friendship girlfriends on cruise NYC janet devitoWe’re going on a Girlfriend Cruise & so can YOU!

It has been a Girlfriendology goal to go on a cruise with a bunch of great girlfriends. (You gotta have a goal, right?! We’re thinking this is a really fun one!) Thankfully, we found a friend in JANET DEVITO through Twitter and Facebook and guess what she does? Runs a company called Girls on a Cruise!

So, this summer wither going with Janet and a couple hundred of our closest girlfriends to BERMUDA! Yes! And YOU CAN JOIN US!

LISTEN to this interview Janet about this cruise, what fun things we’ll do on-board and in Bermuda, why women love to travel together and all the fun things about girlfriend getaways. And, here’s her guest blog about women cruising:

Ever wonder what type of woman goes on a “Girls Getaway”?

People conjure up visions of “Thelma & Louise” but don’t let that scare you! “Girls Getaways” are definitely filled with stories & characters, but it is definitely more like “Oprah & Gayle”! Fun, tears, adventure and laughter…no robberies, no jail and we’ve never seen Brad Pitt!

My First “Girls Getaway” was a collection of unlikely women. All at different stations in life: three had never married, one was happily married, one was on the brink of divorce and myself, a recent widow. I arranged this trip as a simple chance to go on a cruise with a group of girls, and it turned into a life enriching experience for me. Here was a collection of women that were so different in their dreams, ages, politics, religions and ideals, yet we all found that we had just as many similarities … after all, we are women. We really had a great time, and it cemented my ideas about friendship.

A few years later, I got back in touch with an old friend from High School via Facebook. I had not spoken to Mari in over 10 years as she still lives in Chicago and I moved to New Jersey 28 years ago. It was great to speak to her. And amazing to still feel that bond over all those years. We soon realized that phone calls weren’t enough. Sure, either of us could visit the other at their home, but what we really wanted to do was to “Getaway” from all the stress and complications of life. We needed space where we could just be girls. We both talked about how fun it would be to actually have a “slumber party” and stay up all night laughing like we used to as teens. After deciding that ‘Life is too short!’ a Girls Getaway Cruise was definitely in order! And who better to plan it than myself!

So I did. And in the planning, it grew, and grew. Before we knew it, 30 women were joining us!

Over the years, the cruise ships, sailing dates and cast of characters changed but the stories have breaths of similarities.

The more women that came along, the more diverse our group has become…

* I have college girls and 80 year olds laughing over chocolate martinis at our “Midnight Martini Party”.
* I’ve had generations of women “Segway” through Cozumel. Sisters who reconnect chatting by the pool.
* I have had many women some solo and make good friends.
* Groups of friends celebrating special birthdays have shared them with us all!

So many women, so many stories, so much life & so much laughter. (I could talk for hours!)

What type of woman goes on a Girls Getaway?

Women like you and me. Mothers, sisters, newly divorced, single, BFFs, solo travelers, married, widowed, young, old, doctors, homemakers, teachers, business women. Have I missed anyone? If I have, I am sure I will meet you on a future Girls Getaway!

Whether you are nurturing a friendship or family relationship, or you are looking to travel “solo” but not alone…you will disembark the ship making new and lasting friendships. That is what our “Girls Getaways” are all about!

JANET DEVITO has had a passion for Travel her whole life.  Eleven years ago she decided to turn her passion into a fun, exciting profession and became a CruiseOne Franchisee.  She is wonderful at helping families, couples and honeymooners plan vacations that are perfect for them. As a Travel Agent, experience is key. Her expertise is in Cruising, and all inclusive Resorts and Caribbean Vacations. She also specializes in theme and group cruises including Girls Getaways.

So, LISTEN IN to our interview with Janet on the GIRLFRIEND CRUISE this summer. It’s gonna be FUN!

Call Janet at 732-577-9150 to book your cruise with your girlfriends!

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  2. Wow how great is this. I hope you have a fantastic time!

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