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Guest blog,girls night out, girls night in,craftsFriendship isn’t a big thing — it’s a million little things. –  Unknown

You probably have the type of life where you have plenty of time for all the things you want to do, right? Yes, we’re rolling on the floor laughing at that idea too!

We would all love to have more time in our busy lives. Sometimes it’s hard to make time for our oh so important girlfriends, isn’t it? Guest blogger SARAH OXLEY reminds us that we have to find time to get together. And she share some great ideas about making girlfriend get togethers fit into our crazy schedules.

Having a close girlfriend is a great thing, but—let’s face it—no matter how much we want to make time for each other, life often gets in the way. One way to keep the light of friendship alive is to arrange regular meetings. You needn’t have a fixed date, but make sure that there’s at least one week in the month in which you will arrange to meet up.

But don’t just do the same thing. Having a nice chat at a coffee house is great, but your friendship is based on common interests, too, so why not explore these interests together. When you meet up, plan an activity you can do together. Here are some ideas:

Upcycling Fun

‘Upcycling’ is the newest craft trend. Not only is it really useful to turn an everyday object into something completely different, but it’s also great fun and gets your creativity flowing. If you’re both keen crafters then why not enjoy some craft time together? You can split the costs of material, and take it in turns to create an item for each girlfriend’s household. An upcycling project would, for example, be turning wooden shutters into a vintage style bedside cabinet, or transforming old wine bottles into charming light features.

Girls Night In

Send the husband out to watch a football game or take the kids to the cinema, and get the girlfriend or girlfriends over for a well-deserved girls’ night in. We’re talking your favorite movies (chick-flicks are a must, but not the only genre on the list), delicious snacks (a mix of healthy and unhealthy ones livens up the party), good friends, and a fun yet chilled night.

Girls Night Out

If you’re at that stage when you just need to get out of the house and let your hair down, then call up your best girls and have a night out on the town. Target places with good music, where you all feel comfortable, and make sure to dance, a lot. Hubbies are all well and good, but no-one gets their groove on quite like a girlfriend. Dress up and have fun. You’ll have new found energy after this fun night.relaxing, girls night out, summer party idea

Get The Kids Involved

There will be times when you either can’t get away from family for a few hours, or even want to get away, so why not get them involved, too. Plan a trip to the park together, and while the kids are playing, have a good chat. Take a bat and a baseball with you, and all have a fun game together. The kids will love you both getting involved and I guarantee you will love it, too. If baseball isn’t your thing, consider playing tag, catch, or hide and seek. Be sure that you’re all active and doing something together.

SARAH OXLEY works with a number of companies including shuttersdirect. She would like to thank her girlfriends for listening when she needed to rant, for not laughing when she cried at silly movies, and for laughing when she made a fool of herself on the dance floor. Here’s to more good times together!

How do you keep up with friends?

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