friendship julie anne ignite cincinnatiIt’s what girlfriends do – we share our lives. The fun, frugal, faith, food, friendship stuff – we share with our girlfriends!

I love my girlfriends. I love that they can know me and love me, even when we have different ways of looking at things. I love that we can be sister-friends who don’t care about politics or religion, we just care about each other’s lives and happiness. I so love that we can think differently about some things but know that we’re as close as twins just from being best friends. My girlfriends are my sisters and I love that!

Based on our girlfriends (and the above), we’re extending that soon on Girlfriendology. We’re looking at the different areas where girlfriends connect and support each other. We’re honing in on niches that we enjoy sharing with our friends – like sharing tips to saving money (that we could spend on, say …, girlfriend trips or girlfriend gifts :) , like our personal feelings about our faith (or lack of it – all women are welcome here!), like recipes and foodie advice that we love and ways to enjoy the limited amount of fun time that we have to share with each other.

We’re extending our range of girlfriend advice to some of the areas that we get passionate about: saving money, our faith, our fun relationship with food, our lives, our challenges, our celebrations – that we can only have with our girlfriends … the highs and lows that we share with girlfriends, the girlfriend advice that we share and take, the wonderful women’s wisdom that we share.

In the coming months we’re expanding our offering (of girlfriend advice, girlfriend inspiration, guest blogs, etc.) to share:

What else do girlfriends love to share? (We know you love chick flicks, book club, sometimes a glass of wine or conversations with someone who listens and cares.) We’d love to know what YOU think.

What do girlfriends share? What should we share here on Girlfriendology? (Share so we know!)

p.s. We’re looking for GUEST BLOGGERS and GIRLFRIEND GURUs – especially in these areas – saving money / couponing / frugal living, food / recipes / girlfriend get-togethers, faith – things you’d share with your girlfriends! (Check out those links for more info.)

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3 Responses to Food, Fun, Frugal, Faith, Fitness, Finance, Fashion, Friendship – Girlfriendology Girlfriends Share Our Lives

  1. Love Quotes says:

    Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace. Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God-the rest will be given.

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