Girlfriendology Birthday #Giveaway – Keep Safe with First Alert!

Friendship First Alert Giveaway Prizes It’s our fifth birthday and we’re giving YOU the birthday gifts! Thanks this week to First Alert …

It’s not every day in the blogosphere that you get to celebrate a birthday! When Girlfriendology turned five years old in January, we decided to take our celebration to the community and share five weeks of prizes (all valued at $100 or more).

Week 1: Author SUSAN MALLERY offered up our first Birthday Gift - a Fool’s Gold tote bag with a picnic blanket and a stainless steel thermos, as well as one of her books on audio CD and a selection of paperbacks.

Week 2: BIZ Stain Fighter detergent gave away a year of detergent. Biz Stain Fighter is a detergent booster with high powered enzymes call EnzaMix.

Week 3: $300+ value giveaway prize from the fantastic females and friends at MARY KAY.

Week 4: First Alert®-branded home-safety products, by BRK Brands, Inc., wants our girlfriends to be safe so they provided two Tundra and one each CO to Go and The First Alert SC07.

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Thanks First Alert for sponsoring this week’s girlfriend giveaway!

Tundra – The First Alert® TundraTM Fire Extinguishing Spray is an innovative product designed help to put out household fires fast. Developed to provide another home-safety tool for consumers who find traditional fire extinguishers intimidating to use, Tundra contains a powerful, proven and effective liquid firefighting agent in a familiar spray can package similar to other household products. Tundra is effective on common household fires including paper, fabric, wood, cooking oil and electrical fires.

CO to Go – Approved for all types of travel, the new First Alert Travel CO Alarm features a durable, lightweight design for optimum portability.  It’s great to take with you to a cabin, dorm, hotel or sleepover.  Its electromagnetic sensor offers the most accurate technology available for detecting the presence of carbon monoxide.  The hinged cover design allows for fast, easy battery installation and replacement and its 85 decibel alarm can be heard in any hotel room.

The First Alert SC07 – To help consumers identify the room from which the alarm is sounding and whether it is a smoke or carbon monoxide danger, the First Alert® Model SCO7 uses a prerecorded human voice to identify the incident and the room where the alarm is located.  When programmed, the voice will alert the homeowner, specifically if the danger is smoke or carbon monoxide and in which room the alarm was activated.

For First Alert: For 50 years, BRK Brands, Inc. has been the manufacturer of First Alert®-branded home-safety products, the most trusted and recognized safety brands in America. BRK® Brands designs and develops innovative safety solutions including Tundra® Fire Extinguishing Spray, ONELINK® wireless alarms and a comprehensive line of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers and escape ladders to protect what matters most.  Such products are also marketed under the BRK Electronics® brand, The Professional Standard for the builder and contractor audiences.  BRK Brands, Inc. products are found in more than 30 countries worldwide.  For more information, visit



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