Favorite Girlfriend Gifts on Pinterest | What would you love to give/receive?

Friendship Pinterest home pageThe greatest gift is a portion of thyself.         Ralph Waldo Emerson

Giving handmade and/or thoughtful gifts is such a great way to show a friend how much her friendship means to you.

We women know this – a personalized present is much better than receiving an expected gift. We love to be thoughtfully surprised with a gift that says ‘You’re special to me. You deserve a special gift.’

Pinterest has inspired lots of creative, crafty and even DIY gifts that are perfect for girlfriend gifts – everything from jewelry to home accessories, coffee gifts to chocolate, books to bags – and anything else that might brighten a girlfriend’s birthday, holiday or just turn an everyday into a special day. (What Etsy finds would you love to give a friend? What creative blog posts can you share to inspire others? NOTE: our Fave Etsy Finds Pinterest Board and our Pinterest Pinboard of Girlfriend Gifts.)

Giving handmade and/or thoughtful gifts is a wonderful way to show a friend how special her friendship is to you (or just finding that one perfect thing to make her day – something no one else would know to give her that she’ll love!). Share your favorite girlfriend gifts to give or receive – Etsy handmade gifts, calming gifts, chocolate gifts, gifts of gratitude, blog posts of gifts you’ve given/made, even books/etc. that you know a friend would love to receive. INSPIRE others to give great girlfriend gifts!

We’ve added some of our favorites below and we welcome you to share yours. What gifts would you love to give to or receive from a girlfriend? What presents would make your day if a friend made or gave them to you? What inspires you to give better girlfriend gifts? Share and inspire!

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