Friendship Super Bowl 2011Packers vs. Steelers. NFC vs. AFC. Football vs. the Puppy Bowl.

Not everyone can win, right? That’s what makes it a game (or a challenge over the remote control, because those puppies are dang cute!). But in the world of women friends, we’re all winners when we connect, share fun times together and even gather under the excuse of snacking on chili-cheese dip, meat-lovers pizza and our favorite beverage.

It’s Super Bowl week here at Girlfriendology (and all over the world!) and we’re looking at celebrating friendship with the same degree of applause and cheering! (Without the spendy commercials, tons of testosterone and all that grunting!)

Would your BFF win the Super Bowl of Friendship? Would you?

Each of us can strive to be a better friend - it’s a great thing to reach for. Why not take that challenge this week? To be more thoughtful, listen when you’re really not up to it, give great girlfriend gifts and be there when a friend needs you … it’s a wonderful compliment to be a champion for your friends.

Girlfriendology 5th Anniversary Prizes / #Giveaway

Yeah! We’re a BIG 5! In celebration of five years of inspiring female friendship (and five years of hanging out with amazing women in our Girlfriendology community!) we’re giving away a prize every week for the next five to a subscriber of our newsletter - SIGN UP NOW! (Smart phone users – if you’d like to sign up, you can open up our subscription form with this cool QR code. I use ‘ScanLife’ app, others work too. Thanks FeedBlitz for this cool code!)Girlfriendology QR Code

All prizes are FAB (of course) and worth $100 or more. It’s just our way of saying THANKS and being able to give ‘birthday gifts’ to you!

Week 1of our 5th Birthday Giveaway:

NYT Best-selling author SUSAN MALLERY has been on our BlogTalkRadio show and has shared several guest blogs with us (we <3 her – such a fun girlfriend and great writer!). She offered up our first Birthday Gift - a Fool’s Gold tote bag with a picnic blanket and a stainless steel thermos, as well as one of her books on audio CD and a selection of paperbacks. The prize value is approximately $100 went to one lucky girlfriend on our newsletter mailing list. And the winner is! (She’s been contacted, we just don’t have her name to share.)

Week 2 of our 5th Birthday Giveaway:

THIS WEEK … BIZ Stain Fighter detergent is giving away a year of detergent to our luck girlfriend winner. (Again, in the U.S.) Just subscribe to our newsletter to be in the running!

Biz Stain Fighter is a detergent booster with high powered enzymes call EnzaMix. Enzymes help break down stains and the surface active agents lift and pull the stain away.  Biz has been a trusted stain fighter for over 40 years. Pick up Biz today at Wal-mart, Target, K-mart and many Grocery stores.

Note: Biz is a paid advertiser on Girlfriendology. However, we only work with brands/companies/products we could actually recommend to our girlfriends and we never alter our opinions based on paid sponsorship. The opinions expressed on Girlfriendology are our own and what we would share with a girlfriend. (Per FTC guidelines)

More Celebrating! It’s our 100th BlogTalkRadio Show!

A long, long, long time ago, I sent an email to an author of women’s books that I admired and asked her if I could interview her. I never expected her to say ‘yes,’ much less ‘Sure babe, let’s talk!’ That author was our first podcast guest, our first video interview as well as our first BlogTalkRadio show guest. (We LOVE her!)Kris Radish and Girlfriendology Debba Haupert

Bestselling author, KRIS RADISH, has written  wonderful girlfriend books:

* Elegant Gathering of the White Snows
* Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn
* Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral
* The Sunday List of Dreams

How could you not love a woman and her books that celebrate female friendship and demonstrate the power and potential of women as they lead ordinary, extraordinary lives?!

We’re ‘giddy’ about having Kris as our guest on our historic (-: 100th BlogTalkRadio/Girlfriendology show! JOIN US – Friday, February 4th, 2-2:30pm ET as we talk with Kris about her bestselling books, how her friends support and inspire her, lessons she’s learned through years of writing and friendships and more. Just JOIN US!

Super Bowl, Super Sunday, Super Friends!Puppy Bowl Animal Planet

Whether you’re watching Green Bay and Pittsburgh play, or laughing at the Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl (with Kitty half-time show!), it’s a great day to gather with friends and enjoy just spending time together. But, if you’re not up for the game, we’ve got some ‘super’ ideas for girlfriend get-togethers on Super Bowl Sunday.

Valentines Day Girlfriendology

WOW! I can’t believe it’s February!

We’re excited though because there’s some great things coming this month, like …

  • The Girlfriendology Guides – We all know smart women we’d like to learn from, right? And, we all have women who would like to know what we know. We’re sharing that ‘women’s wisdom’ in the form of eBooks and webinars that we’ll have on our site later this month. Starting with The Girlfriendology Guide to Being a Better Friend (by yours truly!) releasing next week and The Girlfriendology Guide to being Savvy and Sexy (by girlfriend TISA POWELL, Pure Romance rep – note: book title may change) will launch on Valentine’s Day! Watch out world!!
  • More Women’s Wisdom – We’re also gathering great information from other women like AMY LYNN ANDREWS, author of Tell Your Time: How To Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Fulfilled – a straightforward, step-by-step approach to controlling your schedule and ensuring the important things don’t fall through the cracks.
  • The Girlfriendology Cruise – It’s getting closer and we’re so excited to be planning this cruise with a girlfriend cruise expert, JANET DEVITO. (Listen to our interview with Janet for all the details!) And check out this AWESOME video Janet put together for our cruise:


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