Friendship Coffee with a girlfriendSign up for the Girlfriendology Newsletter – & take the Girls out to Starbucks on Girlfriendology!

We’re GIDDY to announce that we’ve extended the September and October Contest is staying put through November and December!

So here’s our Girlfriendology Newsletter CONTEST! We’d like to inspire more women (like your girlfriends!) to be better friends. So, for the rest of 2011 we’ll do a drawing from our Newsletter Community List every Friday for a $25 Starbucks Gift Certificates (so you can each take several of your favorite female friends out for coffee on Girlfriendology). Just SIGN UP for the Girlfriendology newsletter and let your friends know about it too – they might win and take you out for a girlfriend coffee party!

buttonSo SIGN UP NOW and you have four opportunities to WIN in our November & December Contest!

PLUS! Everyone who signs up for the Girlfriendology weekly Newsletter receives our latest eBook, 30 Days/30 Ways to Be a Better Friend – for FREE!

Don’t miss out on any of it! SIGN UP for our Newsletter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook to stay up to date with all the fun friendship festivities and more!

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6 Responses to October Contest becomes November/December Contest! | Starbucks & Free eBook

  1. Nina Priddy says:

    would love to win! Love books!

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  3. Cynthia Sexton says:

    I hope to win TY New to the site :)

  4. Tracy J. Mosier says:

    I love gettin together with my girlfriends! This would be awesome to combine good company and coffee together!!!

  5. Kim Adams says:

    Signed and excited hope I win the Starbucks card and grateful for the free book..Aloha from Hawaii

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