Be a better friend to girlfriends dealing with Infertility

Friendship Mindy Berkson infertility specialistGirlfriend advice is the best! Why – because we can trust our girlfriends to look out for us and to help us when we really need it!

Per, every year 6 million women deal with infertility. That’s 6 million sets of families and friends who would do anything in their power to help a loving mom have a baby. That’s overwhelmingly sad – all that love that is ready to give but is instead turned into sorrow and pain.

MINDY BERKSON is a girlfriend who was one of the 6 million and now helps others in their infertility/childbirth journey. Want to be a better friend to a girlfriend dealing with Infertility? Or need advice from a girlfriend if you’re dealing with infertility? Here’s her girlfriend advice:

Infertility is one of those topics that you are not certain if you should bring up or ignore. Kind of like a death, do you ask your best friend how she is doing or is it best to wait for her to bring up the topic if she wants to talk about it?

I know because because 15 years ago I was in the same position. The mere mention of the word infertility brought me to tears. But what I do know is that going through infertility is so commonplace today. We are all bright career women, who have worked hard to earn our status and positions, gain education and master our expertise. So why should consciously delaying childbearing be so off putting?

Things I learned in hindsight. Don’t believe that because your friend conquered infertility that your pathway will be identical. Don’t believe that your friends choice of doctors is necessarily the best choice physician for your given situation and diagnosis. Don’t believe infertility will never happen to you.

Do believe that you need to be your own best advocate. Do believe that your situation is unique. And do believe that resources to help you accomplish your infertility are available.

Things I learned throughout my journey. Know what questions to ask your physician, because the answers you get are only as good as the questions you ask. Be able to discern embryology success rates and work with a clinic that boasts above national average rates. Understand the pitfalls of working with any one recruiting agency for egg donors and surrogates. Know ideal criteria to seek in an egg donor, sperm donor and or surrogate. This is the essence of maximizing your chances of success while minimizing your financial expenditure in reaching your end family goal. Working with a qualified Infertility Consultant can help you steer the course on all fronts.

Lotus Blossom Consulting was founded by Mindy Berkson to arm consumers/patients with information and education to make the best medical choices. The consultancy was “born” from Mindy’s personal experience through infertility and has blossomed through strategic alliances she cultivated from her deep seeded background in venture capital. Mindy works with individuals taking into consideration clients’ emotional, physical and financial infertility issues. Mindy orchestrates nationwide teams of unbiased professionals to accomplish a treatment cycle. For more information about Lotus Blossom Consulting, LLC, call (847) 881-2685, email or visit the web at or

Have you dealt with infertility? Do you have any girlfriend advice for our friends who are?


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