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being prepared, remember five stay alive, krav magaGirlfriendology is about women sharing … our lives, our hearts, our wisdom, our advice, our caring. This is a great example.

Meet Sharee Andrade – she shared information with her girlfriends that could make a HUGE difference in their life if ever in the situation. And, now – thankfully, she is sharing it with all our Girlfriendology girlfriends. Thanks Sharee for sharing your girlfriend advice in this guest blog!

Are we ever prepared for life? I think we try to be, kind of. I have the thought process of BEING prepared as much as I can. Now don’t get too crazy. I don’t have 70 pounds of flour in my garage like my grandmother, but I try to plan ahead, seek wisdom, and approach life with a plan not a fire extinguisher.

Do you have a plan? Do you know what to do if you were assaulted/attacked? Well I didn’t until about a month ago. To give a little back-story, I had always thought about carrying pepper spray and even taking a few self-defense classes. About a year ago, a girlfriend and I took a month long class in Krav Maga. We worked out more, then we learned what to do in an attack. We didn’t think much of it and took it as something we could brag about. Fast forward to a month ago when I was introduced to the five targets that can save your life. Know Five Stay Alive.

I couldn’t believe that there was something out there so easy to remember, so easy to do, that could truly save my life if I needed to protect myself. I felt empowered and encouraged about my safety and well being. This made me start thinking: what about my girlfriends, my mother, and my female family members. Could they be prepared like me? I feel having self-defense training is like a life insurance policy—you have it in hopes of never needing it.

So I rallied my closest 12 girlfriends, and we headed into our first full classroom setting to be taught the five targets that could save our lives. To make this night a little MORE, we turned it into an all girls night out. We were trained in self-defense along with having a potluck dinner to talk and catch up.

The training consisted of knowing what the five targets are on your attacker and how to use them to your advantage. Off the top of my head I can remember: nose, groin, throat, eyes, and ears. We can protect ourselves in everyday situations. When I brought this concept in front of my girlfriends, they were beyond empowered, excited, and a little shocked on how just our bodies and movements can protect us!

We walked away from that class being a little more prepared. I pray and knock on wood that none of us need to ever use the techniques we learned, but at least now we are more prepared. And we all had the chance to bond over a great experience.

SHAREE ANDRADE is a mother, wife, and full-time worker who thrives on love from her family and friends. She is married to her true happiness, and is the proud parent of two true miracles. Currently, she enjoys party planning, tweeting, blogging, reading, and spending as much time as she can with her girlfriends.

Are there any similar classed in your community where you could take a class on being safe and prepared? Why not get your girlfriends together and take a class? Be safe girlfriends!

p.s. And another bit of girlfriend advice, this one from watching Oprah, is, if at all possible, never let an attacker take you to another location. Your odds of being found decrease substantially for a second destination.

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    Me a few girls here at work had taken that “Know 5 Stay Alive” class and it was very simply to learn and I definetly felt safer after taking it. I was very excited to find that they have a website where I was able to buy a “Know 5 Stay Alive” DVD. I bought one so just so that I oculd have ti to refresh on my skills but also for kids. Even at the ages of 5&6, it was very easy and quick to learn even for them. With the way the world is today, not only do you need to be prepared, but the kids do too!! If you would like to get a “Know 5 Stay Alive” DVD go to


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