FRIENDSHIP glenda and girlfriends at blogworldexpoWho are the people who believe in you? Make your smile? Go out of their way to show that they care? Who makes your days and birthdays special?

This past week was my birthday. It’s not necessarily a favorite day of mine, choosing to live in a delusion of about 20 years ago, but thankfully it’s still a day of friends showing that they care.

I was out of town at BlogWorldExpo (a GREAT social media conference that I was honored to be speaking at – and fortunately, I spoke on the first day, so I got it over with early!). I returned home today to find a stack of cards filled with birthday wishes from friends and family. I also had a L O N G list of Facebook Birthday wishes from friends over the past decades. (And the day before my birthday, was my friend and the smiley center of the above photo, Glenda‘s birthday too!)

It’s amazing how friends can transport you back through time – how old friends can say just a ‘Hey!’ and it sounds like you’re back in school together or hanging out enjoying time with each other. Amazing. Friends can transport time.

Who of your friends make you feel timeless? Who see your smile without the smile lines? What friends make you feel like you were just together yesterday when it’s been years?

Let’s be thankful for those friends. Let’s be grateful for the girlfriends who keep us ageless and smiling. Let’s celebrate the connections that we make that turn into pillars of strength we cling to when times are hard and we need someone to hold us up above the waters of doubt and fear. Let’s be thankful for those friends.

Thanks! For being a friend when someone needs you so badly she can’t even tell you. Thanks! For reminding us that our friends have faith in us. THANKS! For being a Friend. (And, thanks! For being so kind and thoughtful on my birthday my friends. I am blessed beyond measure!)

BlogWorldExpo SpeakingThanks too to the friends at BlogWorldExpo – for the opportunity to speak at this great Social Media / New Media Conference!

This was my 4th BlogWorldExpo and my first opportunity to speak for the event. BlogWorldExpo is a BIG conference, tradeshow and media event based on social media, new media and everything internet. It’s a great conference to learn from hundreds of speakers and to learn from thousands of attendees. If you’re interested, BlogWorldExpo 2012 will be in NY June 5-7. It’s well worth attending if you’re interested in or working in the world of social media. Here’s what I presented at BlogWorldExpo on ‘Building Online Communities.

weight lossMeet the Faux Diet Queen – our funny, fitness-phobic, faux diet-ess

Meet our new Girlfriend – the Faux Diet Queen. She’s like a bunch of us – knows she needs to be healthier but it isn’t that easy, right?! So, we’re going to cheer her along. It’s so she can live longer and be around for her kids and her kids’ kids. Join us each week as we laugh along with the Faux Diet Queen on her journey to a healthy life-style – even if it drives her to silly excuses and funny food adventures!

What’s going on on Girlfriendology this week? Glad you asked …

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Intention Holders – Strengthening your Girlfriend Safety Net – Great guest blog by Diane Gage Lofgren and Margaret Bhola share this guest blog on how to grow the circle of friends you can call at any time for any reason.

Girls Rule! Women are making Advances like never before! It shares how women are advancing in so many areas – of leadership, business, education, etc.

The ‘Do This, Don’t do That – of Friendship’ great guest blog by Girlfriend Guru Donina Ifurung

Okay Girlfriends – what did you do with all that left-over Halloween Candy? We’ve got just the right Girlfriend advice for you!

Playdates with Girlfriends – Thinking outside the Box – a great guest blog by our girlfriend guru Rachel Awes.

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This week on BlogTalkRadio: TARA ZIEGMONT – author of “Your Best Thanksgiving EVER.”

Talk about the people who make you feel special … like the ones you share the table with at Thanksgiving, or the people in your life you are thankful for our upcoming holiday of girlfriend (and friends and family) gratitude.

As Tara knows: The key to Your Best Thanksgiving Ever! is preparation. She’ll share how we can start in October, accomplish two or three small tasks each week. We will prepare dishes on Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving and use the Crock Pot on Thanksgiving Day. If you follow my guidelines, you will have time to truly enjoy the holiday with your friends and family. Tara is the blogger behind ‘Feels Like Home‘ blog and will give great girlfriend advice on less stress and more fun for Thanksgiving!

JOIN US on Friday, November 11th – 2-2:30pm ET on to listen in on how you can have your best Thanksgiving EVER!

Have you joined us on YOU SHOULD!

Girlfriendology well-behaved womenEveryday we share inspiring quotes, fun girlfriend-approved lunchtime videos and lots of great quotes and links. You should join us! (& it’s a community of over 23,000 WOMEN – we block men!)

Here’s this past week’s favorites:

“I believe in pink. I believe in kissing; kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day & I believe in miracles.” Audrey Hepburn

“A good friend is cheaper than therapy.” #quote unknown (Agree?)

“Some of the most important things in life aren’t things.” Linda Ellerbee

“Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices, & everything is possible.” Cherie Crater-Scott

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  1. The night was clear and the moon was shinning , casting Erie shadows here and there . There was a sharp chill in the air , Pulling my coat tighter as I walked down the street headed for home , The night was getting darker , Leaves dancing all around carried by the blowing winds . I could tell by all the smells in the air That it was supper time for most , Porch lights gleaming and chimney smoke rising made for a very Homey
    Site , Walking up to my porch was the heavy smell of Home made bread and pumpkin pie baking . The house all lit up ,sounds of laughter and happy chit chat could be heard from the yard . Waking up to cold November mornings , Frost covering the pumpkins sitting on my porch , As I walked home the other night I felt the chill , I felt November winds sneaking their way into the night . Autumn was sure settling herself as winter winds were slowly creeping right behind her . As the wind blew harder and the air grew colder and the stinging rain began to slowly fall .Wet leaves Lined the path through my yard and leading up the front steps covering my wilted Halloween pumpkins . The smell of jam cooking and home made bread filled the house .
    The house was cozy and warm , , looking out the window it seemed as though the November winds blew in over night , pulling the last of the Autumn
    Leaves from there tree’s . Not a sound could be heard in those early morning hours , Nothing Except for the
    Bubbling jam cooking on the stove and the soft breathing of my Animals , The soft sound of the rain outside just added to the comfy cozy feeling Inside the house . While the hot Jam was cooling and the bread done baking I settled on my couch and fell into a light slumber . I awoke to the sound of my Dog’s pitter patter as he walked through the house , The rain had stopped and the day was beginning to awaken .
    It was a typical cold grey Autumn day . Walking out on the porch to collect the mail I could fell the air was a bit colder and wet with dew, All was quiet on my street ,The smell of fire wood burning, Filled the air and moments later I could hear the church bells ringing from a block away . We were deep in the throws of late Autumn and old man winter was rounding the corner . Walking back in the house ,The house is filled with the smells of Blackberry jam and home made bread , I’ve made myself a cup of pumpkin spice tea , nothing much to do but enjoy the Beauty of this calm lazy Late Autumn day …..

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