Friendship Honda 2012 CR-V launchesWhat does my favorite car have to do with a ‘Leap List‘ of things I want to accomplish before the next birthday that ends in an “0?” Stay tuned girlfriends …

Recently I was honored to be invited on a blogger trip to check out a new car. I would have been excited for a fun trip typically but why was I ‘giddy’ over the invitation? It came from MY car company – Honda and was about MY car – the new 2012 CR-V. I’ll just disclose right up front that this giddy-girl-owner of my second CR-V was HAPPY to participate!

We’ll come back to all that, I want to switch topics briefly for a little something called a ‘Leap List.’ A Leap List is a list of things you want to achieve before the next phase of your life. For me, I think of it as a list of my dreams I would love to see happen before my next birthday that ends in a zero! That’s the stuff that girlfriends share with each other -  our hopes and dreams.

We’re going to be talking about our Leap Lists for a while on Girlfriendology (then we’re going to encourage each other to check them off!). On my Leap List: Going back to Europe (London, Paris and Ireland – okay, and Italy would be awesome too!), Getting fit and staying that way (already working on that one), having another book published, and seeing the Girlfriendology brand on shelves and online for major retailers/companies. (Seriously! We’re looking to license the Girlfriendology brand – talk to me for more info!!)

Back to the car … my last two cars have been a Honda CR-V. Heck, if you love your car, why switch? Right? I do – I LOVE my CR-V. For me it is perfection. (F*R*I*E*N*D*S reference!) It is big enough to haul the dog to the dog park, carry a bunch of stuff/groceries/luggage/etc., or fit four or five adults comfortably. Yet, it is small enough to that I feel comfortable parking in lots and on the street, it gets great gas mileage and it is safe and fun to drive. Yes, I LOVE my CR-V.

2012 Honda CR-V EX-L AWDSo, checking out the new 2012 CR-V was intriguing to me … how could they even improve it?!

Did you know that the CR-V is the most popular SUV in the US? It is. And rightly so – it has a fabulous reputation for being well-designed/built, having great dealers and being dependable and affordable. (I’ve owned a Honda CR-V for the last ten years – I’ve never had any complaints!)

Here are my favorite cool things about the NEW HONDA 2012 CR-V:

  • The SIZE – The new CR-V is the same length as the previous design. Love that! It got better without having to get bigger! (And bigger sometimes means less fuel efficiency and limited options for this parking-impaired driver!) And, it’s smoother and quieter than before too – another reason for me to covet the new 2012 CR-V!
  • The DESIGN – I agree with Honda, that it has a ‘more dynamic and sophisticated’ appearance. It just has cool angle that make it contemporary without being just a rounded-out vehicle. (Sorry if you have one of those – I kinda like some style lines and angles.) A cool part of the design, are the sideview mirrors. The driver’s side mirror has an angle that increases the span of what you can see around you – decreasing the blind spot that is so dangerous! And, like the previous CR-V, there is a mirror near the center/top of the windshield that allows you to see the back seat. Great for making sure your child, pet or belongings are safely where they’re supposed to be.
  • 2012 Honda CR-V EX-L AWDWhat’s INSIDE – It’s roomier and has tons of head-room. (Love that Honda designers have continually created more efficient parts/engines/etc. so that it could be bigger inside without being bigger outside!) ALSO … there’s a cool compartment between the front seats that has a plug for your iPod so you can listen to YOUR music and that fits a roomy sized women’s purse or small laptop bag. AND, the cool sound system works with Pandora – the fave place for music on the internet.
  • ECONOMY-MINDED – Economy, in an SUV?! YES! We bloggers were able to meet with the entire design, production, PR and marketing teams. The designers were passionate about making this CR-V economy-focused. They kept the weight as light as possible for an EPA-estimated fuel economy rated at 23/31/26 mpg (city/highway/combined) (FWD) – which is an increase of +2/+3/+2 mpg over the 2011 CR-V. There is an ‘ECON’ button to push for added fuel efficiency – like when you’re stuck in traffic and a cool light system on the dash that shines green when you’re driving efficiently. (It was a blast to drive and try to make it stay on green! It really does train you to be a better, more efficient driver!)
  • 2012 Honda CR-V EX-L AWDFEATURES – There’s tons of cool features! I’ve already mentioned the sideview mirror that is angled to reduce the blind spot. There is also a multi-angle rearview camera to help in backing up. Something that this (again!) parking-impaired driver could really use! All models include a Bluetooth(r) HandsFreeLink(r) phone interface. One of the coolest features are two buttons in the back hatch area behind the back seat. The seat has a 60/40 split so you can lower one or both sides. NEW in this 2012 Honda CR-V are ‘magic’ buttons that you can push to automatically lower the back seats so you can fill your car with everything from strollers to surfboards, luggage to livestock! (OK, maybe not a cow but definitely a Great Dane or two!) (We actually had fun to see how many Bloggers we could fit in the CR-V! Answer: 10. OK, not legally – we couldn’t drive with that many, but it was fun hanging out in the new Honda CR-V!)

For more information visit: 2012 Honda CR-V and follow them on

Overall, it was amazing and fabulous to get to drive the new Honda 2012 CR-V! Owning one just might be on my Leap List! (After all, what’s a girl to own after her second CR-V? Probably another CR-V!)

What’s on your Leap List girlfriends?


FULL DISCLOSURE: American Honda paid for my travel, hotel and meals to participate in this blogger review. I was not paid a fee to participate. (I would have paid them though! It was fun!) The opinions expressed are completely my own and exactly what I would share with my girlfriends. We deem the new Honda 2012 CR-V to be ‘Girlfriendology Recommended!’

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6 Responses to Girlfriendology & the NEW (& so cool!) Honda 2012 CR-V | What's on your 'Leap List?'

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  2. Chelsea Genteman says:

    Hi Girlfriendology! I LOVE my Honda CR-V too. She is a 1998 5-speed and takes me everywhere. My best friend & I took my mini rig to the Redwood Forest in 1999. In 2001, we head to Seattle for a U2 concert. Two summers ago we took her daughter to N Idaho & dug for star garnets. The adventures never stop! We even hit the ski slopes in the winter. Hurray for girlfriends and awesome mini rigs like the CR-V. Thanks for creating such a positive site for women. Cheers, CG

  3. Wasn’t this a blast? I really enjoyed meeting you :)

    I was quite impressed with the 2012 CR-V as well…of course, I love everything Honda. But this really is an economical and perfect SUV.

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