Girlfriend Groups – do you have one?

girlfriend book clubI planned to skip my girlfriend group tonight.

Why is it that I have no plans or too many plans on the same night?! (Do you ever feel that way?)

Being a firm believer in the benefits of ‘girlfriendships,’ I really try to make time for my friends. Tonight’s girlfriend group get-together was at the same time as a meeting that I needed to attend. Then plans changed – as they often do. When the meeting was canceled (last minute), I thought it was too late to just show up but … like girlfriends can do, my friend Tina must have known. She was going to our girlfriend group and talked me into going, even if I was late.

And I’m so glad I did join my girlfriends! We laughed, caught up on life, had some wine and shared our lives. Honestly, I believe girlfriends offer anti-aging benefits as you could almost literally see the stress disappear from our faces. The friendships and laughter brought us all back to the good things in life – girlfriends, women connecting and sharing, being with amazing people who love you and whom you love. Life is good. Girlfriends are great.

Do you have a girlfriend group?

What is the basis of it – an activity? Something you have in common? A Book Club (like my neighborhood Book Club shown above) or garden group? Croppers or knitters? Spinners or yoga goddesses?! Having a group of women to support you is vital to your health, happiness, stress level, longevity and self confidence*.

Thanks Tina for calling and for prompting me to go to our girlfriend group tonight. (Thanks too to Paula for hosting! Becky for feeding! and Judy for sharing, listening to and enjoying the Kris Radish podcast!)

Let Girlfriendology know about your girlfriend group. Why is it special to you? What do you recommend for starting a friendship group?

If you don’t have a girlfriend group, maybe you should start one. Make ‘no stress’ rules and invite your girlfriends to bring others. I’m sure you’ll find them the perfect way to de-stress your day. Share your thoughts on comments or email ideas (at) girlfriendology (dot) com. And keep meeting. Keep inspiring. Keep appreciating and keep celebrating girlfriends. Life is good. Girlfriends are great. (Thanks Tina – and Paula, Becky and Judy!)

Do you have a girlfriend group? Book club? GNO girlfriends? Share and inspire!

* Girlfriends are credited with making their friends feel more beautiful. Who’s day could you brighten by telling her how much you value her friendship and how beautiful she is to you? Do it!


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