5 Ways to Make New Friends (for you and your kids) | Back to School Tips

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back to school friendship quoteLabor Day is a glorious holiday because your child will be going back to school the next day.  It would have been called Independence Day, but that name was already taken.  ~Bill Dodds

Whether you’re celebrating or regretting it, the kids are headed off to school soon and it can be a tough time for kids and moms to make new friends. We’re all about women’s friendship but we’re also about ‘girlfriend advice,’ so here’s …

5 Ways to Make New Friends for you and your kids – for Back to School:

1. Say HI – It seems so simple but sometimes a “HI” is a great ice-breaker with someone knew who might be afraid to say HI themselves. “Hi – I’m Anne.” “Hey – Do you know what time the bus is supposed to be here?” “Hola – como estas?” Practice with your kids on how to be friendly and start up a conversation with a new schoolmate or mom.

2. Find things in common – Often we connect over commonalities. It could be other kids who went to the beach this summer to those who love chemistry, to those who want to join the chess club or go out for football. Among women, it could be those who also bring a dog to soccer games or volunteer to bring treats because they also love to bake. Use that

3. Looks for Friendship Diversity – We don’t have to have EVERYTHING in common. It’s nice for women (and children) to have friends from other cultures, who look/worship/dress/vote/talk differently and friends who we can learn so much from! Welcome other types of women into your circle of friends – those who are older, younger, live in a different neighborhood, have more kids than you or no children at all. Make them feel welcome. And, by doing so, inspire your children to being open to a diverse world of potential friends!

3. Listening – It’s the little thing that makes such a huge impact on friendships! When we’re nervous, like starting a new grade or walking into a music parents meeting full of strangers, some of us get chatty. Moms and kids often ramble when we’re not sure what else to do. Sit back and listen. Be the attentive, caring, interested listener. You may learn some things and make a new friend.

5. Look for Others who Need a Friend – You and your kids aren’t the only ones who need a friend when we’re often with new people during Back to School. Look around for others who might be standing by themselves and introduce yourself. Pay attention to who might be new – they definitely need a friend. Even if you or your child are shy, have something to say to make them (and you) feel at ease – like, “Are you new too?” “I have a rule that no one stands alone.”

So, now you’re ready for school to start and for those friendships we make with other moms (and new friends our kids make). How do you make new friends? What girlfriend advice do you recommend for Back to School?



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