The UPS Store, #LovinLogisticsDon’t you love receiving a surprise gift from a friend?

We made it through the holidays … gave gifts, showed our love and appreciation in the form of girlfriend gifts and get-togethers, and it was great - right?

Now we’re into 2011 and it’s a great time to start some new girlfriend traditions – like sending surprises for our favorite friends. It doesn’t have to be a holiday or birthday to show our friends how much they mean to us. And an unexpected package from a friend is a perfect way to brighten up these winter days with fun reminders of our fabulous friends.

Be a better friend and send her a girlfriend surprise shipment like:

  • Celebration in a Box – Maybe you’re not there to make a girlfriend’s day special, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it from afar. Send her a party-in-a-box – silly surprises from the dollar store – like big glam rings – which are really kid’s party favors, lotions and make-up – especially for girlie girls, or fun little treats she’d enjoy (gum, candy, nuts). If you want to make it a real party, include balloons, streamers, a cake mix, party hats, etc. I’ve even heard of sending inflated helium balloons so they pop out when she opens the box (not sure how long they last in a box but it might work!).
  • Give her the Spa Treatment - Is your girlfriend stressed? Dealing with a lot of ‘stuff? Maybe she needs a little pampering and some ‘me time’ and, yes!, you can ship that right to her door! Line the box with bubblewrap and tissue paper. Then fill it with bath and beauty products. Include in a nail kit and polish for a manicure or pedicure. Send some bubble-bath and a romance novel or favorite author’s book (or one from our girlfriend authors Kris Radish and Susan Mallery) or a calming CD or chick flick DVD. Include a personalized ‘gift certificate’ just for her to allow her to take time to relax, rejuvenate and de-stress.
  • Dream Box – We’re still close enough to New Year’s to have our goals in mind for 2011. They could resolutions like getting fit, writing a novel, learning French or getting our career on track. What if you could help your girlfriend realize her dreams in 2011 and even pack it up in a box to surprise her? Hopefully you know some of her goals and dreams – or call her up and have that conversation (without letting her know your ulterior motive!). Then find ways to assist her in reaching her goal or inspiration to keep her going. Send her a book on the topic or CDs, like to learn a foreign language. If she’s running a marathon or working at getting fit, send her clothes, socks, a water bottle or energy bars. Don’t forget to add a note telling her how much you believe in her and how much her dreams mean to you as well.

Something as simple as a surprise box filled with friendship is a wonderful thing to give and receive. Be a better friend. Be the thoughtful friend that shows her how much her friendship means to you!

The UPS Store LadyTHE UPS STORE GIVEAWAY – We’re working with The UPS Store to spotlight the services they provide busy women who have great friends and thoughtful intentions but don’t necessarily ‘love logistics’ of packing and shipping boxes. The UPS Store is, in our opinion (and yes, we’re working with them on a paid campaign, but we’d recommend them to our girlfriends) the helpful company who can help save you time and eliminate worry of if it will get there on time and in great condition.

We’re repeating The UPS Store Giveaway in January with a giveaway of 10 gift certificates worth $25 of services from The UPS Store. Sign up for our newsletter and you’re in the running for this prize (worth free shipping for great girlfriend surprises!). Winners will be selected  January 31st and announced in our Newsletter on February 1st.

CONGRATS to the winners of our January giveaway – 10 more gift certificates for $25/each at their local The UPS Store!

NOTE: We are working with The UPS Store and Collective Bias on a paid promotion. However, as we always require: we only work with companies we would actually recommend to a girlfriend. We’ve used The UPS Store (and will have an event in our local The UPS Store in the coming weeks) and agree that their ‘LovinLogistics’ services are great for busy girlfriends.

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  1. Sometimes the gift of listening is all you need to give. Listening has become a lost art. Of course if you want to give something glam and gorgeous, do pop over to our boutique!

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