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FRIENDSHIP how-to-market Pinterest ebook coverGirlfriends share what they know, right? Like how to remove red wine stains or the right shoes for an outfit, or even the latest social media craze – PINTEREST!

PINTEREST is the ‘newest thing’ to hit Social Media in a L-O-N-G time! We’ve shared our Pinterest ‘obsession’(see below) and we also shared our recent PINTEREST MARKETING Webinar – which we’re thrilled to say, was awesome!

THANKS for helping us promote it, for being affiliates, for your encouraging words and passing it along to your friends. (That’s what Girlfriends do!)

We started a NEW site to focus on Pinterest Marketing – our webinars, eBook, videos, consulting, speaking, etc. —> Welcome! Join us there for all the latest on Pinterest news and marketing information. Watch for our new eBook “How to Market Your Blog or Business on Pinterest” as well as more webinars and videos in April!

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Again, THANKS! We don’t typically promote something so heavily here on Girlfriendology and we appreciate you letting us share – and for your sharing with your friends!

Proof that we’re Pin Addicts?! Check out our Pinterest boards for cool collections like:

Also Pinterest for Business Profits video was very helpful in setting up my Pinterest boards/page. FOLLOW us on!

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More to check out – where we’re connecting with over 26,000 women (we block guys!) and where we share visual inspiration. (& our Pinterest Marketing site: More Girlfriend Friendship Quotes. THANKS to our BIG 2012 sponsor – Biz Stain Fighter. And – Thanks to YOU Girlfriend!

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