Best Friend Day: 10 Ways for you to celebrate June 10th with Your BFF

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Friendship Wordless WEdnesday Joanne and girlfriendsWe celebrate imaginary characters and silly holidays – shouldn’t we celebrate our best friends?! Like with “Best Friend Day”?!

It’s Best Friend Day! (Okay – on June 8th – so we’re giving you a little time to plan/prepare!)  And at Girlfriendology, we have 10 great ways for you to celebrate. More importantly, we want to hear from you about how you celebrate Best Friend Day!

buttonCoffee and Conversation
Grab a girlfriend and head to the nearest coffee shop for an ooey-gooey drink and some girlfriend conversation.

Puppy Paws
Gather up your female friends and your furry friends and take advantage of the gorgeous weather with a trip to the park. Find a gorgeous trail that inspires you to enjoy a walk and a wandering visit.

Give Back
How about volunteering with a friend? Choose a favorite organization and spend some time together giving back to the community.

Colorful Cocktails
Celebrate the colors of your friendships with a variety of color-drenched drinks. Think bright lemon, fresh lime, juicy orange, or even sparkling watermelon.

If it’s a nice evening, why not sit around a fire pit, grill, or even a candle and toast  marshmallows. You know the rest—add chocolate and graham crackers for official ‘smores. (If the weather doesn’t cooperate, don’t give up—‘toast’ the marshmallows in the microwave!)

Sweeten Up
Why not deliver something sweet to your BFF? We can all use a sugar friendship reminder! Think about cookies or one super-fabulous truffle.

Pick Up the Phone
Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Leave plenty of time—this is a great time to really catch up.

Create Memories
Bring your camera to your get-together and take lots of fun photos. With digital cameras, “film is free,” so go crazy—you can always edit the worst ones out tomorrow. Take advantage of today to capture the good times.

What’s more fun than trying a new look? Take your BFF and promise each other you’ll each try one new beauty product. Try a new lipstick, a crazy polish color, or a fun accessory you wouldn’t normally consider.

Amuse Yourself
Gather a group and go to a festival or amusement park. Ride the coolest attractions, eat food on a stick, and have fun!

Most importantly, remember that EVERY day is a great day to celebrate friendships. So, Girlfriend—how do you celebrate with your best friend?

Written by: Judi is Chief Celebration Idea Gal at Girlfriendology. She’s planning to celebrate Best Friend Day by calling lots of girlfriends and by visiting with her first ever girlfriend, Mom.

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