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Friendship kenzie's closet girlfriendsFriends take time to be friends … to be young … and to be together.

Meet my friend Joanne. Joanne is passion about living a positive life and contributing to the positivity and passion of those around her. Recently she was involved in an event that she, of course, passionately shared with me. I asked her to share with all of us to inspire us to be the kind of friend we’d like to have and to be the woman who lives her life passionately and with a positive spirit. Meet Joanne. Here’s her guest blog on women taking time to be friends, and to support their friends …

I am sitting here writing this post for the awesome Girlfriendology Blog and I can almost picture some of you readers sitting across from me at my dining room table on this sunny Saturday April evening. With that picture in my mind, I can better share some thoughts I have on exciting things that can happen:

when friends take time to be friends,
when they work together for a mission, and
when they just have fun together.

I had the most visual reminder of the beauty of friendship recently when I attended the coolest event for a great women-founded-women-supported non-profit organization in Cincinnati, Ohio — Kenzie’s CLOSET®.

For background, Kenzie’s CLOSET was named after a young girl – Kenzie Comisar – who was tragically killed in a car accident in her senior year of high school – before she was able to attend her senior prom. From the grief of that experience, one of Kenzie’s girlfriends (Kendall) suggested a concept to her own mom (Brynne Coletti) that somehow they could help out girls at Kendall’s own school who couldn’t afford to attend their prom – and perhaps, at the same time, remember and honor Kenzie.

Kenzies Closet girlfriendsThe power of two girls’ friendship became the seed of an idea that has blossomed into a wonderful concept. The circle of those two high school girls’ original friendship didn’t end with that car accident that night. The importance of the memories those girls shared and their connection will go on and on. And, because of the energy of many selfless girls, the total dedication of their moms, the support of their friends and families and the community – a dream is a now a reality.

Approximately 600 girls each year, who are referred by school counselors and social service organizations, receive a full prom outfit.

A few weeks ago, many of these volunteers and supporters came together to celebrate the cause of Kenzie’s CLOSET and their own friendships. I was lucky to be at the celebration and I was so touched by the contagiousness of women celebrating their hard work, and taking time to just relax, be there for each other – and with each other.

I saw youth in women who were in their 70s and 80s. I saw innocence in young girls in their teens and such positive potential in women in their 20s and 30s. I heard laughter all around me. I saw hugs that crossed neighborhoods and social barriers. I felt the love of friends for friends. And I experienced the infectious happiness that comes from friends just being together.

Friendship Kenzies Closet girlfriends 2Do you have examples of these same feelings when you have been around your own friends?

Are you like me and wish you had more time to just feel young again and relax with your friends?

Let’s all promise each other that this week we make that time now to ‘be a better friend’ and to let a friend know how important they are to us.

For more fun pictures of friends having fun together at this Kenzie’s CLOSET event, you can visit the organization’s Facebook page.

And if you want to know about Kenzie’s CLOSET, visit their website.

Author: Joanne Maly (a.k.a., Joanne Lincoln Maly) lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and is a fan of creative thinking, a believer in positive minds, and passionate about gentle, kind hearts. Joanne also runs Lincoln Maly Marketing, a marketing, public relations, and corporate communications firm. Her company’s blog, ‘Simply Said‘, focuses on excellence, creativity and leadership.

Thanks girlfriend Joanne for sharing this inspiring story of how a friendship grew from a loss into such a benefit for so many.

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