Prayers for Oklahoma, Gratitude for what (or WHO) is really important in life

Girlfriendology-quote-life-is-a-challengeLife is a challenge, meet it. – Mother Teresa

The driver who cut you off in traffic … the shopper with 27 items in the 15 or less lane … the mom in the car ahead of you who took her time getting her kids loaded from school. Seems pretty trivial tonight, don’t they?

Tonight our thoughts and prayers are with strangers, people we don’t know and probably will never meet. Tonight we’re deeply concerned for our ‘neighbors’ in Oklahoma. They’re someone’s parents and kids, sisters and brothers, moms and dads, and they’re definitely friends and friends of friends.

So, we’re praying for and thinking of those in harms way. We’re hoping for your safety, concerned for your loss, are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Be well Oklahoma. Home of some of my friends, who are thankfully okay (as far as I know). Remember this tomorrow when you get cut off in traffic or behind the slow person in line. Think of those in Oklahoma or other places and situations. Say a prayer. And remember what is important in life … Friends. Life IS a challenge, meet it girlfriend!

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