Friendship Girlfriendology Guide to Holiday Girlfriend AdviceHave some great girlfriend advice for the holidays? Know the secrets to less stress and more meaningful holiday season?

Hi Girlfriends (who have blogs/online communities),

The hectic holidays are coming and it’s a time where some girlfriend advice just might help ease the pressure and lower the stress that comes with too much to do and too many expectations. I’m looking to pull together an eBook with such girlfriend advice to share with women to make their holidays a little happier – that will promote blogs/bloggers by featuring each of you (who choose to participate).

Here’s an example – Saving Money & Time. Andrea Deckard, the savvy founder of, brought together a group of bloggers to share our frugal advice in a free eBook that we each shared with our communities. It was a great way of getting our blogs/brands out to over 100k women in one day. (Note – it also was a way of getting a lot of affiliate links to each other’s products so offered potential to create income for each of the participants.) Thanks Andrea for leading this effort!

I’d like to ‘borrow’ (: her idea and take it into the holidays and offer girlfriend advice from a group of women who can help readers at this stressful time of the year. If you’d like to participate, I need your response ASAP. (I know – it’s already Nov 7th and we’d need to get this out to our communities by mid-Nov!)

1. Let me know that you’re interested and can commit to the following. That way I’ll be able to make sure we all offer a variety of girlfriend advice.
2. Share with me what the topic of your article would be (400+ words, up to five links and a 75 word bio, include your Facebook/Twitter links). It should be general information/’girlfriend advice’ that would help a friend with her holidays, like answers to the following questions:

  • What is your girlfriend advice for shopping, entertaining, gift giving, de-stressing during the holidays?
  • What holiday girlfriend traditions do you have that might inspire women to have a more meaningful holiday.
  • What do you do for yourself during the holidays to make things less stressful? (Cook ahead? Color coordinate wrapping paper by gift recipient? Limit the number of events/gifts/etc.?)
  • What advice can you offer that can save them time or money during the holidays? (Gifts they can make, ideas on how to order special holiday cards, ways to save money on gifts, etc.)
  • Things like: advice for gift giving/making/wrapping, quick appetizer or cookie recipes (that you have permission to use – not from a cookbook!), Girlfriend Getaways, Gifts for teachers, etc. Just helpful Girlfriend advice.

NOTE: I understand that the topic should reflect your area of expertise, that’s awesome. It should NOT be just a sales oriented format – do not sell to them in the content. (Content that we consider too ‘salesy’ will not be included in the book.) Show them how much knowledge you offer then give them links or special offers in your bio.)  And, if you have an affiliate program, please share so that everyone can promote you and benefit from it. (Mine is on e-junkie, just FYI.)
3. I’ll respond with thoughts on the topic – just to make sure we don’t have multiple articles with the same topic. PLEASE NOTE: Send to Info(at) and put ‘Holiday EBook’ in the subject line so I don’t miss it!
4. Write the article BY NOV. 12th and submit to me in a Word Doc with links embedded and in () by the link to make sure I get them. (I’m on a Mac so will have to use Open Office to format. You may need to download that to make any changes -like adding affiliate links to my/others products. I’ll send it out in various formats for any changes as well as a PDF if you have no affiliate links to add.) NOTE: This is for Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years and any holiday season – so just refer to it as ‘holiday shopping,’ ‘holiday entertaining,’ etc.
5. I’ll design the cover – it will be the Girlfriendology Guide to Holiday Girlfriend Advice and list each of you as the authors. I’ll need a color photo of you – at least 250×250 pixels and a bio of no more than 75 words. (more than 75 words will be left out, I won’t edit. Sorry!)
6. We’ll shoot for Nov. 15/16 to share with each of our communities. (I sent mine out in my newsletter as well as posted the PDF on my site so that lots of people could download.) Treat is as a Holiday gift for your community – that you want to make their lives easier during the holidays and so you’re sharing a free eBook.

THE BENEFITS? Your blog/girlfriend advice will go to tens of thousands of women in one day. Continue to promote it on a daily basis and we can all grow our mailing lists and hopefully our communities and potential income.

QUESTIONS? Please let me know! Have other girlfriends/bloggers who might want to be included/featured? Let me know.

Thanks! and Happy Holidays Girlfriends! Hugs, Debba

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