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Girlfriendology Friendship Flower heartHappy Valentine’s Day Girlfriends!

It’s not just about romance, it’s about the special people in your life who completely know you and stick by you, who accept you as you are and dream your dreams with you, those amazing people who ‘get you’ and with whom you feel at home and loved.

We’re hoping you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and that you found some special way of showing your friends how much their friendship means to you.

We celebrated by expressing our love and gratitude to our sponsors and advertisers as well as, of course!, our girlfriends. It’s a day to make the people in our lives feel as special as their friendship is to us.

It’s also a day to take care of our friends who might not enjoy the focus on love and being loved like those girlfriends who may have lost a partner or loved one. Our hearts go out to these girlfriends and we want you to know that your friendship is so special and appreciated. And, that we’ll be here for you – as a girlfriend should be!

Friendship Mary Kay anniversary giveaway prizeHere at Girlfriendology we’re celebrating in various ways … we’ve got the Girlfriend #Giveaway in celebration of our fifth anniversary. Last week our prize was an incredible $300+ basket of fabulous Mary Kay products. (We <3 them for that!)

Thanks also to our friends at BIZ, and author SUSAN MALLERY for their fab prizes in our fifth anniversary five week celebration of #giveaways. It’s awesome to celebrate with our friends!

This week … First Alert is making our girlfriends safe with a prize package valued at over $100. The lucky girlfriend (and you just have to be on our mailing list to be eligible!) will win: two Tundra, one CO to Go and a Combination Smoke/CO Alarm.

First Alert REMINDER: All you have to do is be signed up for our mailing list to be in the running for these great prizes! (1 more, next week)

The Girlfriendology Guides (aka: eBooks filled with women’s wisdom) are coming – special deal for girlfriends!

One of the greatest benefits of having girlfriends is sharing wisdom among women. Multiple ‘you know things I don’t’ by the number of women in this community, and there is a wealth of information that, if we share it, would make us dang unstoppable!

So, we’re packaging some of it up and sharing it in the Girlfriendology Guides. These eBooks and Webinars (like our recent ‘Hey Girlfriend! Get Your Career on Track’ webinar with the wise and wonderful JULIE BAUKE) will share a variety of expertise as only women can learn and share. Watch for some fabulous eBooks to come!

Plus, in the spirit of Girlfriendology, we’re making these a two for one deal. Buy one – and share one with a girlfriend. It’s the girlfriend thing to do!

February is the International Month of Friendship

So we’re celebrating (of course!) and sharing 30 ways to be a better friend. Here’s the first ways to reconnect with old friends, make new friends and being a better friend:

What else is coming? THE GIRLFRIEND CRUISE!Friendship Girlfriends on cruise

It’s pretty much perfection! We’ll be heading off to Bermuda aboard the fabulous Celebrity Summit ship with 100-200 of our bestest BFFs! Join us for the Girlfriendology / GirlsonaCruise.com cruise to Bermuda this June. It’s gonna be girlfriend perfection!

Valentine’s Day LOVE

We’re all about the ‘LOVE’ this Valentine’s Day. Like … LOVE our sponsors and advertisers (without whom, we’d not be able to inspire as many women and encourage as many friendships!) … LOVE for our Girlfriends (without whom, it just wouldn’t be worth it!). And we LOVE that YOU‘re here! Thanks girlfriend!

Winter Warm-up & Great Girlfriend Gifts

Something about the low temps makes us want to dream of sunny days. We’re covering you for that like we’ll cover your gorgeous self in our Girlfriendology baseball caps this summer. And, we’ll share these caps with all our cruise girlfriends this summer for our trip to Bermuda.

Plus, for our friends with February and March birthdays, we’ve got some seasonally fitting girlfriend gift ideas. Warm up her special day with a special gift!

BlogTalkRadio – Guest KELLEY LONG, financial advisor

Join us FRIDAY at 2:00pm ET on BlogTalkRadio.com/Girlfriendology as Kelley shares her financial wisdom with us!

Kelley C. Long, CPA is the owner of KCL Financial Coaching and believes you shouldn’t have to have a million bucks to receive great financial advice. She works with clients both face-to-face and remotely to help them uncover their financial goals and make peace with money. Check her out at www.kelleyclong.com.

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