friendship girlfriends on a girlfriend tripOne of our beloved ‘Chick Flicks‘ brings four girlfriends together to share life and their dreams through a pair of magical jeans.

In ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,‘ four girlfriends from different backgrounds and headed off in four different directions, find a common bond and keep an on-going connection through a pair of pants.

What they didn’t know, is that they may have more in common than fashion sense and group dynamics. Per a recent study in PNAS, the journal of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (as shared in this article on

“You might have more in common with your BFF than a shared passion for football, politics, or kitty cats. Just like members of the same family, you and your ‘bestie’ could be sharing some very compatible genes.”

In fact, the research further went to pinpoint certain genetic markers tend to befriend either those with that marker, or for another marker, generally pair up with opposites. Also, the study shared an interesting fact: “Humans are one of the only species that forms long-term unions simply because we like each other, not just because we need to reproduce.”

sisterhood-of-the-traveling-pantsWhat does this tell us about ourselves and our friendships?

1. That we need friends. Our bodies genetically gravitate toward certain people. We look for others who share common bonds (and based on this research, genetic markers) or could provide a counter-balance in our lives (‘opposites attract’). We’re designed, genetically, to connect with others, to have a community, to be/have friends. (Plus we know this because of the benefits of female friendship – like being healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful!)

2. We need some face-to-face time with our friends. I know Social Media is an awesome way to meet like-minded people and to make great connections. But we are genetically drawn to ‘form long-term unions, simply because we like each other.’ If you’re missing friends, feeling lonely, sad, bored or just need to be reminded of how fun and wonderful you are, spend some time with friends and get out to meet new ones. You might just need to get some girlfriend time or take a vacation with your best friends.

3. Be open to new – and different – friends. As much as this research says we are drawn to certain people genetically, we believe, based on conversations with women and our personal opinion, that it’s healthy to have friends who are diverse and different, to have friends who aren’t exact replicas of ourselves. In ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,’ (girlfriends shown above) they’re different looking, have varying backgrounds and still ‘magically’ all fit in the pants that symbolized their bond of friendship.

Do you think you’re genetically alike or opposite your friends? Do you have diverse friends or not? Thoughts?

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