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Moving, making friends, keeping old friends,bullfrogs and bulldogs“True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.”
- Charles Caleb Colton

Do you remember the song “Make new friends, but keep the old…?” We know how important friendship are, how much they mean to our everyday life. When we move or change jobs we promise we’ll stay the wonderful friends we’ve always been. And sometimes, we do.

But sometimes it is hard to keep up old friendships as we work to get established in our new city, new job, new routine. Girlfriend Guru AMANDA WHITWORTH shares some of her stories about the importance of keeping up with those friends who’ve known us forever. We hope you’ll share your tips for keeping in touch, too.

Almost a year ago I moved from Seattle to a little town about 45 minutes south of Portland to be with my now fiancé. In doing so, I left behind my whole support system in pursuit of my happily ever after with him. As happy as I was with him, as time went by I began to realize there was something missing in my life; something big, and something very important: friends.

When I first moved down to my new home I got completely wrapped up in my new life and told myself that this was my home now and I needed to make new friends. It wasn’t that I didn’t love and cherish my old girlfriends, but this is where my life was now and it was important for me to make those connections here.

As time went on and I slowly met some new friends, I realized there was still something pretty big missing from my life. There was still a part of me that felt empty and lost until one day I had an hour long conversation with my best friend and I was quickly reminded what it was. There are something’s you can only get from an old girlfriend.Girlfriend get together,friendship quote,best friends,wedding reception

Don’t get me wrong, I love my new girlfriends. They are kind and sweet and bring something great to my life, but it’s different than what I get from my old friends and that is what makes friendships so wonderful. You get something unique from each and every one of them.

What I was missing was that familiarity and the known. The casual yet deep conversation that flows effortlessly because you think you already know everything about them yet you find yourself constantly learning more.

The inside jokes we’ve had since elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and of course throughout our adventurous twenties. The freedom to let down your guard and just be because that’s who they already know.

Those were the things I was missing and as much as I told myself I needed to move on and let that part go, the more I felt the emptiness from not having them in my life.

We all grow up, move away, marry, meet new friends but there is always room for the old ones because honestly, there are something’s you can only get from an old girlfriend.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call her today.

AMANDA WHITWORTH is the gal behind Bullfrogs and Bulldogs. Bullfrogs and Bulldogs is the story of her life on the family vineyard and finding her way from her former life as a city girl to her new one in the country. Join her as she discusses life on the farm, DIY projects around her lovely 1970 home, fun vegan and gluten free recipes, and all things pertaining to farm life! She is also on Facebook and Twitter.

How do you stay in touch with old girlfriends? What tips do you have for keeping your friendship alive?

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