. Just a hint … we’re sharing ways to make your girlfriend feel loved and appreciated. Come back and join us!

Friends accept you

This Week on Girlfriendology: Month of Friendship Launches!

Friends accept youDay 1 of an amazing Month of Friendship!

I love the anticipation of special moments. Presents to open, laughs to share, smiles to greet me and arms open to hug. I embrace the hope of good things to come. New friends and the lessons they’ll teach me, trust that my true friends will be in my life for a long, long time and hope for cures for my friends’ cancers (we’ve got to have hope, right?).

As a friend, I want only the best for my friends and love knowing they wish the same for me. As a friend, I want to accompany them on this journey through life – through the highs and lows, around scary corners if necessary and into the light of knowing that together we can make it. Together we can do amazing, wonderful things. Together we can help each other reach our dreams, be better people and live our lives with purpose and joy.

That’s what friendship is about. That’s our goal at Girlfriendology – to inspire you to be a better friend, to share and appreciate those special moments, and to celebrate the friends who are family and family who are friends.

That’s the basis of our celebration of September as a Month of Friendship. We want to inspire, challenge, share and connect … women with old friends, new friends, trusted, caring friends, friends who share our sense of humor and cry our tears, friends we’ll make memories with for the rest of our lives. We want this to be the start of new friendships, the month where girlfriend groups connect and launch, where you and your BFF start new traditions of staying in touch and where you reach out to someone who needs a friend.

On Girlfriendology we’ll share 30 Days and 30 Ways to Celebrate your Friends – little things you can do to build into these friendship, enjoy time together, make memories with your fabulous female friends. Some come back everyday and share your thoughts in the comments and on our Facebook page.

friends, friendshipThis week’s Girlfriend Shopping – You know how gifts from a girlfriend usually are your favorite?! How friends know what you’d love but possibly wouldn’t buy for yourself? We’ve got those kind of girlfriend gifts – great gifts and ways to make her friend as special as her friendship is to you.

And to end this little update, we all need some inspiration. This is our most popular ‘”Liked” quote on our Girlfriendology Facebook page for the previous week:

“A friend is: a push when you’ve stopped. A word when you’re lonely. A guide when you’re searching. A smile when you’re sad. A song when you’re glad. A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future & accepts you today, just the way you are.”

(from ‘Friendship is a Blessing‘ book)



Fall Gifts for Girlfriends – Birthday, Sad Day, Special Day, Just Because Day

girlfriend,giftsThe greatest gift in life is to be remembered.
Ken Venturi

Do you remember your girlfriends’ birthdays? Make them feel as special as their friendship is to you? Do you make an effort to cheer up their sad days? Are you the kind of friend you’d like to have?

It’s a new season and we’ve got lots of reasons to show your friends how much they mean to you with thoughtful girlfriend gifts. So, here’s our 7 Fall Gifts for Girlfriends!

1. Fall Girlfriend Wrap / Scarf: I LOVE Fall and getting to accessorize with my favorite fall scarves! So will she with this beautiful, warm and soft Autumn Tartan Scarf Shawl!

2. Fall Harvest Candles: Want her to think of you when she walks into a room? We girls love our Fall Candles and she’ll love these Old Factory Candles with Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry, Autumn Leaves candles. (You totally know which girlfriend would LOVE this girlfriend gift, don’t you?!)

3. Love this Flattering Fall Cardigan: This Sofra Open-Front Soft Draped Long Sleeve Cardigan Sweater is the perfect flattering and casual throw for cool Fall nights! I love the look and feel of this – and it’s only $12?!?! Okay – one for her and one for you! (Comes in this beautiful Fall orange – see below – as well as black and taupe.)

4. Autumn InSPAration Gift Basket: Inspire your BFF this Fall with luxurious scented bath products, wonderful spa gifts, and indulgent gourmet chocolates!  This InSPArational gift includes: Bath Fizzers, Bath Sponge, Godiva Solid Dark Chocolate Bar, English Toffee Caramels, Vanilla Cream Caramel Hand and Body Lotion, Bamboo Bath Strap and Hardwood Pedicure Groomer.

5. Fall Coffee Lovers Assortment – Love having a cup of coffee with her – or wish you could? Send her this 20 Cup FALL FLAVORS Coffee GIFT BOX Sampler – then set a coffee date even if she is far away!

fall, autumn,girlfriend,gifts

6. Next to a BFF, the perfect Fall Accessory – Yes. Having a girlfriend with you is the best accessory. This autumn-inspired Iridescent Copper Plated Real Sugar Maple Leaf pendant necklace and chain will remind her of you every time she wears it.

7. Pumpkin Souffle Body Cream: Hate to even mention it, but Winter is coming and that’s dry weather season. Be there to keep her scented and soft with this nourishing body cream. Made with shea, coconut, and chamomille, it gets its fall festive scent with pumpkin and pumpkin butter. She’ll love to lather on this whipped pumpkin body cream!

We totally confirm – the best gift is being remembered on her birthday, special day, sad day, or just because day, by her amazing friend! Give her the gift of your thoughtfulness.

Happy Fall Girlfriend! Be the friend you’d love to have!



back to school friendship quote

5 Ways to Make New Friends (for you and your kids) | Back to School Tips

back to school friendship quoteLabor Day is a glorious holiday because your child will be going back to school the next day.  It would have been called Independence Day, but that name was already taken.  ~Bill Dodds

Whether you’re celebrating or regretting it, the kids are headed off to school soon and it can be a tough time for kids and moms to make new friends. We’re all about women’s friendship but we’re also about ‘girlfriend advice,’ so here’s …

5 Ways to Make New Friends for you and your kids – for Back to School:

1. Say HI – It seems so simple but sometimes a “HI” is a great ice-breaker with someone knew who might be afraid to say HI themselves. “Hi – I’m Anne.” “Hey – Do you know what time the bus is supposed to be here?” “Hola – como estas?” Practice with your kids on how to be friendly and start up a conversation with a new schoolmate or mom.

2. Find things in common – Often we connect over commonalities. It could be other kids who went to the beach this summer to those who love chemistry, to those who want to join the chess club or go out for football. Among women, it could be those who also bring a dog to soccer games or volunteer to bring treats because they also love to bake. Use that

3. Looks for Friendship Diversity – We don’t have to have EVERYTHING in common. It’s nice for women (and children) to have friends from other cultures, who look/worship/dress/vote/talk differently and friends who we can learn so much from! Welcome other types of women into your circle of friends – those who are older, younger, live in a different neighborhood, have more kids than you or no children at all. Make them feel welcome. And, by doing so, inspire your children to being open to a diverse world of potential friends!

3. Listening – It’s the little thing that makes such a huge impact on friendships! When we’re nervous, like starting a new grade or walking into a music parents meeting full of strangers, some of us get chatty. Moms and kids often ramble when we’re not sure what else to do. Sit back and listen. Be the attentive, caring, interested listener. You may learn some things and make a new friend.

5. Look for Others who Need a Friend – You and your kids aren’t the only ones who need a friend when we’re often with new people during Back to School. Look around for others who might be standing by themselves and introduce yourself. Pay attention to who might be new – they definitely need a friend. Even if you or your child are shy, have something to say to make them (and you) feel at ease – like, “Are you new too?” “I have a rule that no one stands alone.”

So, now you’re ready for school to start and for those friendships we make with other moms (and new friends our kids make). How do you make new friends? What girlfriend advice do you recommend for Back to School?