Interview with CAROL DUVALL, our creative girlfriend and 'queen of crafts'!

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Hey Girlfriends – I just posted the CAROL DUVALL podcast and wanted to let you know. I’ll add more updates and ‘Lessons from a Girlfriend’ later today. (Including stories of fun times with Carol from taping the show with her for HGTV and DIY Network!)


If you don’t know Carol, you should listen in and get to know her. She’s a living legend having been on television for 57 years! (That has to be a record!!) And she has a new book, Paper Crafting with Carol Duvall.

Carol Duvall, TV personality and Girlfriendology founder, Debba Haupert

Carol Duvall and Girlfriendology founder Debba Haupert

Listen in for this fun visit with a dear creative girlfriend who has inspired so many of us. And thanks Mari and Rebecca for your call-in questions!!!

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  1. Judy Davis says

    Thank you so-o-o-o much for your interview with Carol Duvall! It is so great to just hear her voice again! I hate to gush, but she is such a “heroine” for me! She took necessity combined with intuitive invention then glued it together with home-made white glue and made crafters throughout the world! This world is a better place because she has been here. She has been such a wonderful inspiration for most any crafter for the past fifty years. I still go through my old books of printed-off pages from her website for instructions on her projects. Again, thank you! If you get to speak with her again, ….. tell her I get filled with gratitude whenever I create something that I got the idea from her show. I cannot tell you how much I miss those shows! I used to tape them on videotape. I lended them to a friend one year and there was a fire at her home and they were all lost, but I did have the presence of mind (unusual) to go to her website and make copies of the instructions that I used every year at Christmas or holidays throughout the year. Again, THANK YOU!!!

  2. Fran Phillips says

    I have been a fan of Carol’s for many years and I really do miss her regular shows….. For some reason, I could not hear the interview….. But I have a request that maybe someone could help me with….. I have been looking for a specific Angel that was made on one of her shows. It was a tree topper and it was also put in the Smithsonian Institute….. I don’t know which episode it appeared. I am finding it difficult to view any of her past shows so I could find the episode with this angel…. Again, I do hope someone can help me….. (The dress of the angel is made from muslin, and there were applique’s at the bottom of the dress….. This particular angel had patriotic colors on the bottom applique and the jacket)… Appreciate any help you can give me…. Thank you

  3. Shirley says

    I agree with Judy, the world is not only a better place but also a happier place for Carol just being here. Watched her all time she was on the HOME SHOW and HGTV. Would love to read her Bio. She is a LADY that I would have like to been more like.


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