Girlfriendology Traffic cars drivingNo road is long with good company.    Turkish Proverb

How is a morning commute like my girlfriends? What do friends and freeways have in common?

I work from home, generally, so this morning’s commute to an early social media event threw off my schedule a bit. Instead of walking a few feet to my home office, I drove several miles downtown, in the dark (I’m ready for Spring!), and in the rain.

As I sped along, wanting to get there in plenty of time to chat with my social media buddies, I was conscious of the cars nearby and how the slightest swerve or blind spot, could radically change my life and possibly so many others. I thought about how driving is just one example of having to trust others – having faith that they pay attention to their and my safety, that they focus on the cars around them, the road conditions, the weather and that we all stay in our proper lanes.

We put our faith in strangers everyday, in so many ways. Every time we drive, whenever we go for a medical procedure, each time we cross the street, fly or even take a cruise, we are trusting that people we most likely don’t know are looking out for our safety and best interest. That’s a whole lot of faith getting us through this wild road of life.

In addition to ‘trust,’ driving a busy byway of distracted people like myself, ‘grace‘ came to mind as well. We (hopefully!) give each other grace – to change directions (or, our minds), to accidentally slip into another lane (or slip up), and for not paying attention (or showing attention).  Grace is a necessity – because we’re all busy, distracted, sometimes confused and merely human.

Girlfriends with girlfriendology gerbera daisy flowerWhere would we be without trust and grace?


I wouldn’t want to drive on the roads, eat food others created/prepared, travel or get medical care – and I wouldn’t have the amazing blessing of friends in my life.

Let’s be thankful for the trust and grace we all share as we drive, shop, explore, learn and all the situations of our life. And let’s be especially aware of the blessing of friends who we can trust and who show us unlimited grace. Let’s stop and be conscious of the wonderful world we live in and be happy. That’s what your (trusting, trustworthy and grace-filled) friends want you to be. Be Happy. And be thankful for Trust and Grace.

Girlfriendology no road is long, friendship quoteMore to make you (hopefully!) Happy:

When it comes to girlfriends – WHO and WHAT are you grateful for? Trust? Grace? Forgiveness? Share in the comments below!

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