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Who better to trust for advice and reviews than your girlfriends, right?! Female friends will share their favorite products, places, solutions and advice. Also, check out Tip Tuesday where you can add your comments and advice for other girlfriends.

Back-to-School Gifts for Girlfriends – Celebrate the end of Summer & the start of School!

Seriously?! Can you believe it’s Back-To-School Time? Thankfully we have our girlfriends to help us adjust and get ready for another BIG year. Each week we feature some girlfriend gifts as a way of showing your fab friends how much … [Read More ]

Celebrating Girlfriends – September International Women’s Friendship Month

Every single day, our friends make our lives better. Every. Single. Day. So, in honor of the relationship that makes women healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful – we’re celebrating ‘Girlfriendship’ in September for International Women’s … [Read More ]

Smile! Girlfriend Advice on Tooth Sensitivity

You’re having a special birthday dinner with your BFFs. The gifts are special, everyone looks amazing (fabulous shoes, of course!), and the meal is wonderful. In Cincinnati, where I leave, dessert would be Graeter’s ice cream – even Oprah loves … [Read More ]

Girltalk with KHLOE KARDASHIAN – Hair, Life, Friendship Advice

Girlfriends share stuff. Like hair advice. Trends. Fashions. Life stories. Girl stuff. Girltalk. At  BlogHer recently, I had the awesome opportunity to interview KHLOE KARDASHIAN. She was representing Hairfinity and sat down with us (four bloggers) to talk about hair, … [Read More ]

The Secret to Fostering Friendships in Transient Seasons of Life from Girlfriend Alysa Passage

The best time to make new friends is before you need them.    Ethel Barrymore When Making Friends Seems Impossible More than likely, you’ll face transient seasons of life when fostering friendships seems impossible. You might wonder if it’s even … [Read More ]

5 Tips to Treat Yourself with Love and Compassion | Advice from Girlfriend Claudia Petrilli

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. – Dalai Lama Thanks guest blogger CLAUDIA PETRILLI for these 5 Tips to Treat Yourself with Love and Compassion. I used to be the queen of negative self-talk: … [Read More ]

Reconnecting with Girlfriends | Guest Post from Allison Foster

“Friends are Treasures.” Horace Bruns Do you know the joy of connecting with a long-lost friend? There is something magical about locating and reconnecting with friends you haven’t been in touch with for years. Often, those are friendships that pick … [Read More ]

Plan the Perfect Girls’ Night Out | Girlfriend GNO Ideas from Adrienne Erin

We love Girls’ Night Out, aka: GNO, at Girlfriendology. We love almost any excuse to get together with the wonderful women in our lives. Getting together with friends is good for our souls AND good for our health. When we … [Read More ]

How to Offer Support to a Friend Who’s Lost Her Job | Advice from Maire Hunter

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. - Confucius Do you have a girlfriend who recently lost her job? There are times when it’s easy to help a girlfriend. “Wear the … [Read More ]

45 Life Lessons – things Girlfriends Share. What Life Lessons can YOU share?

Thankfully, we learn so much from our girlfriends. From how to wear make-up and do our hair when we’re young, to how to take care of our parents when they’re old, from girlfriend advice on a job or relationship, to … [Read More ]