Mashable, Women's Friendship & The 'Well-now-that-you-mentioned-it' Syndrome

Friendship Social MediaHow do you REALLY feel about your Facebook girlfriends?

Mashable reported/implied this week that we women (no mention of guys and their online friendships) basically don’t really like our Facebook female friends. In fact, from Mashable’s article:

Most women — 83% of respondents in this survey — are annoyed at one time or another by the posts from their Facebook connections. For these respondents, the most off-putting post was some kind of whine; a full 63% said complaining from Facebook friends was their number one pet peeve, with political chatter and bragging coming in a distant second and third.

The respondents also said at least one of their Facebook friends tended to:

  • Share too many mundane updates too often (65%)
  • “Like” too many posts (46%)
  • Inappropriately or too frequently use Facebook to promote causes (40%)
  • Project false information or images of a perfect life (40%)

As you may have guessed, and as often happens on some ‘controversial’ online content, the comments went a bit to extremes – like the guy saying we’re all men-hating feminists! (Personally, I think his ‘threatened by women’ issue is his own, but that’s just me!) Several though did note that the survey did not include men to see if it was universal online to be annoyed with status updates.

I’m not a research expert, but I know there is a variable in doing research that by asking the question, you change the answer. Like saying “Do you think your girlfriends complain too much on Facebook?” you generate the “you know … now that you mention it … YES” response.

Where are the questions that find the positive side of social media and female friendship?

Like these questions – and please answer (if you’re female, not the guys that I annoyed by the above comment):

  • How many friendships have you rediscovered, renewed or being able to make stronger by staying in better touch through Facebook?
  • How does it make you feel to stay in better contact with your friends?
  • Has a friend responded positively or helped you out based on an update or request you’ve made on Facebook?
  • Isn’t it fun to hear from old and new friends on your birthday or to get congratulations on good news?

We get to choose the way we take, see, react to things – right? So, yes … some Facebook friends have different ways of communicating, may love to brag about their kids or their business, or feel it is their duty to share their religious or political views. But, underneath it all, we get to stay in touch with our friends. We get to know about their lives in ways we never would without social media. And, we even get to know each other’s friends.

It’s a pretty powerful opportunity to grow friendships, to support each other, to laugh and cry together. Facebook makes our friends as close as our phone or computer. Sure, somethings that’s too close or annoying, but in my humble opinon, more often than not, being close with my friends is pretty dang awesome.

How has social media impacted you and your friendships?

p.s. We’ve discussed social media and it’s role in our friendships previously like … tips for staying in touch with your friends through social media, and we cover it more in GIRLFRIENDOLOGY 101: Simple Steps to More Fulfilling Friendships (Still 50% off through tonight at midnight!)

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