Girlfriendology 100th BlogTalkRadio Show with author Kris Radish

100th BTR BlogTalkRadio showYeah! KRIS RADISH, our favorite bestselling author, is back for our special 100th BlogTalkRadio show!

You never forget your first (or so ‘they’ say!).

Kris Radish, bestselling author of great women’s fictions (& some non-fiction!) has written GREAT books that always introduce us to fun friends and strong women. I fell in love with ‘The Elegant Gathering of the White Snows‘ several years ago and decided to be brave and ask her for an interview. She responded, “Sure babe, let’s talk.” That kind offer from a busy, successful author was not taken lightly. Because of her offer to speak to me, we started doing podcast interviews with inspiring women. (Kris has written numerous books and has several coming out soon – we’ll discuss those in our interview today!)

99 podcasts later, we switched over to BlogTalkRadio/Girlfriendology and continued to interview amazing women like Kris – authors, artists, moms, bloggers, frugal experts and more. Every woman, since that first interview with Kris several years ago, has shared her own perspective of girlfriend advice and we’re all the wiser and better for it.

Today we celebrate our 100th BlogTalkRadio show with our special guest, and thrilled to call her our girlfriend, KRIS RADISH. Join us! 2:00pm ET – and you can come back to hear her interview after the show too!

Kris Radish and Girlfriendology Debba HaupertTHANKS KRIS for being our first and favorite guest – and girlfriend!


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