Girlfriend Gratitude – it's Positively Pinnable & Post-worthy :)

Friendship Wine Sisterhood Aliza Danielle“Silent Gratitude isn’t very much use to Anyone.” Gertrude B. Stein

Feeling the Girlfriend Gratitude – so just gotta express it!

Who are YOU thankful for? Who has been there for you when you really needed them to? Did you tell her?

We NEED our girlfriends and we’re so grateful they’re there for us!

Here at Girlfriendology, we’ve had a week where we just HAVE to express some good old Girlfriend Gratitude :)

First, we want to thank all our girlfriends for your support in our Pinterest Marketing webinar and website launch. Thanks for sharing the news with your friends and social media connections!

And thanks for many of you supporting our NEW site to focus on Pinterest Marketing – our webinars, eBook, videos, consulting, speaking, etc. —> Welcome! Join us there for all the latest on Pinterest news and marketing information. Watch for our new eBook “How to Market Your Blog or Business on Pinterest” as well as more webinars and videos in April!

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Again, THANKS! We don’t typically promote something so heavily here on Girlfriendology and we appreciate you letting us share – and for your sharing with your friends!

More Girlfriend Gratitude … because that’s what we do :) Girlfriendology silent gratitude isn't, friendship quote

Thanks to our Girlfriend Gurus and Guest Bloggers like …

This week on Girlfriendology

More guest blogs and Girlfriend Gurus to share their girlfriend advice! Plus, we’re sharing Friendship Quotes on Girlfriendology, on our Pinterest Inspirational ‘Words for Girlfriends’ Pinboard and on

Friendship Quotes like …

  • Friendship isn’t a BIG thing, it’s a Million Little Things :)
  • Just in case you need it Girlfriend – Everything WILL BE Alright :)
  • “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope & confidence.” Helen Keller
  • “We have our own best-friends shorthand way of communicating. You know just what I mean, don’t you?” Lorraine Bodger
  • Remember Girlfriends – ‘Never give up on Anybody. Miracles happen EVERY DAY.’ Who do you need to SHARE this with? (Do!)
  • “Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” #quote Henry Winkler

And inspiring videos like …

  • “Never, Never, NEVER give up” Winston Churchill | An AMAZING Race that made me cry See it. Share it.

And did we mention … Thank YOU Girlfriend! For being here for us and for being there for your friends.

By the way, we LOVE guest blogs here at Girlfriendology. Have a great girlfriend story to tell? Want to celebrate your fabulous female friends? SHARE! (And, we also have Girlfriend Gurus – check that out to be featured on Girlfriendology!)

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