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Friendship Girlfriendology pinterest flowerDo you Pin? Have an interest in Pinterest? or, like me, are you a Pinning Addict?!

Pinterest is the NEW BIG thing in social media with it’s boards and boards of inspiration and info. In fact, it’s also a cool community with whom you can connect and share great graphics. (JOIN our followers and let us know your pages so we can follow back!)

Are YOU on Pinterest? We’ve just been active for three weeks and already have over 9,000 followers! (Want to know how to do that and use Pinterest for your blog/business?)

(& total followers over 40,000 – although that has some duplication for those who follow all our boards!)

It’s also 80% female so women are sharing great ideas, inspiration and fun stuff! Check out our Pinterest pages for cool collections like:

If you’re new to Pinterest, check out our PINTEREST WEBINAR. Also Pinterest for Business Profits video was very helpful in setting up my Pinterest boards/page. FOLLOW us on!

Also, check out some of our Friendship Circle’s (other female friendship bloggers!) Pinterest pages – Brit and Dabney from Social Media Girlfriends, Cherie from and Shasta from GirlfriendCircles.

Share your pages/boards below so we can follow you! And, please share any questions you have on using Pinterest for your blog or business. (Again, more info to come! Sign up for our newsletter to get an update – and our free eBook ’30 Days/30 Ways to Be a Better Friend.’)

By the way, we LOVE guest blogs here at Girlfriendology. Have a great girlfriend story to tell? Want to celebrate your fabulous female friends? SHARE! (And, we also have Girlfriend Gurus – check that out to be featured on Girlfriendology!)

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More to check out – where we’re connecting with over 26,000 women (we block guys!) and where we share visual inspiration. THANKS to our BIG 2012 sponsor – Biz Stain Fighter. And – Thanks to YOU Girlfriend!


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