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From “T” – The 60 Pound Friendship

My girlfriend-in-crime Robin has a SERIOUS rubber stamp collection. While visiting her, she let me go through her garage and pick out whatever stamps I wanted as she needed to get rid of some of her collection to a good home. I had flown in from out of town and my suitcase only weighed 20 pounds on the flight there, so I thought I had some room.

Needless to say, I had too much fun in Robin’s garage. My suitcase overfloweth! We laughed so hard at how I could fill up a suitcase with rubber stamps. When I finally had to leave I could barely lift my suitcase up to be weighed in at the airport. Oh no! It was 80 pounds! I about died! What had Robin given me – lead stamps?!

I was lucky enough to be in first class and I only had one bag – so my weight limit was 70 pounds. I had to get rid of 10 pounds of stamps in that bag and quick. I started stuffing them in my purse and my carry-on. I put it back up on the scale – 72 pounds! FAA regulations only allow 70. I had to get rid of two pounds or call Robin and have her come get me. The thought of throwing away a stamp or having to send them home – GASP! So, I put them in my pockets. That still left me about three more. I had one choice and I took it! Yes! In the middle of one of the busiest airports in the world, I stuffed rubber stamps down my shirt being held by my “God given” shelf until I could get through security.

To this day, Robin and I laugh so hard over that fun time together. She wanted her rubber stamps to go to a good home, she gave them to me. My job was to get them home – ALL OF THEM – and I did!

Creative girlfriends can get, well, creative. Do you have a story you’d like to share? Anyone for a 65 or 70 pound female friendship story?! Do you have a bigger, better girlfriend story than “T”? (hidden to protect an obsessed stamper!) Join the Girlfriendology Contest and we’ll see!


  1. Margot Potter says

    Now that’s too funny. I know Robin! She’s my friend Robin Beam!

    She just posted photos of some of her collection on her blog Pearlesq.

    Very cool!

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