Friendship Girlfriendology Girlfriend GuruWe’re looking for ‘Girlfriend Guru’s’ to feature on Girlfriendology!

Basically this is an invitation for women with great inspiration, information, imagination and intention of helping other women live their best life! We’d love to promote you on Girlfriendology as well as to our over 50,000 fans and friends on Twitter and Facebook.

What are ‘GIRLFRIEND GURUs?’ They’re female writers, bloggers, dreamers who will share their women’s wisdom on Girlfriendology each month (or more times!). The format is similar to our guest blogging info (which you can always do if you’d rather not provide regular content). It has to be girlfriend advice (helpful information), inspiration or stories. It could be your favorite girlfriend party ideas each month or stories about women who share about why they love their friends. It might be girlfriend advice for moms or money saving tips that you’d share with your girlfriends.

Each month you provide one to two guest blog posts. (300-500 words – but it could be longer if you want. Should be proofread and in the same tone as other blogs on Girlfriendology - sharing helpful, friendly information with our girlfriends.) We will feature you with your bio, photo and up to three links on each post – as well as in our weekly newsletter. We will promote on Facebook and Twitter, (to our over 50,000 fans and friends). Plus, you’ll get a nifty widget (like the image above) to post on your site and we’ll look for your tweets and updates to RT and share!

Note: Girlfriend Guru and Guest Blogs are not salesy! You don’t try to sell your girlfriends your stuff when they visit, do you?! We’re looking for fun, female-friendly content that is helpful, amusing, inspiring or uplifting. (And we’d love to share you with our women’s community!) We reserve the right to edit as needed to fit our tone and style of content, and to reject guest blogs that do not fit the format (for example, are negative, have a sales objective or questionable links).

How do you apply to be a Girlfriendology Girlfriend Guru?

Fill out the comments form and tell us about you. Share what topics you’d like to write about, links to your blog/site, Twitter and Facebook links (so we can follow you!). You can commit to one, two or more guest posts each month and you’ll work with our fab friend Judi to coordinate your content, images, etc.

Have great girlfriend advice? insights? information? inspiration? Become a Girlfriend Guru!

By the way, we LOVE guest blogs here at Girlfriendology. Have a great girlfriend story to tell? Want to celebrate your fabulous female friends? SHARE! (And, we also have Girlfriend Gurus – check that out to be featured on Girlfriendology!)

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67 Responses to Announcing Girlfriend Guru's – our way of Featuring Fabulous Females

  1. Andrea says:

    I’d love to guestpost. My site is, a lifestyle blog focusing on great books for women and great travel. I also run the SITS book club monthly on Twitter and would love to get Girlfriendology involved.

  2. Dianne says:

    I would absolutely love to participate in your guest Girlfriend Guru program. I’ve been doing many posts for healthy living and lifestyle. I blend a little eastern wisdom and philosophy with my Chinese medicine background with today’s modern nutrition and lifestyle choices.

    I love to inspire and help women, especially in their 40′s life a vibrant healthy balanced life! That’s what I’ve been writing about and personally practicing for years.

    Also, I just finished a new short ebook that I am so excited about. It’s a 10,000 word ebook called: THe Five Element System Sexiness, Stamina, Self Confidence and Sizzle for Women Over Forty!
    I am really excited about it, and it will likely be ready to download by this Friday, July 8th! I’ve also just redesigned my website as well. Lots of stuff happening over here at The Anti Aging Artist’s place ;)

    Looking forward to hearing more about your new program, I just love what you share with the Girlfriends out there.


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  5. Hello! I would love to be Girlfriend Guru. My company does marketing and P.R. for women entrepreneurs. I am currently redesigning my website to become an online magazine addressing things that are close to a woman’s heart. I blog about marketing, entrepreneurship, fitness, and girlfriendships. I can commit to 2-3 blog posts per month. I am on Facebook: and Twitter: @onhighheelsprez.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

    Donina Ifurung

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  11. Mia says:

    Hi,I would love to be a Girlfriend Guru. This is right up my alley. Being a true Greenista / Bohemian I love to write about beauty tips, focusing on natural beauty treatments such as facials you can do with stuff from your fridge and things of that nature. I love to keep it as natural and Green as possible. I’m that friend that can give you an amazing Avocado facial as well as give you those inspirational words that will keep you motivated. My Twitter is @RockMeFabulous

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  18. Would love to be a GirlfriendGuru! Write on career, the single life, travel and misc. Working on my first submission now! :)


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  31. Hi – I’d love to be a girlfriend poster. I write on business and entrepreneurship and tell all my girlfriends how to really make some $$ when they’re making it on their own

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  40. Lesley Glenn says:

    I would love to be a girlfriend GURU and can commit to one article a month. I run a non profit called Dandelion Wishes,Inc. and we effect hope, healing and restoration through advocacy, art and action. I can write on women’s justice issues, art as a therapeutic method and being in covenant relationships with other women.
    You can find me on facebook.
    on twitter: Lkailani
    and on my personal blog site

    • Judi says:

      Lesley–To be considered for a Girlfriend Guru slot, please fill out the contact form (contact us). Be sure to tell us how your topic relates to girlfriends and Girlfriendology, what writing you’ve done, and why you’d be great as a Guru. Thanks!

  41. Dyanne says:

    Hello. I would like to be considered as a Girlfriend Guru. I am a substance abuse counselor since 1995. I am also in recovery from addiction since 1993. I have dealt with issues of low slef esteem and abuse. Today, I am independently employed as an outpatient counselor. I can speak/share on issues including self-esteem, codependence, adult children of alcoholics, abuse issues, and grief issues.

    • Judi says:

      To be considered for a Girlfriend Guru slot, please fill out the contact form (contact us). Be sure to tell us how your topic relates to girlfriends and Girlfriendology, what writing you’ve done, and why you’d be great as a Guru. Thanks!

  42. Mary Foley says:

    Hi! I would like to be a contributor! . I inspire women with practical advice to create sanity for their lives and confidence for their careers – all while having a bit of fun! I am the author of three books including Bodacious Career: Outrageous Success for Working Women, a popular national speaker, and former co-host of the Girlfriend We Gotta Talk! radio show.


    Twitter: @bodaciousmary


  43. Shauntelle says:

    Hi! I’d love to be the girlfriend giving tips on budget decorating. Everything I know, I definitely learned the hard way, from having to stretch our one income to make our home look beautiful… In the four years since I started my blog, I went from a decorating newbie to actually earning income helping decorate their homes… and, in the meanwhile, I’ve experience starting over three different times (once because of a house fire where we lost everything we owned!).

    You can find me on twitter @justShauntelle where I tweet about design, travel, food, and writing. You can also find my facebook page at This year I’m focused on creating rooms under $500 with minimal DIY so I’d love the girlfriends to share their decorating problems with me so I can help them find beautiful and budget friendly solutions! :)

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  50. I would love to be one of your Girlfriend Guru’s. I love adding value and empowering women. I have a vast background in business in several industries and am a professionally trained Certified Leadership Coach. With those experiences and expertise, I can add value where needed. It would be my honor to be a part of your wonderfully resourceful circle of amazing women! ~ e??e ???

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  57. I would love to be a Girlfriend Guru. My blog,, is a personal blog about being at midlife and an empty-nester.

  58. Scherrie D. says:

    Hi! I would love the opportunity to be a Girlfriend Guru! I am a thirty something year old wife, mother, confidant, book club founder, wine enthusiast, party planner and educator. My website is and I created it as a resource for mothers who are trying to balance motherhood with sisterhood. I write about my experiences, share ideas and activities and offer ways to continue friendships even though you may be a fulltime wife & mother. I am on twitter @thirtymommy and I am also on Pinterest I would make a great guru because my friends always come to me when they need someone to listen to themn and offer unbiased advice.

  59. Keryl Pesce says:

    Would love to share insight each month on helping girlfriends rid themselves of unwanted emotional baggage and live their happiest lives. I am the author of the book “Happy Bitch – The girlfriend’s straight-up guide to losing the baggage and finding the fun, fabulous you inside.”

  60. I was so excited to discover you the other day. I work with women and girls on creating Courage, Confidence & Connection as a Life Wellness Coach.

    My fascinations involve women’s theology, Yoga & Running, How the Brain/Body connection impacts our ability to change, Social-Emotional Learning and Intelligence and Body Image/Diet/Food/Weight Issues, among many other things!

    I would love to write about how our friendships can impact these areas of personal growth, how vulnerability and openness is so important for truly strong friendships, etc. and even lighter topics like getting your yoga groove on with your friends. It’s all about relationship isn’t it?!

    I’m currently leading a coaching mastermind group on the Body Image et al issues. My blog post inviting people to this adventure is

    I live to empower women and girls. My personal blog is the above one, but I just started a new one for this theme specifically:

    To give you more background my older website is: (I only continue to do coaching, nothing else)

    I can be a guest blogger or a guru if you have an area that isn’t already taken. It is no problem to write at least one blog a month.

    Twitter: @michellehess

    To Our Girlfriends!


  61. Thanks for the twitter follow! I forgot to put my LinkedIn on the last post and mention that I’ve taught college writing and communication! Fun.

  62. I would be very interested in writing something for you once a month. I have a humor and social commentary blog. When Pigs Fly ( is where I discuss everything from the effects of social media on our personal lives to getting older and mostly wiser. I know I could add a humorous spin to your site.
    You can also find me on Twitter at and Facebook at

  63. Jaime Dubey says:

    I would Love to be a Girlfriend Guru! My page writes about anything under the sun… A book I just read that was about girl power. My experience with having an Autistic daughter, and how others can learn from it. I write for fun often, idea’s for spring break, summer vacation. I also do giveaways and lots of reviews.
    I am a member of Trash Can Bloggers and right now I am enrolled in Trash Can U to learn more about blogging.
    I also wouldn’t mind being a guest writer when needed!

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