Friendship Amy Lynn AndrewsTime … it’s our most limited resource and our most valuable gift!

Spending time with a girlfriend shows that we care enough about her to give her part of our day or a weekend away with her. It tells her that she’s important, worthy of leaving work and the kids behind for a little girlfriend time together.

We’re looking at time and how we use it this week. Do we spend our hours and days making memories with our friends (and family – we’re not saying to neglect them!)? Do we make room in our schedule to call (remember – Phone a Friend Sunday!), take a walk together, have a meal or a coffee, go to yoga or go shopping – with a friend?

At the end of our lives, we may very well wish we had prioritized the time we have here to spend more with the amazing people and the fabulous female friends who bless our lives. So why not start NOW? Why not make plans TODAY to meet up with a friend? Be the kind of friend you’d love to have.

TIME … this week on

Our BlogTalkRadio guest for this Friday, April 1 2-2:30pm ET, is our time-wise girlfriend AMY LYNN ANDREWS.  Amy is a passionate and smart blogger who shares a wealth of knowledge and inspiration on her Blogging with Amy blog. She also is the author of a great eBook on time management:

Watch this week for Amy’s guest blog sharing girlfriend advice on Build Thriving Friendships on Limited Time, and LISTEN IN on Friday at 2-2:30pm ET on

buttonMore TIMEly inspiration and resources:

Friendship Girlfriendology 101It’s Simple really … We’ll share how simple it is to More Fulfilling Friendships in GIRLFRIENDOLOGY 101

We’re so thankful for the friends and females who have made the effort to be a better friend and to have more fulfilling friendships by ordering/reading: GIRLFRIENDOLOGY 101: Simple Steps to More Fulfilling Friendships (by Debba Haupert, founder of Girlfriendology). Thanks for your recommendations and for sharing with your friends! Don’t forget the ‘secret discount‘ celebrating our 15,000 Facebook Fans expires at the strike of April! Order by midnight ET on THURSDAY, March 31st! Here’s the scoop

And, if you’d like to see it first, here’s the ‘commercial’ (:


Friendship Debba Haupert on the radioGirlfriendology … on the Radio, and TV, and Print … Oh MY!

It was a BIG week for getting the word out on the importance of female friendship – and Girlfriendology – last week! Girlfriendology founder, Debba Haupert (aka: me!) was featured on two shows and one magazine article:

‘Get Real Girls’ radio show in Minneapolis, MN on 107.1 with the wonderful LIV LANE and JOAN STEFFEND. Listen in to HOUR 2 for our fun friend-filled conversation! And check out Joan’s new book “And She Sparkled ..

‘All Things Marketing’ is a TV show in Dayton OH created and hosted by the fabulous MONICA McGEE and joined by the smart, tech savvy TIFFANY ODUTOYE.

Anderson University Alumni News featured Debba Haupert/Girlfriendology in an article on alumni in the blogosphere. It was awesome that they sent a photographer to Cincinnati to capture me with my girlfriends – Joanne, Julie and Julie. (Yes, I do hang out with friends whose names do not start with “J” too) (:

Friendship Girlfriends on cruiseCruise with the Girlfriends!

Don’t forget – we’re going cruising with the girlfriends! JOIN US!

Have a great week girlfriends! HUGS! (& watch out for April Fool’s Day jokers!)

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4 Responses to Be a Better Friend – Spend TIME with your Girlfriends

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  2. Yes! Making time for a girlfriend chat is one of the ways I stay centered .. and my girlfriends are great in helping me put perspective and see the humor in day to day .. life!

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