T-Mobile Giveaway #Contest | Really: Phone a Friend :)

Friendship T-Mobile Holiday SHopping party ContestWe’re combining our Sunday theme of ‘Phone a Friend’ and our recent T-Mobile Holiday Shopping Party into a VERY COOL Contest giving away some VERY COOL PHONES! (aka: Want to win one of these VERY COOL PHONES?! Read below …)

First, thanks to all of the local bloggers and social media mavens who attended our recent T-Mobile event in Cincinnati. It was awesome to see everyone, learn more about T-Mobile and spending an evening talking tech with fun new and old techie friends!

We’re excited to be able to offer some of the prizes that we gave away that night to ALL of YOU in this T-Mobile Holiday Shopping Contest!

PRIZES: One T-Mobile myTouch and one T-Mobile myTouch Q (ARV: $279). (I told you it was COOL!)


  • Follow T-Mobile on Facebook AND leave a comment below that you did so
  • Follow @TMobile on Twitter AND leave a comment below that you did so
  • Answer the question in the comment section below: What is the biggest question you have when it comes to buying a wireless product as a gift?
  • NOTE: You can only enter once each for following on Twitter and Facebook (please note these in separate comments). You can answer the question once a day. Contest open to women and men in the U.S. over 18-years of age.

DATES: Starting NOW (December 12th, noon ET) – December 19th, noon ET)

ENTER this T-Mobile Smartphone Contest IN COMMENTS BELOW!

NOTE: I was compensated for hosting the T-Mobile holiday shopping party, blogging and this contest. Please note that we only work with brands we would honestly recommend to our girlfriends.


  1. Ali Margello says

    I am officially following T-Mobile on twitter now, and have been following them on Facebook!

    The biggest question I have when I think about making changes to my wireless is truly about understanding the monthly statements and how I can use the information to optimize my plan.

  2. says

    The biggest question I always have is will they be comfortable using it. I know that no matter how many models I think I will like it always ends up being the one that I never considered because it is the most comfortable and easiest to use.

  3. says


    Thanks to you and TMobile for organizing an amazing event! I really enjoyed the event and was THRILLED to win one of the phones!

    PS – for those asking about rates – they shared their rate plans with me and they seem to be cheaper (including text and data) than other carriers I looked at. Am thinking I’ll make the switch when my contract is up ;-)

    - K

  4. Katy M says

    I think the most stressful thing about buying a wireless gift for someone else is hoping the plan will work for them.

    Thanks!!! :)

  5. Kammy Markey says

    What is the biggest question you have when it comes to buying a wireless product as a gift? Is it returnable for a full refund or exchange.

  6. Yvette says

    The biggest question I have these days is : how green is this product? I try to do my part in any way that I can and I look at how the product can be recycled when it is time to upgrade.

  7. Heather Whitcraft says

    I always ask about the phone’s features and capabilities. I also make sure ringtones and contact icons can be personalized.

  8. Yvette says

    Another question: How easy is it to connect to the internet? I don’t want to have to look at an instruction manual each time or have to hold the item at a weird angle. The product should do what it says it will do easily and efficiently.

  9. Yvette says

    daily question: What type of warranty comes with the product? I need to know that in case of manufacture malfunction I can replace the item. If I want to buy an extended warranty I like to know that I have options.

  10. says

    I would need to know if this was the sort of device they would really use….if they need to return it – can they? for full cash refund?

  11. says

    I would want to know how to choose the best features for my gift recipient. And if they don’t like it, could they do an exchange or upgrade?


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